Booking tickets for the concert

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Booking tickets for the concert


Cliff: I’d like two seats for the concert on Saturday evening.   Cliff: $10. That’s a little expensive for us. How much is it at the back?
Agent: Yes. Where would you like to sit?   Agent: $5.
Cliff: I’m not sure.   Cliff: That’s fine. What time does the concert start?
Agent: Well, here’s the seating plan of the concert hall.   Agent: At seven, sir.
Cliff: How much is it in the middle?   Cliff: OK.
Agent: $10.      

17. Answer the following questions:

Do you watch films about students?

What can you learn about student’s sport life abroad from this films?

What role can culture play in your life?

Is it important to be a cultured person?


advancement n продвижение; успех
annually adv ежегодно
bend n излучина реки
compete v соревноваться
contest n соревнование; борьба
convene v созывать
course n курс (следования), маршрут
cox (coxswain) n рулевой; старшина (на шлюпке)
divert v отклонять
eight n восьмёрка (гребцов)
estimate v приблизительно подсчитывать
grant n субсидия, дотация; стипендия
interruption n перерыв (прерывание; остановка)
investigating исследование
issue v выпускать; издавать
favour v благоприятствовать
means n средство(а)
observation n наблюдение
obtain v получать; добиться, достигнуть
pace n скорость, темп
phenomenon n явление (pl phenomena)
prominent a видный, известный
promotion n содействие; продвижение
research n, v исследование; исследовать
rowing n гребля
toss v подбрасывать

Summer Informative And Familiarizing Programmes.

Academic Mobility

1. Read and answer the questions after the text.

Life of Youth in Britain

Young people from all walks of life are united according to their interests by the established youth organizations in Britain. These organizations develop because of the contribution of full-time and part-time youth workers and a great number of volunteers.

Outdoor pursuits involve anything from pony trekking to rock-climbing or canoeing and help young people go out from the confines of their home or their environment. Such pursuits nourish a spirit of self-reliance and help realize the importance of team-work under a good leadership. All the major youth organizations hold outdoor pursuits either by organizing special residential courses or by sending their members to take part in established courses or seminars in other cities and countries.

Local authorities and a number of multipurpose youth organizations provide the place for such activities as canoeing, sailing, rock-climbing, map reading, orienteering and cooking for survival; all of them encourage initiative and self-discipline.

Among providers of outdoor places are the Sports Council, the Outward-Bound Trust, the Ocean Youth Club, the Sail Training Association, and the Nautical Training Corps.

The Outward-Bound Trust is the longest established and the most experienced organization in Britain based on outdoor pursuits, personal development, and training. It has five centres in the English Lake District, Wales, and Scotland. It operates in 38 other countries of the world. It has centres in Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Young people participate in ‘expedition courses’ lasting 8, 12, or 20 days and involving adventurous journeys by land or sea. There are also ‘specialist courses’ for young people aged 17 and over to become involved in work with such groups as the homeless, the elderly, and the disabled.


from all walks of life - всех слоёв общества

outdoor pursuits – занятия на открытом воздухе.

1. What organizations in Britain unite young people according to their interests?

2. What do outdoor pursuits involve?

3. What do local authorities and a number of multipurpose youth organizations provide?

4. What organizations are among providers of outdoor places?

5. What do you know about the Outward-Bound Trust?

6. How many centres does it have?

7. Where are these centres situated?

2. Paola is an Italian student of English at a college in London. Read and translate her letter to David, her penfriend. Write a letter to your teacher/friend about your student’s life.

72 Newton Drive

London Sw6

3rd October

Dear David

How are you? I’m fine. I’m in London, at the International College of English. I’m in class 3 with eight other students. They’re all from different countries - Spain, France, Japan, Argentina, Switzerland, and, Thailand. Our teacher’s name is Peter Briscall. He’s very nice. He’s funny and he’s a very good teacher.

My new address is at the top of the letter. I’m with an English family, the Browns. Mr and Mrs Brown have three children. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, and Andrew is seven. They are all very friendly, but it isn’t easy to understand them!

London is very big and very interesting. The weather is good - cold but sunny - and the parks are beautiful! Hyde Park, green Park, and St James’ Park are all in the centre. It isn’t easy to use the Underground, but I understand it now. It’s very expensive!

English food is OK, but the coffee is horrible!

Write to me soon.

Love, Paola

P.S. Is my English OK?

3. Comprehension check. a) Are the sentences true or false?


Paola is Italian. Yes, she is.

She’s in Rome. No, she isn’t. She’s in London.

a Paola’s happy in London.

b She’s on holiday.

c It’s a very big class.

d The students in her class are all from Europe.

e Mr and Mrs Brown have two sons and a daughter.

f The Underground is cheap.

g The food in London is horrible.

b) Here are the answers to some questions about Paola’s letter. Write the questions.


Where’s she from? Italy. a. ___________?

Spain, France, Japan, Argentina, Switzerland, and Thailand.


Peter Briscall. c. ___________?

Fourteen. d. ___________?

Yes, it is. Cold but sunny. e. ___________?

No, it isn’t. It’s horrible.

4. Imagine you have won a competition to go on a four-week English course at one of these schools. Study the ads, Then work together and decide which one you will go to.

Seaview Study Centre

Study in the sun

There’s fun as well as learning at the Seaview Study Centre, Cornwall. English lessons are for two hours every morning, Monday to Friday. The school offers three surfing lessons per week and beach volleyball matches are organized daily. The social programme includes a powerboat trip along the Cornish coast and a beach barbecue every Saturday evening.

Students stay in shared caravans of family-sized tents at the Seaview Holiday Park.

Cost: £850 for four weeks

Northern Language School

Learn English in Liverpool, home of the Beatles. There are twenty hours of lesson per week and a lively social programme, which includes free entry into the Beatles Museum and a free trip on the Magical Mystery Tour bus. Students are allowed to use the nearby swimming pool and sauna. Accommodation is in shared apartments.

Cost: £600 (four week course)

Name of school: Loca-tion: Hours per week: Pri-ce: Social program-me: Sports facilities: Accommo-dation type:
Seaview Study Centre            
Northern Language Centre            


accommodation, n – комната, жилое помещение;

allow, v – позволять;

apartment, n – квартира, номер в отеле;

beach volleyball, n – пляжный волейбол;

cost, n – стоимость;

daily, adv – ежедневно;

facility, n – средства, удобство;

seaview, n – вид на море;

share, v – делить

trip, n – короткое путешествие.

5. a) Find synonyms

1. trip a) course of lessons

2. learning b) apartment

3. holiday c) tour

4. accommodation d) every day

5. daily e) price

6. cost f) free time

b) Find antonyms:

1. daily a) single

2. nearby b) refuse

3. allow c) morning

4. evening d) exit

5. family-sized e) sometimes

6. entry f) without


6. Learn to fill forms.

Do the following.

a. Write your name in block capitals.


b. Write your signature.


c. Delete where not applicable.



d. Write your postcode.


Fill in the following forms.

CROSSROADS HOTEL Registration form Surname ________________ First name(s) _____________   Nationality ______________ Date and place of issue _____   Passport number __________ _________________________   Address _________________ Date of departure __________   Date of arrival ____________   Signature ________________  


The Oak Tree School of English Enrolment form – PLEASE WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Mr/Mrs/Ms* ______________ Family name ________________   First name _______________ Date of birth _________________   Nationality ______________ Language(s) __________________   Address in your country _________________________________   Occupation ________________________   Reason for learning English: Business/pleasure/exams/other * (if other, please specify) _________________________________   How many hours a day do you want to study? _____________   How long are you going to stay at the school? _____________   What date do you want to start? ________________________ *Delete where not applicable

7. Read and translate the dialogues. Lean two of them by heart.

a A Ah! … BA 476 to Madrid. That’s our flight.

B Was it gate 4 or 14?

A I couldn’t hear. I think it was 4.

B Ssssh! There it is again. It is gate 4.

A OK. Come on!


b A Can I see your passport, please?

B Yes, of course. Here you are.

A Thank you very much. That’s fine.


c A Can I have your ticket, please?

B Yes, of course. Here you are.

A Do you have just one suitcase?

B Yes. This bag is hand luggage.

A That’s fine. Smoking or non-smoking?

B Non-smoking, please. Oh … and can I have a seat next to the window?

A Yes, that’s OK. Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight?


d A Can I have your tray please, madam?

B Yes. Here you are.

A Thank you. And can you fasten your seat belt?

B Yes, of course.


e A Excuse me. I think that’s my suitcase.

B I’m sorry. My suitcase is red, too.

A Is this yours?

B Yes, it is. Thank you very much.


f A Hello. Are you Marie-Therese Scherer from Switzerland?

B Yes, I am. Are you Mr and Mrs Barnes?

A Yes, we are. Welcome to England, Marie-Therese.

Never mind. You’re here safely now. Come on, the car’s


7. Work in groups of two or three. Make dialogues.

Think of some roleplays in an airport or on a place.

Choose place and some characters.

You can be travelers from different countries, pilots, customs

officers …!


8. Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.

a) You (смогли бы) do it directly on return.

b) You (можете) easily get there in 20 minutes.

c) She was in a hurry and she (не могла) wait for us.

d) I think I (мог бы) show you how to do it.

e) You (можете) go and tell her about it.

f) Of course, I (могу) translate it.

9. Learn the useful phrases.


Making a personal call

Hi, it’s Pete. Can I speak to Frank? It’s engaged. (UK)

Could I leave a message? It’s ringing. It’s busy. (US)

Answering a personal call

Hi, this is Frank Green.

Hello, Frank Green speaking.

Who’s this (US)/that (UK)?

I’m sorry, Mary’s out at the moment.

Can I take a message?

Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number.

You’ve reached Frank Green’s voice mail.

Please leave a message.

Making a business call

Could I have the sales department?

Can you ask him/her to call me back, please?

Could I speak to Ms Howe, please?

Answering a business call

Can I help you? Thank you, goodbye.

Can I take a message? I’m sorry, there’s no answer.

Can you hold, please? I’m sorry, the line’s busy.

I’m sorry, the line’s busy. Who’s calling, please?

Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number.


In Britain and the USA, people usually give the reason for their call first and make small talk afterwards.


adventurous – полный приключений

disabled – нетрудоспособный, инвалид

multipurpose – многопрофильный

mutual support – взаимная поддержка

nourish – способствовать появлению

outward-bound – уходящий в плавание за границу путешественник

provide – предоставлять, обеспечивать

sailing – парусный спорт

self-reliance – уверенность в своих силах

Сфера III. Я и мир.


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