I. Read the following text to learn about the Law Faculty.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


I. Read the following text to learn about the Law Faculty.


Legal education is very popular and prestigious nowadays. Those who want to train as judges, counsels for the defence, counsels for the prosecution, investigators, notaries and legal advisers study at the Law Faculty of Russian Academy of Justice (RAJ). To enter the Faculty you have to take entrance examinations in Russian, Russian Literature and History. You need a good educational background in the Humanities to pass the exams.

Full-time students study for five yeas, as for extra-mural students, the study at the Institute for six years. The first and the second years give students a background in Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Statistics, Computers, Economic theory, and other subjects. Students also attend the language courses. The third, fourth and fifth-year-students take courses in different branches of Law. Students complete courses in Business Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law, International Law, Land Law, Commercial Law, etc.

Studying at the Academy is hard work, but fun. Students have lectures, seminars, practical laboratory classes, class discussions, excursions, examinations, and tests. At the lectures students listen to the lecturers, take notes and ask questions, if necessary. At the seminars they speak on the subject, make reports, and take part in the discussion. At the end of each term students take examinations and credit tests. Each year students must present a course paper and make reports in class. At the end of the course of studies final-year students sit for their finals and present their graduation papers.

The Law Faculty has a full-time and an extra-mural department. If you want to get a legal education, you are welcome to the Law Faculty of RAJ.



II. Match each word or expression on the left with the Russian equivalent on the right.


1) a judge 2) a counsel for the defence 3) a counsel for the prosecution 4) an investigator 5) a notary 6) a legal adviser а) следователь b) нотариус с) юрисконсульт d) адвокат, защитник е) судья f) прокурор



I. Complete the following sentences using the words listed below.

1. At the Academy you can get a _____ education.

2. There is a full-time department and an________ department at the Law Faculty.

3. After graduating from the Academy you can work as ____ in a court. You'll decide what to do with people who commit crimes.

4. Besides, you can work as ________ in a court to prove that

someone is not guilty.

5. To work as ____ ____ you should have good knowledge of law.

6. If you are interested in Criminal Law you can work as ____ and inquire into the cause of any crime.

7. If you want to be a lawyer and work with papers and documents you may choose the job of a ____.

1. In fact, you will be able to work in any ______ of Law.


a) an investigator

b) a counsel for the defence

c) extra-mural

d) specialisation

e) branch

f) legal

g) a legal adviser

h) a notary

i) a judge


II. Complete the following sentences using the words listed below.


1. ________1__________ is very popular and prestigious now.

2. RAJ trains ___2____, ____3______, _____4______ and so on.

3. _______5________ study for five yeas, _____6______ study for six yeas (_____7_____don’t study at all).

4. Every student ____8____ lectures and seminars during the term.

5. At the end of every term students take ____9____ and ____10____.

6. It can be difficult for some students to ____11_____ examinations because they ____12____ too many classes during the term.

7. _____13_____ at the Academy is hard but very interesting.


a) counsels for the defence

b) lazy students

c) studying

d) miss

e) judges

f) pass

g) attends

h) full-time students

i) credit tests

j) legal education

k) extra-mural students

l) exams

m) counsels for the prosecution


III. Ask questions to the following sentences.

1. It is very prestigious to study at the Academy of Law.

2. My sister does her homework every day.

3. The Academy has two department within the Faculty of Law.

4. Extra-mural students study for six years.

5. Each student presents a course paper at the end of the year.

6. Students should attend all lectures and seminars.



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