Put the phrases in order of importance and explain your choice. 

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Put the phrases in order of importance and explain your choice.

  • A friend is a person who worries and cares about you
  • A friend is a person who keeps your secrets
  • A friend is a person who doesn`t ignore your problems
  • A fiend is a person who has similar interests with you

7. Answer these questions:

1. What do you talk with your friends about?

2. Are you a real friend?

8. Match the two halves of the proverbs and try to translate them into Kazakh or Russian.

1. A friend in need…

2. Money can’t buy…

3. A good friend is…


Listening [1, T. 1.19]

1. Mario goes to Ireland to study English. Listen to the interview and complete the form.


First name Surname Country/City Student Age Address Postcode E-mail address Phone number Mobile phone Mario Benedetti ______ Yes__ No__ ______ Via Foro___ __________ mario.benedatti@hotmail.com __________ __________  

Answer the questions about Mario:

          • What’s his name?
          • What’s his surname?
          • Where’s he from?
          • Is he a student?
          • How old is he?
          • What’s his address?
          • What’s his mobile phone number?


2. Listen to the song “You’re my best friend” by a well – known group “The Queen”.
Fill in the gaps with right words from the box.

me my are best you I love

You’re my best friend

Ooo... 1)______ make me live
whatever this world can give to 2)_________
It's you, you're all 3)______ see
Ooo, you make me live now honey
Ooo, you make me live
You’re the best 4) ________
that I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're 5)______ sunshine
And I want you to know
that my feelings are true
I really 6) _____you
You're my 7)______friend


a) Complete the sentences with the words from the box.


to be jealous of , to worry, ignore, help ,argue

1. It’s very important for friends to help each other in different situations. I hope when I’am in trouble, my friend will_________ me.

2. I have several friends and we can talk about everything. But if we don’t agree with each other, we can __________. Fortunately, it doesn’t last long.

3. Jim has missed several classes at school this month. It _________ his parents very much.

4. I don’t believe Susan can make a good friend. She get’s crazy when somebody is better than her. She always ________ her groupmates when thay are successful.


b) Match these verbs with their Russian equivalents
1) to betray 2) to forgive 3) to last 4) to obey 5) to replace 6) to refuse 7) to value a)отказывать b)вернуть, заменять c)предавать d)оценивать e)продолжаться, длиться f)слушаться g)прощать


c) Make the sentences complete using the verbs from a.

  1. A friend is a person who understands and_________________.
  2. A false friend is a person who_____________.
  3. Friendship is a thing that____________ forever.
  4. The girls invited Kate to join them but she__________.
  5. Nothing can__________ a best friend.
  6. Pete’s younger sister doesn’t__________ his orders.
  7. If you ___________________my friendship, please, do what I say.


Read the text


Askar is 16 years old. He is from Kazakhstan. His college is called College of architecture by KazGASA. It is in Almaty. Askar is in Year 1. There are 25 students in his group. There 16 boys and 9 girls in his group. His best friends in his group are Adil and Aigerim. He has got 10 college subjects. His favourite subjects are Drawing and Art. His favourite things in his classroom are the posters and his desk.


1 Answer the questions

What are his favourite subjects?

How many boys are there in his class? ____

What Year is he in? _____

How old is Askar ? ______

Who are his best friends? _____

What is his college called? ____


Read the text


What does Ellen think of her being friendless?

Friendless? It’s a problem for me. I don’t have a brother or a sister. There is no one of my age I could have as a friend. I only have a cat to play with. Of course I mix with my classmates at school. But this is not the same as having a best friend who I could share my problems and secret with. I don’t have anyone who I can have fun with or turn to for help. Nothing can replace a best friend. I’m bored to tears.


Answer the questions.


Why is Ellen bored to tears?

What does she think about having a best friend?

Why does Ellen need a friend?


Read the text

Is Joy happy with her only friend?

I have only one friend called Linda. She lives next door and we spend a lot of time together. She is great at keeping secrets! Sometimes we argue about little things but there are a lot of other things that we like about each other. Like me, she likes music and reading but we are both not very good at sports. She’s a person I don’t need a break from. I can always rely on my friend. She cheers me up when I’m upset. I feel that I сan always turn to her if I have some problems. A lot of friends take a lot of time. We are just two and we are happy.

Answer the questions to the text:
1. How do Joy and her friend Linda spend their time together?
2. What does Joy like about Linda most?
3. Do you think Linda is a good friend to Joy? Why?

4. What is the main idea of each text?

5. Tell who is an ideal friend?

Contest “Do you know?"(Group is divided into 2).


1. Can parrots swim?

2. Do giraffes eat leaves?

3. Is Donald Dutch a reptile?

4. Have spiders got 8 legs?

5. Do crocodiles live in Europe?

6. Are lions mammals?

7. Are dolphins fish?

8. Does Mickey Mouse eat cheese?

9. Can kangaroos jump 10 meters?

10. Are some lions white?

11. Do gorillas live in Asia?

12. Can penguins see under water?


Useful phrases

to be a real friend- быть настоящим другом to be always ready to help other people- всегда быть готовым прийти на помощь другим to be well-bred-быть воспитанным to be polite-быть вежливым to be tactful-быть тактичным to be kind to-быть добрым кому-то to be attentive to-быть внимательным к to have common tastes-иметь общие вкусы to have common opinions-иметь одинаковое мнение to be selfish-быть эгоистом to be different in character-отличаться по характеру to quarrel-ссориться

Questions for computer based test

1. Choose the right variant:

They’re students. __________ names are James and Marta.

a) my

b) your

c) it

d) their

2. Choose the right variant:

Carlo’s Italian, but __________ mother is British.

a) our

b) its

c) his

d) my

3. Choose the right variant:

We’re students. __________ teacher is American.

a) its

b) my

c) your

d) our

4. Choose the right variant:

It’s a school. __________ name is The English School.

a) my

b) our

c) their

d) its


English Russian Kazakh
subject предмет пән
favorite любимый сүйікті
drawing черчение сызу
аrt искусство өнер, сурет
to be in year 1 быть на 1 курсе 1-ші курста болу
character характер мінез

Home assignment

Learn useful phrases by heart.


Work on lexica-grammar exercises from Workbook File 3 B.

Office hours

Write down an essay to the theme:”My best friend” (about 30-40 words).


Main literature

1. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Elementary. Student’s book, Oxford, 2010.

2. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig . New English File. Elementary.Workbook. Oxford , 2010.

Additional literature

3. John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Elementary Studen’s book. Oxford, 2009.

4. John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Elementary. Workbook. Oxford, 2009.



Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Hand out
English as a foreign language Department of General Humanitarian Training
Elementary level Academic year 2012-2013
2 credits The 1st term
Practical lesson № 4  
Lexical theme “Our classroom” Grammar “a/an, plurals, this/that/these/those”  
Assistant professor Karybayeva Gulmira Akankazhinovna

Phonetic drill



Tongue twisters are sentences that are difficult to say. They are good pronunciation practice. Listen, and then try to say this tongue twister quickly.


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