Writing: Write sentences with the following irregular verbs. 

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Writing: Write sentences with the following irregular verbs.

For example: She taught English language at school.


teach drive drink eat

Listening and speaking

Listen to Silvia talking about their “girls” night out. Discuss and give your own opinions. Did they have a good time? Tapescript 5.11 [1.57].


Reading and speaking

Read the text “A night out for the evening” [1.56]. Answer the questions.


  1. What did they wear?
  2. How did they go home?
  3. What did they have to eat and drink?
  4. What time did they get home?
  5. What did they talk about?

Complete the questions

Who/go with?




What/have to eat and drink?

How/go home?

What time/get home?

/have a good time?


Speaking. Think about the last time you went out with friends and discuss with your partner.

Control test

1. Choose the correct variant:

We ___ (not get) home until 3.00.

a) didn’t get

b) don’t get

c) not get

d) no get

2. Choose the correct variant:

___ (you/ go out) last night?

a) do you go out

b) did you go out

c) be you go out

d) weren’t you go out

3. Choose the correct variant:

Yesterday evening I __ (wear) my new jacket.

a) wore

b) wear

c) worn

d) won

4. Choose the correct variant:

Yesterday was my birthday. We__ for a Chinese restaurant (look) but we __ find one (not can).

a) Looked/couldn’t find

b) Looks/ couldn’t find

c) Looking/ can’t find

d) Look/ can’t find

Home assignment

Exercises 1 (a,b), 2 (a). pp 44-45.[2]

Learn by heart the new words (vocabulary bank )[1.150]

Student’s individual work with teacher.

Workbook. Exercises 1 (a,b), 2 (a). .[2.44,45]

2. Discussing about the “Famous people`s lifestyle”. [3.17]

Office Hours

1. Speak about the topic “My Way of Life”.



English Russian Kazakh
trousers Брюки Шалбар
Wear Одеть Кию
Restaurant Ресторан мейрамхана
Drink Пить Ішу
Newspaper Газета Гәзет
arrive (home) приходить, прибыть Келу
Party Вечеринка Кеш
Beach Берег Жағажай


Main literature

1. Clive Oxenden and Cristina Latham-Koeing . New English File. Elementary. Student’s book. Oxford University Press 2010.

2. Clive Oxenden and Cristina Latham-Koeing . New English File. Elementary. Workbook. Oxford University Press 2010.

Additional literature

3. John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Elementary. Student’s book. Oxford University Press.

4. Audio cassettes of “New Headway”. Elementary.

5.Internet resources.



Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering Hand out English as a foreign language Department of General Humanitarian Elementary level training 2 credits Academic year 2012-2013 Practical lesson №19 The 1st term Lexical theme “My house/flat” Grammar “There is/there are”. Prepositions of place Assistant Professor Sultanbayeva Zhaina Ubaidullayevna    



1. There is/there are

♦ We often use there is/there are with a/an, some, and any.

♦ Be careful! There is and It is are different. There’s a key on the table. It’s the key to the kitchen.


Singular Plural

+ There is a piano. There are some glasses in the cupboard

- There is not (isn’t) a fridge. There are not any pictures.

? Is there a TV?


Yes, there is. No, there is not Are there any glasses?

Yes, there are. No, there are not.


Consolidation of grammar

a) Complete the answers. Practice the questions and answers.

Is there a television? Yes, there --------------------.

Is there a radio? No, there ---------------------.

Are there any books? Yes, there---------------------.

How many books are there? There -------------------- a lot.

Are there any photographs? No, there ---------------------.


b) Insert suitable form of the verb there +to be.

1. There ______8 desks in our class.

2. There _______ 4 entrance exams to Academy.

3. There ______ a concert next week.

4. There ______ a great discussion at the lesson last Tuesday.

5. There _____ a lot of students in my group.

Vocabulary: houses and furniture

a) Order the letters to make three rooms in a house


CHITKEN ________________ REDBOOM _____________ THOROBAM ______________


b) Put the furniture in each column. Use your dictionary to help you.

an armchair a fridge a television

a coffee table a shelf a plant a stereo

a lamp a cooker a washing machine

a telephone a cupboard a cup a sofa


The living room The kitchen Both


2. Prepositions of place:

on, in/inside, under, in front of, behind, between, next to/near, above, around, among, in the middle, to the right/left, in the corner, opposite, over


Look at the pictures and cover the prepositions. Where are the cat and dog?





“Two Special Houses in the American Southwest”


Every year, many people visit Arizona to learn about Native American tribes. Most people stay in hotels, but some people stay in traditional Native American homes, called hogans. Lorraine Nelson, a teacher from Arizona, invites visitors to stay in her hogan. It has three chairs, two beds on the floor, and a wood-burning stove. Ms. Nelson teaches her guests about Native American traditions.
In San Antonio, Texas, there is a purple house. This house is the home of Sandra Cisneros. Ms. Cisneros is a Mexican-American writer. She is famous for her interesting stories. The house has a porch with a pink floor. The rooms are green, pink, and purple. There are many books and colorful paintings. Many other houses near Ms. Cisneros's house are white or beige, so her house is very different. Some of her neighbors think her house is too colorful, but Ms. Cisneros loves it.


Read the article. What’s in each house? Complete the chart.


three chairs colorful paintings two beds on the floor

many books porch with a pink floor wood-burning stove


Sandra Cisneros’s house Lorraine Nelson’s hogan
  1. There is a ….porch with a pink floor 2. There are ………………………. 3. There are ……………………….     4. There is a …………………………. 5. There are …………………………. 6. There are ………………………….



Listening [6.1; 1]

Buying a present.

Read the advert and look at the photo. Would you like to live in this house? Why (not)?

Larry and Louise are from the USA. They want to rent the house. Cover the dialogue and listen. Which three rooms in the house do they go into?


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