This/that, these/those (a rhyme)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


This/that, these/those (a rhyme)

This, that, These, those. What’s this? It’s a book. What’s that? That”s a hook. This, that, These, those. What are these? They” re boxes. What are those? Those’re foxes. This, that, These, those. These are chicks, Those are cranes, These are pigs, Those are planes.

Exercise:Write in plural.

This – these

That – those

This window - … that book - … that child - …

This boy - … this bird - … that man - …

This wolf - … that city - … this mouse - …


Guess the puzzle

1. We have lessons in it.
2. We seat on it.
3. We use them to write.
4. We have a lot of them in the garden. They are very beautiful.
5. We read it.
6. We have a lot of them in the classroom. They are green.

What’s the mystery word?



1. Answer these questions

1. Our classroom big or small?
2. Is it light or dark?
3. How many windows do we have?
4. How many desks do we have?
5. What colour are they?
6. Where is the blackboard?
7. What colour is it?
8. Do you like our classroom?

2. Try to speak about your classroom. This table will help you.

3. Describe the picture

Classroom language

Complete the sentence.

3. C…. the door.

4. L…. to the teacher.

5. O… the door.

6. W… in pairs.

7. Don’t w….

8. T…. off your mobile phone.

9. L… at the board.

10. Don’t s…. Kazakh.

Listening[ 1. T. 6.1]

Listen and complete the dialogue.

Estate agent Well, this is the hall. There are six rooms on this floor. There’s a kitchen, a ____, a living room, a ___, a library…

LarryWow! There is a library, Louise!

LouiseWhat’s that room?

Estate agent That’s a ___ , madam.

LarryHow many bathrooms are there?

Estate agent There’s one downstairs and three ___.

LouiseAre there any___?

Estate agent No, there aren’t, madam. This is an old house.



Estate agent This is the living room.

LouiseAre those painting original?

Estate agent Yes, I think so, madam.

LarryIs there a ___.]

Estate agent No, there isn’t, sir. But there’s a ___.

Estate agent And the kitchen.

LouiseThere isn’t a ___.

Estate agent Yes, there is. It’s over there.

LouiseYou call that a fridge! Are there any ___? I need a glass of water.

Estate agentYes, madam. There are some glasses in that ___. Now let’s go upstairs.

Reading and writing

Read the text

My classroom

I would like to tell you some things about my classroom. It is comfortable and always clean. There are 20 desks in it. The teacher’s table is near the window. There are2 big windows and a door in my classroom. The door is yellow. There is a blackboard in my classroom. The blackboard is black. The floor in my classroom is brown. There are nice pictures on the walls. There are three bookshelves in the classroom. There is a computer on the table. There are many books on the bookcases and some of them are very interesting. We often read books in class. I like my classroom.

Answer the questions:

1. Is the classroom comfortable?
2. How many desks are there in the classroom?
3. Where is the teacher’s table?
4. Are there any pictures on the wall?

5. Is the floor brown?

6. Do you like your classroom?.



Learn by heart!

Useful phrases at English class: Look at the board. Open your books. Close the door. Read the text. Go to page (84). Turn off your mobile phone. Sit down. Work in pairs. Stand up. Don’t write. Listen and repeat. Don’t speak (Russian).

Questions for computer based test

1. Choose the right variant:

This is ______ international school

a) the

b) an

c) a

d) ----

2. Choose the right variant: _____ students are Italian.

a) This

b) That

c) These

d) -----

3. Choose the correct plural form of “woman”

a) womans

b) women

c) womens

d) woman’s

4. Choose the right variant: This is _____ umbrella.

a) the

b) these

c) an

d) a


English Russian Kazakh
comfortable удобный ыңғайлы
clean чистый таза
bookcase книжный шкаф кітап салатын шкаф
nice приятный жағымды
colour цвет түс
picture картина сурет
blackboard доска тақта

Home assignment

Write a paragraph about where you live:

Where do you live?

Do you live in a house or a flat?

How many rooms are there?

Do you have a garden?

What’s in your bedroom?


1. Lexica-grammar exercises to File 1D [2]

Office hours

Describe your classroom. Prepare a topic “My classroom”.


Main literature

1. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Elementary. Student’s book, Oxford, 2010.

2. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig . New English File. Elementary.Workbook. Oxford , 2010.

Additional literature

3. John and Liz Soars. New Headway. Elementary, Oxford, 2009.


Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Hand out
English as a foreign language Department of General Humanitarian Training
Elementary level Academic year 2012-2013
2credits The 1st term
Practical lesson № 5  
Lexical theme “Typically British” Grammar “ Present simple +, -“  
Assistant professor Karybayeva Gulmira Akankazhinovna


Present simple positive and negative


I work. You work. Ye/She/It works. We work. You work. They work. I don’t work. You don’t work. Ye/She/It doesn’t work. We don’t work. You don’t work. They don’t work.


Ÿ Contractions: don’t= do not, doesn’t = does not

Ÿ Use the present simple for things that are generally true or habitually happen.

British people like animals. He works from 9.00-5.00.

Ÿ To make negatives use don’t/ doesn’t + infinitive.

He doesn’t work.

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