Kunayev, Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich

(1912 -1993)

Vernye, Semirechye region, Russian Empire

Momyshұly Bauyrzhan (1910-1982)

Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan


2. Writing an e-mail:

You went on a school trip last Friday. Write an email to your friend. Write (50-80 words):

where you went

when you went

what you did/saw there

Hi Aisha,   Thanks for the email. Well, last week we had the best school trip ever! On Friday, we went to the entertainment center Khan Shatyry in Astana. There were so many different things. We had an amazing time. There is a large swimming pool where I could dive and swim. My heart was in my mouth! You must go. That's all for now. Write back soon. Love, Terry


3. Writing a postcard: Imagine you are on holiday. Send your friend a postcard.
Write (40 - 50 words):

where you are,

where you are staying,

what you've done so far.

Dear Dulat, The weather in Almaty is perfect! The hotel is like something from an old painting! So far, we have been to two famous galleries and Fantasy World. I haven't bought any souvenirs yet, but I've seen what I want to buy before we leave. Well, that's all for now. See you when I get back. Love, Alima





Almaty, Kazakhstan 2012








Write a letter to the animal home asking for a job.

Write your address hereWrite the date here Dear Mrs Hall, I would like to apply for a job at the animal home. • Give details of the pets you've had and any other experience with animals. • Ask if you can come and see her this weekend to talk about a job. Yours sincerely • Sign your name.  


Writing an invitation letter: Write an invitation letter, use the model.

Dear Laurа, I hope you had a good vacation. After the heat of this summer I am sure you must be glad to be back at your work again. As for me, the vacation was all I could have asked for. I spent the first two weeks at home at my native place. Then I went to Astana for a week, and at the end- of the summer I took a trip to Taraz with my elder sister. We had a very good time indeed. What do you say to spending the winter holidays together? Best regards, Galiya

Writing a personal letter: Write a personal letter, use the model.

Dear Arman, Thank you very much for the letter you sent me in August. I was very pleased to know that you are well. Our family misses you. Hope to see you next year. Could you please send me the books you mentioned during your stay in Astana? I would be very much obliged because I need them for my work. Thank you. Saken

Writing a congratulation letter: Write a congratulation letter, use the model.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Muradov’s, Congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary! Although we can't be with you to help you celebrate this very special occasion, please know that we are with you in spirit on this happy and joyful day. With warmest best wishes. Ever yours, Niece Aygul

Writing an excuse letter: Write an excuse letter, use the model.

Dear Maria, I feel so guilty! I haven't written to you for such a long time, and I always think "I must write". But I'm too lazy. I haven't written to anyone for a long time. I telephone instead of writing. Such a long time passed. But I hope you will forgive me. Yours, Natasha


3. Write a dictation-1 % (5 min.).


In the countryside

I live in a beautiful area in the countryside. In the mornings it is so quite. I sit and listen to the birds. It`s wonderful. I`ve got a garden with lots of flowers and I grow all my fruit and vegetables, so I only eat fresh food, which is very healthy. The big problem is that public transport is terrible, but I`ve got a bike if I need to go to town. It`s a bit lonely too but I can always talk to Jack.


Part 4

Additional material

Phrasal verbs:

Phrasal verbs to know

1. pick up – взять (в очень широком смысле: предмет, человека, звук, запах, след и т.п.)

2. go on 1) продолжай(те)!; 2) продолжать(ся); 3) происходить

3. get out – уходить, уезжать; выходить; вынимать, вытаскивать

4. go back – возвращаться

5. come on – давай!, пошли!; кончай!, брось!; проходить, приходить

6. come back – возвращаться

7. sit down – садиться, усаживаться, занимать место

8. come in - входить; приходить, прибывать

9. look for – искать, подыскивать, присматривать

10. look after – присматривать за кем-либо

11. get up – вставать, подниматься; просыпаться

12. go out – выходить

13. come from– происходить из, от, взяться

14. find out – выяснить, разузнать, обнаружить, найти

15. look back - оглядываться, оборачиваться

16. go down - спускаться, идти, ехать вниз

17. come down - спускаться, опускаться; падать;

18. stand up - вставать, выпрямляться

19. wake up – просыпаться; будить кого-л.

20. get off - выходить, покидать; уносить, удалять; уходи!

21. hold on – держи(те)сь!; подожди(те); держаться, вцепиться

22. put on - надевать, одевать; включать, приводить в действие

23. go away – уходить, уезжать

24. go in – входить

25. turn off – 1) выключать; 2) сворачивать, поворачивать

26. turn on - включать

27. get in – войти, забраться в, проникнуть, попасть в

28. put down - положить, опустить

29. run away – убегать, удирать

30. look forward to – ожидать с удовольствием/с нетерпением



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