Five-year-old banned from bungee jumping

PARIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17 (REUTERS) - A French agency (1)___ _____ a 5-year-old boy from bungee jumping. Mike Traut from Grenoble (2)___ already _____ 30 jumps.

A local child protection agency (3) ______ the boy’s liking for bungee jumping after his father (4)______ for sponsors to support a jump that could have put the boy in the record books, French daily Liberation reported on Friday.

The boy’s father, who holds a world record in bungee jumping, (5)______ a letter warning him that he might have to pay a big fine and spend two years in prison if he allowed children under 16 to compete in such dangerous sports.


Read the article again and answer the questions below.

1. How old is Mike Traut?

2. What does he like doing?

3. How many jumps has he completed?

4. Who received the letter?

5. What did the letter say?


have/has + the past participle.


- I have broken my pencil! - I can not write the dictation.
Present Perfect (Simple)


I/we/they/you have(= I've etc.)   he/she has(= he's etc.)   broken


I(etc.)haven't   he/she hasn't   broken have you(etc.)   has he/she   broken?


- She has gone off to the woods.(= She is in the woods now.)

- Have you washed your hands?(= Are they clean now?)


Use the present perfect for general past experiences


1) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb:

Base form Simple Past form Past Participle form

2) Make sentences like in examples

1. Jill is in London. She has been in London since Monday.

2. I know George. I have known him for a long time.

3. They are married. They _______________ married since 1983.

4. Brian is ill. He _______________ ill for a week.

5. We live in this house. We _______________ here for ten years.

6. I know Tom very well. I _______________ him for a long time already.

7. We are waiting for you. We _______________ waiting since 11 o’clock.

8. Alice works in a bank. She _______________ in a bank for 5 years.

9. I’m learning English. I _______________ learning English for six months.

10. She has a headache. She _______________ a headache since she got up.



Tell what you think about today’s article. Choose the beginning of one sentence and complete it with your own ideas.

I think that Mike Traut should be allowed to bungee jump because........

I don’t think that Mike Traut should be allowed to bungee jump because.....



You are going to listen to your teacher read out 5 sentences. Listen and write the sentences down.

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________________________________________________


Listen to the song by U2

Fill the gaps


I _____ ______ highest mountain I _____ ______through the fields Only to be with you Only to be with you I have _____ I _______ crawled I _______scaled these city walls These city walls Only to be with you But I still haven't _______ what I'm looking for But I still _________found what I'm looking for I have ______honey lips Felt the healing in her fingertips It burned like fire This burning desire I have _______ with the tongue of angels I _______ held the hand of a devil It was warm in the night I was cold as a stone But I still haven't _______ what I'm looking for But I still _______ found what I'm looking for I believe in the kingdom come Then all the colors will bleed into one Bleed into one Well yes I'm still running You broke the bonds and you Loosed the chains Carried the cross Of my shame Of my shame You know I believed it  


Questions for computer based test

1.Choose the correct variant.

____Paris or Rome?

a) Have you been

b) Have you been to

c) Have you be to

d) has

2.Choose the correct variant

I’ve read the book but I haven’t ___the film.

a) see

b) saw

c) seen

d) seeing

3.Choose the correct variant.

…you ever met anyone famous?

a) did

b) has

c) do

d) have

4.Choose the correct variant .

_____she driven a Ferrari before?

a) Did

b) Has

c) Do

d) Done

Home assignment

New English File Elementary workbook [2,8D]


To prepare a short topic on theme: “Have you ever travelled (abroad)?” (If not just turn on your imagination. Tell about your experience). There are words and pictures which can help you:


Office hours

Stand up. Move around the class. Ask Have you ever…? (Using these pictures and words: to drive, to be, to scuba dive, to parachute, to read, to see) Write down the answers

Example: Have you ever been to Egypt? (to be)


Question S1 S2 S3



3) Put the verbs in a correct form and answer the questions

Have you ever__________________(be) in a very expensive car?

What kind of car?

Have you ever__________________(go) to sleep in class?

What class?

Have you ever__________________(meet) a famous politician?


Have you ever__________________(read) a newspaper or magazine in English?

Which one?

Have you ever__________________(speak) to a tourist in English?


Have you ever__________________(cook) for a lot of people?

What did you make?

Have you ever__________________(be) near a dangerous animal?


Have you ever__________________(win) a cup or medal?

What for?

Have you ever__________________(be) on TV?

What programme?

Have you ever__________________(phone) a radio or TV?


Have you ever____________________________________________________________________________



English Russian Kazakh
bungee jumping прыжок с тарзанки тарзанкадан секіру
prison тюрьма түрме
fingertips кончик пальца саусақтың ұшы
protection agency агенство по защите қорғау агенттігі
devil дьявол шайтан
fine штраф айыппұл
compete соревноваться жарысу


Main literature

1. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Elementary level. Student’s book. Oxford University Press, 2010.

2. Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File. Elementary level. Work book. Oxford University Press, 2010.

3. CD discs of «New English File” by Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig for Elementary level. Oxford University Press, 2010.

Additional sources


5. Language practice by Michael Vince,Macmillan,2007




Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Hand out
English as a foreign language Department of general humanitarian training
Elementary level Credits 2 Practical lesson №28 Lexical theme: Films and books Grammar: Present Perfect or Past Simple Academic year 2012/2013 The 1st term  
Assistant Professor Nurgaliyeva Ardak Zhaksylykovna

GrammarPresent Perfect or Past Simple


I (You, We, They) HAVE + Past Participle She (He, It) HAS+ Past Participle I (You, We, They, She, He, It)+ Past Participle
This year, today, just, already, ever, never, recently, lately, not yet in 1995, yesterday, two days ago, last week, when I was a child, the day before yesterday
We HAVE READ a lot this year. John HAS WRITTEN a letter today. Two years ago I WORKED in the insurance agency. When she was a child she LIKED ice-cream very much.
Мы много читали в этом году. Джон написал письмо сегодня.   Два года назад я работала в страховом агентстве. Когда она была ребенком, ей очень нравилось мороженое.

Consolidation of grammar

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