BLOCK I-THEORETICAL(20 questions time limit-20minutes)

1. Choose the right variant:

____ you from Italy?

a) am

b) is

c) are

d) the

2. Choose the right variant:

They’re students. __________ names are James and Marta.

a) my

b) your

c) it

d) their

3. Choose the right variant:

This is ______ international school

a) the

b) an

c) a

d) ----

4. Choose the right variant:

_____ students are Italian.

a) This

b) That

c) These

d) -----

5. Choose the correct plural form of “Woman”

a) womans

b) women

c) womens

6. Choose the right variant:

They _______________ (not have) children.

a) doesn’t have

b) don’t have

c) am not having

d) is not having

7. Choose the right possessive‘s in plural form:

These are my __________ sweets.

a) childrens’

b) the childrens’

c) children’s

d) an childrens’

8. Choose the right variant:

My sister’s son is my _____.

a) nephew

b) niece

c) cousin

d) aunt

9. Choose the right expression:

It's 45°C.

a) I am happy

b) I am cold

c) I am hungry

d) I am hot

10. Choose the right variant:

Julia Roberts played the main role in film “Pretty Woman”. It’s _________ film.

a) Kazakh

b) an American

c) Italian

d) Russian

11. Choose the right variant:

I usually _______ up very late on Sunday morning.

a) swim

b) wake

c) draw

d) have

12. Choose the right variant:

It is 7.45

a) it is quartet to eight

b) it is half past seven

c) it is seven

d) it is quarter past seven

13. Choose the right variant:.

All my family go home____ Christmas.

a) on

b) in

c) At

d) For

14. Choose the right variant: There ___ any famous people at the party last week.

a) were

b) was

c) weren’t

d) wasn’t

15. Choose the right variant:.

What__you__ (buy) at the supermarket yesterday?

a) do __buy

b) did _ buy

c) did __bought

d) do __bought

16. Choose the right variant:

How many bedrooms ___ in your flat?

a) is there

b) are there

c) there are

d) there is

17.Choose the right variant: A. Oh, hi Dad. Where are you?

B. I’m in my hotel. ___ a drink I the bar.

a) I’m having

b)I have

c) I don’t have

d) I ‘s have

18. Choose the right variant:

Shelearn Spanish

a) ‘d like to

b) likes

c) like to

d) liking

19. Choose the right variant:

._____Paris or Rome?

a) have you been

b) have you been to

c) have you be to

d) has

20. Choose the right variant:

We____ to Italy last year.

a) go

b) have been

c) went

d) going

Speech activities Assignments on 4th level of English language proficiency time limit %
Listening 1. Giving true/false answers
2. Answering the questions according to the content of text
3.Retelling the text
Total 10 min. 8%
Speaking 1. Speaking on the given topics
2. Anwering the questions
3. Describing things (room or classroom) and people (parents or friend)
Total 10 min. 6%
Reading 1. Read the text and retell the text
2 .Make up your own questions according to the text
3. Read the poem. Good reading
Total 10 min. 4 %
Writing 1. Order the words to make up sentences 0,5
2. Write e-mail to your teacher about you and your study 0,5
3. Write a dictation
Total 10 min. 2%
Total 40 min. 20%


I level

Total: 0 - 20%. Time limit – 40 min.


I. For listening you should get 8%. Time limit 10 min.

1. Listen to the text. Give T (true) or F (false) answers - 3% (4 min.) (0.3% for right answer ).

Family life

My name is Askhat. My parents got married 25 years ago. Two years later, my brother Almat was born. Then I was born a year after that. I have also got a sister, Asel, who is two years younger than me, so there 5 of us in my family.

Kazakh people like children. A “typicaly’ Kazakh family used to consist of father, mother and five or more children. Members of the Kazakh family- grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. They keep in touch very often.

When Americans speak about families, many of them mean a “traditional family”. There are two children in traditional American family. The father goes out and works. The mother stays home and brings up the children.

British family is typical. The women don`t cook. They just put a pizza in the microwave. But they watch cooking programms on TV every day. The men cook at the weekend. They drink a lot of tea.


My parents got married two years ago.    
My brother is older than me.    
I don`t have a sister.    
Kazakh people don`t like children.    
Traditional American family has 5 children.    
The father works but mother brings up the children.    
In British families women cook a lot.    
British people like drinking tea a lot.    
Kazakh, British and American families are similar.    
British women love cooking.    


2. Answer the questions according to the text – 2% (3 min.) (0.2% for right answer).

1. How many people are there in Askhat`s family?

2. Has Askhat got any brothers or sisters?

3. What is his brother`s name?

4. What is his sister`s name?

5. Who are the members of the Kazakh family?

6. What does the mother do in an American family?

7. Is British family typical?

8. What kind of TV programs do British women watch?

9. How many children are there in traditional American family?

10. Do British people like tea?

3. Retell the text (10 sentences) – 3% (3 min.) .


II. For speaking you should get 6%. Time limit 10 min.

1. Speak on the given topics - 2% (5 min.) (10 sentences).


1. My family.

2. My friend.

3. My hobby.

4. Daily routine.


2. Answer the following questions - 2% (4 min.) (0.2% for right answer).


1. Do you have a small or big family?

2. How many people are there in your family?

3. Where does your friend study?

4. What doesn`t your friend like doing?

5. What time do you start your study?

6. What is your hobby?

7. What do you prefer the films or the books?

8. Would you like to be famous?

9. When do you usually come home after classes?

10. What do you usually do in the evening?


3. Describe things (room or classroom) and people (parents or friend) - 2% (1 min.)


Use the following words and word combinations:

Room:Central heating, bed, wardrobe, an arm chair, a lot of plants, mirror, pictures.

Classroom: computer, blackboards, bookshelf, many books, light and clean, teacher’s table, many chairs and tables.

Parents: dark brown hair, tall, a moustache, medium length hair, strong, middle aged person, kind, intelligent, sociable.

Friend: friendly, clever, funny, brown eyes, a young person, slim, not very tall, hard-working, sporty.




III. For reading you should get 4%. Time limit 10 min.

1. Read the text and retell– 2 % (6 min.).

Famous people

When I read the history of different countries I remember three great names: George Washington, Margaret Thatcher and Nursultan Nazarbayev.

George Washington became a president of the USA in 1789. He was the general who commanded the North American Army in the War of Independence against Britain. He became the first president of the United States and gave his name to the new capital city. He started the building of the White House but never lived in it.

Margaret Thatcher became a politician in 1959, leader of the Conservative Party in 1975 and Prime Minister of Britain four years after that. She had a strong personality. The love of her life was politics. She was Prime Minister for eleven years. A lot of people were afraid of her. She was called ‘The Iron Lady’.
Nursultan Nazarbayev was born 6 July 1940. The future president grew up in a village near Kazakhstan's border with Kyrgyzstan in the south-east. He has served as the President of Kazakhstan since the nation's independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union. In April 2011, President Nazarbayev was reelected to another five-year term receiving 95.54 percent of the vote.


2. Make up your own questions according to the text ( 10 questions)-1 % (3min.).

3. Read the poem by Abai Kunanbaev (good reading) 1 % (1 min.).

Day after day falls behind,

No peace in the world can I find.

Thought follows thought in my mind,

Swifter than any wind.

Translated by Dorian Rottenberg.



IV. For writing you should get 2%. Time limit 10min.

1. Order the words to make sentences-0.5 % (3 min.)

1. job/stressful/Is/Tom’s/very

2. from/girlfriend/France/brother’s/is/My

3. holiday/you/Are/on

4. isn’t/see/the/He/to/going/pyramids

5. children/hair/have/Paula’s/ fair


2. Write e-mail to your teacher about you and your study (10 sentences) – 0.5 % (2 min.)


  Hi 1._____________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________ 4._____________________________________________________ 5._____________________________________________________ 6._____________________________________________________ 7.______________________________________________________ 8.______________________________________________________ 9.______________________________________________________ 10._____________________________________________________ Please write soon Best wishes



3. Write a dictation-1 % (5 min.).


In the countryside

I live in a beautiful area in the countryside. In the mornings it is so quite. I sit and listen to the birds. It`s wonderful. I`ve got a garden with lots of flowers and I grow all my fruit and vegetables, so I only eat fresh food, which is very healthy. The big problem is that public transport is terrible, but I`ve got a bike if I need to go to town. It`s a bit lonely too but I can always talk to Jack.



Part II

Hand outs

Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering Hand out English as a foreign language Department of General Humanitarian Elementary level training 2 credits Academic year 2012-2013 Practical lesson №1 The 1st term Lexical theme “Greetings” Grammar “Verb to be, pronouns: I, you, etc. Numbers 1-20, days of the week” Assistant Professor Sultanbayeva Zhaina Ubaidullayevna  






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