Texts for listening practice

Tapescript 1

1A Hi, I’m Tom. What’s your name?

B Anna

A Sorry?

B Anna!


2 A Hi, Dad. This is Dave.

B Hello. Nice to meet you.

C Nice to meet you.


3 A Good evening. What’s your name?

B My name is Janet Leigh.

A You’re in room 5.


4 A Hello, John. How are you?

B I’m fine, thanks. And you?

A Very well, thank you.

Tapescript 1.2








Tapescript 2

  1. A Are you ___________?

B No, I’m __________. I’m from Edinburgh.

2. A Where are you from?

B We’re from ________?

A Are you on holiday?

B No, we aren’t. We’re on business.

3. A Where’s she from? Is she__________?

B No, she isn’t. She’s ___________. She’s from Buenos Aires.

4. A Mmm, delicious. Is it _________?

B. No, it isn’t. It’s ________.

Tapescript 3

ReceptionistHallo.Are you a new student?

MarioYes, I am.

ReceptionistSit down, then. I’m just going to ask you a few questions.


ReceptionistRight. What’s your first name?


ReceptionistWhat’s your surname?


ReceptionistBenedetti. How do you spell it?

MarioB-E-N-E-D-E-double T-I.

ReceptionistB-E-N-E-D-E-double T-I. OK. Where are you from?

MarioI’m from Italy. From Rome.

ReceptionistAre you a student?

MarioYes, I am.

ReceptionistAnd how old are you?

MarioI’m 20.

ReceptionistWhat’s your address?

MarioIn Rome?


MarioIt’s Via Foro 25.

ReceptionistWhat’s your postcode?


ReceptionistIs there a postcode? You know, a number?

MarioAh, yes. It’s Rome 00132.

Receptionist00132. Great. What’s your e-mail address?

MarioIt’s Mario.benedetti@hotmail.com.

ReceptionistAnd what’s your phone number?

MarioMy mobile or my home number in Rome?

ReceptionistBoth-home and mobile.

MarioMy phone number in Rome is 06 840 5517.

Receptionist06 840 5517.

MarioYes. And my mobile number is 348 226 7341.

Receptionist348 226 7341. That’s great, Mario. Thank you. Now come and meet the Director of studies, we need to give you a test.

I. Give true/false answers

1. His surname is Benedetti.

2. He is from France.

3. He doesn’t have home phone number.

4. He works at University.

5. He is German.

II. Answer the guest ions according the text.






III. Retell the text.


Tapescript 4

Estate agent Well, this is the hall. There are six rooms on this floor. There’s a kitchen, a ____, a living room, a ___, a library…

LarryWow! There is a library, Louise!

LouiseWhat’s that room?

Estate agent That’s a ___ , madam.

LarryHow many bathrooms are there?

Estate agent There’s one downstairs and three ___.

LouiseAre there any___?

Estate agent No, there aren’t, madam. This is an old house.


Estate agent This is the living room.

LouiseAre those painting original?

Estate agent Yes, I think so, madam.

LarryIs there a ___.]

Estate agent No, there isn’t, sir. But there’s a ___.

Estate agent And the kitchen.

LouiseThere isn’t a ___.

Estate agent Yes, there is. It’s over there.

LouiseYou call that a fridge! Are there any ___? I need a glass of water.

Estate agentYes, madam. There are some glasses in that ___. Now let’s go upstairs.

Tapescript 5


Ali is scientist. She comes from Cambridge in England, but now she lives in Switzerland. She works three days at the institute of Molecular Biology in Geneva. She speaks three languages: English, French and German. She’s married and has a daughter. She likes skiing in winter and going for walks in summer.


Bob is a doctor. He’s English but no he lives in Australia in the small town in Alice Springs. He isn’t an ordinary doctor. Every day, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. he speaks to people on his radio, then he flies to help them. He works 16 hours a day non-stop but he loves his job. He isn’t married.

Tapescript 6

D Hi. Are you Natasha?

N And you’re Darren. Nice to meet you.

D Sorry I’m late.

N No problem. Would you like a glass of wine?

D No, thanks. I don’t drink alcohol. Mineral water for me.

D What’s this?

N Sushi. It’s fantastic. Don’t you like it?

D No. I don’t like. Sorry.

N What food do you like?

D I usually eat at home. My mother’s a very good cook.

N Do you live with your mother?

D Yes, I do.

N Oh. Does your mother work?

D Yes, she does.

N Where does she work?

D She works in a supermarket.


Tapescript 6.1

Natasha You work with computers Darren, is that right?

Darren Yes, that’s right?

Natasha Do you like your job?

Darren Yes, I do. I love it. Computers are very interesting, don’t you think?

Natasha Um, not really. I don’t like computers. Er, what do you do in the evenings?

Darren I play computer games or I watch television.

Natasha What do you do at the weekend?

Darren I…play computer games or watch television.

Natasha Do you go to the cinema?

Darren No, I don’t. I watch films on television or DVD. Do you watch TV?

Natasha No, I don’t have television

Darren What do you do at the weekend?

Natasha I go to the cinema.

Darren Oh.


Natasha Ah, coffee, great. Cigarette, Darren?

Darren No, thanks. I don’t smoke. Er, Natasha, can I ask a question?

Natasha Yes, OK.

Darren How old are you? 28?

Natasha Yes, that’s right

Darren And, er, how old are you in the photo-the photo on the Internet? 19? 20?

Natasha Look, Darren, it’s two o’clock-time to go back to work. Bye.

Darren Natasha, wait, wait… Natasha!

Tapescript 7

CompereGood evening and welcome again to the job quiz, Guess my job. And our team tonight are Brain, a teacher (Hello), Liz, who’s unemployed (Hi), and Marylin, who’s writer (Good evening). And our first guest tonight is …

Phil Phil

Compere OK, team, you have two minutes and ten questions to guess Phil’s job, starting now. Let’s have your first question.

Brain Hi, Phil. Do you work in an office?

Phil No, I don’t.

Liz Do you work in the evening?

Phil It depends. Yes, sometimes.

Marylin Do you work with your hands?

Phil No, I don’t. Not with my hands.

Liz Do you wear a uniform?

Phil Er yes – well, a kind of uniform.

Marylin Do you drive?

Phil No, I don’t. Not in my job.

Brain Do you write letters or e-mails?

Phil No, I don’t.

Liz Do you work with other people?

Phil Yes, I do.

Brain Do you speak any languages?

Phil No, only English.

Marylin Do you have special qualifications?

Phil No, I don’t.

Compere You have one more question.

Brain Er, do you earn a lot of money?

Phil Yes, I do.

Tapescript 8

72 Newton Drive London SWB 3rd October   Dear, David How are you? I’m fine. I live in London. I’m 14. My family is big. I have got a mother. Her name’s Allie. I have a father. His name’s Mark. He is an engineer. My brother’s name’s Bob. Bob is a student. He is a future architect. I love them very much. Please write Jane

Tapescript 9

1. It`s an easy exercise.

2. I live in an old house.

3. She`s an American actress.

4. She has an expensive flat.

5. It`s a nice evening.

6. I have a black and white cat.

Tapescript 10

Professor Where do you work, Simon?

SimonI work for a computer company in London-but I live in Brighton.

ProfessorAre you married?

SimonYes, I have three daughters.

ProfessorSo, you travel from Brighton to London every day?

SimonYes, I travel 55 miles to work!

ProfessorTell me about a typical day.

SimonWell, I get up at six o’clock and I have a shower and get dressed. I don’t see my daughters-they’re in bed.

ProfessorDo you have breakfast?

SimonNo, I don’t have time. I have to get the train to London at half past seven.

ProfessorWhat time do you get to London?

SimonThe train usually arrives at half past eight. Then I walk from the station to work. That’s about half an hour.

ProfessorWhat time do you start work?

SimonAt 9.00. I start work and I have a sandwich in the office.

ProfessorDo you like your job?

SimonIt’s OK, but I’m very worried about my contract. It finishes in six months.

ProfessorWhat time do you finish work?

SimonI finish work at half past five. Then I walk to the station to get the train.

ProfessorDo you have dinner with your family?

SimonNo, I don’t. My family have dinner at six-but I’m on the train then. I don’t get home until quarter to eight.

ProfessorWhat do you do after dinner?

SimonAfter dinner I sit and watch TV. I’m very tired. I usually go to sleep in front of the TV.

ProfessorWhat time do you go to bed?

SimonAbout 11.00.

Tapescript 11

House /h/, how, hardly, heavy, high, have, half, hungry, happy

Tapescript 12


My favourite time of day is 10 o’clock at night, because it’s when I finish training and I can start to relax and enjoy the evening. My favorite day of the week is Thursday, because I don’t work Friday, so for me the weekend begins on Thursday night. My favourite month is July, because it’s a month when I have my holiday. My favourite season is spring. One of my hobbies is gardening and my garden is really beautiful in the spring. My favourite public holiday is Christmas. My family live very far away, and it’s the only time when I see them.


My favourite time of the day is the morning, because I get up early and feel full of energy. My favourite day of the week is Friday because it’s a nice day of the week and I can go home for the weekend. My favourite month is December, because here in Thailand it’s when you can see a lot of flowers. My favourite season is winter it’s a nice temperature and it’s when I feel comfortable. The summer here is very hot. My favourite public holiday is the Thai New Year in April. It’s a water festival, and people throw water at each other and everyone is very happy.

Tapescript 13


AMandy, where’s the sugar?

BIn the cupboards, on the right.

AI can’t see it. It isn’t there.

BYes, it is. Look for it.

AI can’t find it. It’s definitely not there.

BI know it’s there. It’s on the second shelf.

AI can’t hear you.

BTurn the radio off then. It’s on the second shelf.

AWell, I’m sorry, but it isn’t there.

BThe sugar!



ATony. Can you come here a minute?



ACan you help me?

BWhat is it?

AIt’s the computer. The printer doesn’t work.

BCan you wait a minute?


BComing. What’s the problem?

AIt’s the printer – it doesn’t work.

BIt helps if you turn it on!


Tapescript 14

4. ADo you like shopping?

B No, I don’t. I hate it. It’s boring. I hate going to clothes shops with my girlfriend. We always argue.


5. ADo you like shopping?

BIt’s OK. I like buying food, and things for the house. I don’t like shopping for clothes. I can never find things I like, and clothes are very expensive.

6. ADo you like shopping?

B Yeah. I go shopping every Saturday. I love buying clothes, music, books, food – everything. Shopping’s fun. I love it.

5. ADo you like shopping?

BIt depends. I like trying on clothes with my friends. That’s fun but I don’t like going shopping with my mother, and I hate going to the supermarket.

Tapescript 15

“Shakespeare’s tragic families”

King Lear: King Lear loves his three daughters: Cordelia, Regan and Goneril. But do the daughters love their father? A story of land, money and power.

Hamlet: In Denmark, Prince Hamlet’s father is dead, and his mother Gertrud is now married to Claudius-Hamlet’s uncle. A story of a son’s love and revenge.

Macbeth: A story of Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth wants power, and she wants her husband to be the king. A story of revenge and power.

Romeo and Juliet: Romeo is the son of Lord and Lady Montague. Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. Romeo and Juliet are boyfriend and girlfriend. But their families are enemies. A love story.

Othello:Lago is Othello’s friend, or is he? He makes trouble for Othello and his wife Desdemona. A story of jealous husband.

Tapescript 16

We are now at Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota, and you can see in front of you, from left to right, the heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. As you know, all four men were Presidents of the United States of America. George Washington was the first president….

Tapescript 17.1

Mattie was never at school. She lived with her mother and four sisters. She started work when she was eight. She worked in cotton fields from 6.00 in the morning to 10.00 at night. She couldn’t read or write but she could think, and she created poems in her head.


Tapescript 17.2

I worked from 6.00 in the morning until 10.00 at night. Sixteen hours in the cotton fields and I only earned $2 a day. I sure hatedthat job but I loved the poems in my head. I really wanted to learn to read and write. When I was sixteen I married Hubert, and soon there were six children, five sons, then a daughter, Lily. Hubert died just before she was born. That was sixty-five years ago. So I looked after my family alone. There was no time for learning, but my children, they all learned to read and write – that was important to me. And when did I learn to read and write? I didn’t learn until I was 86, and now I have three books of poems.


Tapescript 17.3

1 A When did she startwork?

B When she was eight years old.

2 A Where did she work?

BIn the cotton field.

3 A Who did she live with?

B Her mother and sisters.

4 A How many hours did she work?

B Sixteen hours a day.

5 A How much did she earn?

B $2 a day.

6 A Who did she marry?

B Hubert.

7 A When did Hubert die?

B Sixty-five years ago.

8 A When did she learn to read?

B She didn’t learn until she was 86.

Tapescript 18

InterviewerSilvia, from Rio de Janeiro, went out with four friends, Karina, Monica, Ana, and Thelma. Silvia, can you tell us about your girls' night out?


InterviewerWhat did you wear?

SilviaI wore jeans and a jacket - and two friends wore the same!

InterviewerAnd what did you do?

SilviaWell, first we went to a restaurant in Ipanema. It's a place where a lot of famous people go and we saw an actor there, called Fernando Pinto. Karina really likes him - in fact she's crazy about him! Then we went to a beach bar and we had some drinks. And then later we went to a party.

InterviewerWhat did you have to eat and drink?

SilviaAt the restaurant we had beer and we had some French fries. And at the beach bar we had beer and coconut water.

InterviewerWhat did you talk about?

SilviaAbout men, of course! What else?

InterviewerHow did you go home?

SilviaBy taxi. I have a car, but I don't like driving at night.

InterviewerWhat time did you get home?

SilviaVery, very late -1 don't remember exactly what time.

InterviewerSo, did you have a good time?

SilviaYes, it was good. Not fantastic, but good - seven out of ten!

Tapescript 19

E=estate agent, L=Larry, Lo=Louise

E well, this is the hall. There are six rooms on this floor. There is a kitchen, a dining room, a

living room, a study, a library …

L Wow! There is a library, Louise!

LO What’s that room?

E That’s a bathroom, madam.

L How many bathrooms are there?

E There’s one downstairs and three upstairs.

LO Are there any showers?

E No, there aren’t, madam. This is an old house… this is the living room.

LO Are those painting original?

EYes, I think so, madam.

L Is there a television?

E No, there isn’t sir. But there is a piano… and the kitchen.

LO There isn’t a fridge.

E Yes, there is. It’s over there.

LO You call that a fridge! Are there any glasses? I need a glass of water.

E Yes, madam. There are some glasses in that cupboard. Now let’s go upstairs.

Tapescript 20

Hi Bill, it’s Rob. What are you doing?... I’m going to London… who are you talking to?... I’m having a coffee… the baby crying?... My train’s arriving. Bye!

Tapescript 21

1. IvanLook ! It’s opening ! A ship is going through!

EvaWe’re lucky . The guide book says that it only opens two or three times a month!


5. EvaThe flag’s flying –that means the Queen is at home. She doesn’t live here all the time. She often stays

at Windsor Castle or in one of her other homes.


6. EvaThat’s Napoleon . He’s looking at a model of the Battle of Waterloo.

IvanCome on -lets go and see the next room.

EvaYes ,we don’t have much time . It closes in twenty minutes.


7. IvanWe’re going up! Wow! Look-there’s the Houses of Parliament ! And Buckingham Palace over there!

EvaWhat a pity it’s raining. The guidebook says you can see Windsor Castle on a clear day.

Tapescript 22

D=Daisy T=Tom

D I don’t like tea.

T Oh, I do. Well, sometimes, with sugar. But coffee is horrible!

D Yeah. Disgusting. I don’t like wine or beer either.

T Well – I don’t like wine but I like beer. My dad has beer every day after work and sometimes

I have a bit.

D Beer! Yuk! But apple juice is nice! I really like apple juice. It’s delicious.

T Mmmm! Yeah, it’s delicious and its good for you. Apples are too! I love all fruit – apples,

oranges, bananas, strawberries.

D Yeah. OK. I like fruit, but I hate all vegetables, especially carrots.

T Yeah, vegetables are disgusting. Er – but not all of them, - I quite like peas. Hamburgers,

chips, and peas. Mmm! That’s one of my favourite meals.

D Yeah – hamburgers, I like. Chips, I like. But peas – yuk!

TMy very favourite meal is spaghetti. Spaghetti, then ice-cream after. Yummy!... Or yoghurt. I

like strawberry yoghurt.

D Ice-cream – OK, yes. Yoghurt, no! Spaghetti – yes. I like all pasta and pizza! But I don’t like

it with tomatoes or cheese. I don’t like tomatoes very much and I hate cheese.

T Mmmm! Pizza. The best. But … you can’t have pizza without tomatoes and cheese.

D You can.

T You can’t.

D Can!

T Can’t!

D Well, I can. I don’t like cheese at all!

T What do you like then?

D Well, I like …er … I like chocolate and chocolate biscuits …

T Yeah! I really like chocolate. Everybody likes chocolate.



Tapescript 23.1


When I grow up I’m going to be a ballet dancer. I love dancing. I do dancing three times a week. I’m going to travel all over the world and I’m going to learn French and Russian because I want to dance in Paris and Moscow. I’m not going to marry until I’m thirty-five and then I’m going to have two children. First I’d like a girl and then a boy – but maybe I can’t plan that! I’m going to work until I’m 75. I’m going to teach dancing and I’m going to open a dance school. It’s all very exciting.

Miss Bishop

When I retire …? …er ….well …er …two things. First, I’m going to learn Russian – I can already speak French and German, and I want to learn another language. And second, I’m going to drive. It’s terrible that I’m 59 and I can’t drive – no time to learn. Then I’m going to buy a car and travel all over the world. Also, I’m not going to wear boring clothes any more, I hate the skirts and blouses I wear every day for school. I’m going to wear jeans and T-shirts all the time. and when I return from my travels I’m going to write a book and go on TV to talk about it. I’m going to become a TV star!


Tapescript 23.2

Questions about Rosie

1 A Why is she going to learn French and Russian?

B Because she wants to dance in Paris and Moscow.

2 A When is she going to marry?

B Not until she is thirty-five.

3 A How many children is she going to have?

B Two

4 A How long is she going to work?

B Until she is seventy-five.

5 A What is she going to teach?

B Dancing.


Tapescript 23.3

Why are you going

MB=Miss Bishop H=Harold

MB First I’m going to Holland

H Why?

MB To see the tulips, of course!

H Oh, yes! How wonderful! Where are you going after that?

MB Well, then I’m going to Spain to watch flamenco dancing.

Tapescript 24

Presenter Good evening. Welcome to The True or False Show. Tonight’s show comes from Dublin. My name’s Annie O’Brian and I ask the questions. Remember, after each question you have ten seconds to say ‘true’ or ‘false’. If you get the first answer right, you win 10,000 euros. If you get the second answer right, you win 20,000 euros, and you win 30,000 euros for the third correct answer. For eight correct answers you win 80,000 euros. But if you get an answer wrong, you go home with… nothing. Our first contestant is Darren from London. Right, Darren, for 10,000 euros. Mosquitoes are more dangerous than sharks. True or false?

Darren Er, true.

Presenter Correct. Mosquitoes are more dangerous than sharks. More people die every year from mosquito bites than from shark attacks. Now, for 20,000 euros, brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. True or false?

Darren Er…false.

Presenter Correct. It’s false. Brown eggs look nicer than white ones, but they are exactly the same. For 30,000 euros, the Earth is hotter than Mars.

Darren I think it’s true, Annie.

Presenter Correct. The Earth is hotter than Mars. Next, for 40,000 euros, coffee is more popular than tea in the UK. True or false?

Darren Er, false.

Tapescript 25.1

1 We learned how to land.

2 I sat in the floor and waited.

3 Then the instructor said: “Jump!” and I jumped.

4 Suddenly the parachute opened, and I floated down.

5 One of the people in my group broke his leg.

Tapescript 25.2

I=Interviewer R=Russell

I Russell, can you describe your day?

R Well, first we had some classes and we learned how to land.

IWhat happened then?

R Well, then we finished the classes we went up in the plane.

IHow high did you go up?

R About 800 metres.

I Then what happened?

RWell, I sat on the floor and waited.

I How did you feel?

RVery frightened! That was the worst part, waiting to jump.

I And then?

R Then the instructor said: “Jump!” and I jumped.

I How was it?

R It was incredible. First I fell very fast, I couldn’t think. I forgot all the instructions. Suddenly

the parachute opened, and I floated down.

I Did you land OK?

R Yes, I did – perfectly.

IHow did you feel afterwards?

R Great – I felt fantastic. I was really happy. I thought “I did it!”

I Would you like to do it again?

R Well, no, I wouldn’t.

I Why not?

R Because it can be dangerous. One of the people in my group broke his leg. And two months

after that I heard that someone died.


R His parachute didn’t open and he fell…

Tapescript 26

  1. She’s driving aggressively
  2. He’s dancing badly
  3. He’s eating noisily
  4. She’s singing beautifully/well
  5. He’s talking/speaking loudly

Tapescript 27.1


1. The five-year-old boy likes bungee jumping.

2. His father also likes bungee jumping.

3. A French agency has banned the boy from bungee jumping.

4. His father received a letter.

5. The agency says it is too dangerous.


Tapescript 27.2 Song

I have climbed highest mountain
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you

I have run
I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in her fingertips
It burned like fire
This burning desire

I have spoken with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I believe in the kingdom come
Then all the colors will bleed into one
Bleed into one
Well yes I'm still running

You broke the bonds and you
Loosed the chains
Carried the cross
Of my shame
Of my shame
You know I believed it

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for
But I still haven't found what I'm looking for...



Tapescript 28

PresenterOur next caller is Carl from Ssex. Hello, Carl.


PresenterWhat do you think, Carl? Do good books make good films?

Carl Well, I’ve read a lot of books and then seen the films, and I usually think that the books a better. For example, I loved the Lord of the Rings books but I didn’t like the films very much.

PresenterThank you, Carl. Our next caller is Linda from Manchester. Hello, Linda.

LindaHi. Well what I think is that today people don’t read very much but they do go to the cinema. And sometimes after they’ve seen a film of a book, so that’s a good think because they read more.

Presenter But do you think good books make good films?

LindaYes. I’ve read a lot of good books and then I’ve seen the films and I’ve loved them all, The Exorcist, Harry Porter, Gone with the wind. They are all great books and great films.

PresenterThank you, Linda. And our last caller is Sam from Cardiff. Hello, Sam. What do you think about our question today?

SamI think it depends. I think good books don’t usually make good films. But I’ve seen some films which I think are better than the books. That’s usually because the book wasn’t very good.

PresenterSo bad books can make good films?

Sam That’s right.

PresenterGive me an example.

SamWell the James Bond films. The books aren’t very good but some of the films are great, like Goldfinger, or From Russia with Love.

Presenter Thank you, Sam. Bye.

Tapescript 29

Tapescript 30

A: Hi! I'm Hong lei. What is your name?

B: Hello, Hong Lei. My name is Ricky.

A: Hi Ricky. Are you a new student here?

B: Yes, I had my first lesson this morning. Are you a new student too?

A: No, I have been here for six months.

B: Six months. That's a long time.

A: It's not so long really. What class are you in? Intermediate or …?

B: Intermediate Three. And what about you?

A: I am in Advanced One. Who's your teacher?

B: I can't remember her name, but she's got curly red hair.

A: Ah! Does she wear glasses?

B: Yes, I think so.

A: That's probably Anne Wallis.

B: Yes that's right. Do you know her? Is she your teacher too?

A: No. But she taught me last term. How long have you been here?

B: Only a week.

A: Wow, not long. Where do you live? With a family?

B: Well, I'm staying at the YMCA at the moment. I'm looking for somewhere more permanent. Do you know of any good places?

A: Yes. Actually my friend has a spare room in her apartment and she is looking for a flatmate. Would you like her phone number?

B: That would be great! Thanks for your help.Can I buy you coffee?


Speaking practice

1. Speak on the given topics:

1. Introducing yourself

2. People and countries

3. Telling the time

4. Hobbies and leisure

5. About myself

6. My house

7. Food and meals

8. Asking for medicine

9. Sport activities



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