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XIV. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Choose the right answer.

1. There is no doubt about the outcome of the trial. The man is a ..... criminal.

a) self-centred b) self-confessed c) self-conscious d) self-contained

2. If the terrorists are not sent to prison, there will be a public ..... .

a) attack b) onslaught c) outcry d) recrimination

3. It is often difficult for ex-convicts to keep to the ..... and narrow.

a) deep b) long c) straight d) wide

4. When the detectives finally trapped him, he had to ..... to lying.

a)recourse b) resort c) resource d) retort

5 The judge recommended more humane forms of punishment for juvenile .....

a)convicts b) delinquents c) sinners d) villains

6. The murderer proved to be an apparently well-behaved ..... middle-aged woman.

a) inoffensive b) offensive c) unoffending d) unsuspicious

7. He found some squatters living in his house so he asked the court for a speedy ..... order.

a) discharge b) ejection c) eviction d) expulsion

8. The witness ..... the statements made by the accused man.

a) agreed b) confessed c) corroborated d) testified

9. A prominent local figure was ..... as co-respondent in a divorce case.

a) accused b) cited c) nominated d) quoted

10. The whole story was a ..... of her imagination.

a) fabrication b) fantasy c) figment d) figure

11. As she was the murderer’s mother, the judge ..... the normal restrictions on visits and let her see him.

a) abandoned b) lifted c) relinquished d) surrendered

12. The baby at the centre of the controversy has been made a ..... of court.

a) child b) progeny c) protege d) ward

13. After considering the evidence for a few hours, the Jury came to a(n) ..... verdict.

a) unambiguous b) unanimous c) undivided d) united

14. It was a reasonable ..... to draw in the light of the evidence.

a) assessment b) conclusion c) interpretation d) verdict

15. Ms Stickyfinger was charged with ..... the funds of the organization.

a) misappropriating b) mislaying c) mistaking d) misplacing


XV. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Choose the word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the capitalized word.

1. A smiling face often disguises the mind and heart of a VILLAIN.

a) a foolish man

b) a lying man

c) an unhappy man

d) a wicked man

2. At first the accident seemed to be TRIVIAL.

a) critical

b) momentous

c) significant

d) unimportant

3. There was no TRACE of poison in the coffee the chemist analyzed.

a) colour

b) indication

c) smell

d) taste

4. The FROWN on the judge’s face showed that he was displeased.

a) look of anger

b) look of delight

c) look of fear

d) look of surprise

5. The night was so FOGGY that the murderer was easily able to escape his pursuers.

a) messy

b) mild

c) misty moist

6. The driver tried to AVERT the accident by bringing the car to a sudden stop.

a) cause

b) control

c) minimize

d) prevent

7. The indecisive man was READILY persuaded to change his mind again.

a) abruptly

b) easily

c) hardly

d) subtly

8. The officer COMPELLED the prisoner to do exactly as he wished.

a) allowed

b) beseeched

c) forced

d) hired

9. The criminal INSINUATED that he had been roughly treated by the arresting officer.

a) argued convincingly

b) denied positively

c) stated flatly

d) suggested indirectly

10. The boy felt DISGRACED because he knew that he had been wrong to steal.

a) ashamed

b) phony

c) tempted

d) worried

11. The judge SENTENCED the convicted man.

a) gave a pardon to

b) gave high praise to

c) passed judgement upon

d) sympathized with

12. It is useless to attempt to FLEE from every danger. Some risk must be taken.

a) hide oneself

b) protect oneself

c) run away

d) stay away



Vocabulary Test

a) Choose the right variant:

1. witness to, witness of , witness for

1) I don’t want to be a witness __ your evils.

2) Are you sure he is the only witness __ the will?

3) Then the witness __ the state gave his testimony.

4) There were several witnesses __ that run-and-hit accident.

5) Were there any witnesses __ the document?

6) The witness __ Jonson’s case was found brutally mutilated and murdered the next morning.

2. legal, lawful, legitimate

1) Washington’s blitzing of Iraq is considered il__ by many countries of the Council of Europe.

2) He hates me because I am not a __ child of his.

3) Is it __ to sell cigarettes to teenagers?

4) If you don’t go to the Registry Office, your marriage will not be __.

5) Although the Communist Party is __ in this country it doesn’t have a very large membership.

6) The act of Mr.Chernomyrdin’s taking over from. Mr.Yeltsin for the time the latter had heart surgery was quite __.

3. to prosecute, to persecute, to pursue

1) He intends to __ a claim for damages.

2) His record of a criminal __s him anywhere.

3) Many European countries __ peace policy.

4) The Jews have always been __ed by people of other races. This phenomenon roots in the Bible.

5) To __ the gang, officials had to provide protection to many potential witnesses.

6) To __ economic and political reforms is no easy matter. But it is time we, at least, solidify some of them.

4. fault, blame, guilt

1) The evidence against the accused was irrefutable and he had to admit his __.

2) When it comes to the crunch, he would take the __!

3) His single __ is unmitigated naivety. But I think, he’ll outgrow it.

4) The accused man is considered innocent until his __ is proved.

5) I’m ready to take the __ for what has happened.

6) A small electrical __ in the motor caused it to stop.

5. to approve of, to approve

l) The committee didn’t __ the resolution.

2) Mr.Black was voted down by the majority, thus, his candidacy was not __ed__.

3) The president pledges himself to many undertakings. I don’t __ it.

4) This project must be officially __ed__.

5) Do you ­__ Washington’s decision to blitz Iraq?

6) The plan was unanimously __ed__.

6. lawyer, solicitor, barrister, counselor, attorney

1) The general word for somebody whose business is the law is a __.

2) In England there are two kinds of __s.

3) The one who advises people on legal matters is called a __.

4) The one who represents a person in a higher court is often referred to as a __.

5) A person’s __ advises the __ about the facts of the case, but does not tall him what to say.

6) In the US a __ may be also called an __.

7) A __ who represents somebody during a trial is often called a __.

7. to kill, to murder, to slaughter, to massacre, to assassinate

1) My brother was ­­__ed in a car crash last year.

2) Who ­­__ed John Kennedy?

3) The army set fire to the city and ­­__ed all its innocent civilians.

4) Hitler’s army was __ed in the long run in May of 1945.

5) Somebody stripped the man of all his clothes and then __ed him.

6) The low temperature ­­__ed the woman who came to life in the funeral home.


b) Fill in the correct alternative:

Legal, lawful, legitimate

1. Yevgeny Primakov, a Communist former head of Soviet state, was one a ... Prime

Minister of Russia.

Economic, economical

2. President Boris Yeltsin warned the Russian government not once that he would step in to defend ...freedoms if ministers tried to bring down a new “Iron Curtain” of control in their bid to stem a financial crisis.

Guilt, blame, faulty

3. Many Russians still believe the crumbling ruble is entirely Boris Yeltsin’s ... .

Verdict, sentence

4. The police in San Jose, Calif., stumbled onto an Internet gang called the Orchid Club; its members used video technology designed for teleconferencing to witness sexual abuse of children, the ... of the jury was undoubtedly “guilty”

Witness for/of/to

5. Witnesses ... the Orchid Club case testified the gang members produced the porn using their own children, some of them were as young as 2 years old.

Prosecute, persecute, pursue

6. The Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus was ... in his times for the wild suggestion that the Earth and the other planets of the solar system travel round the Sun.

Approve, approve of

7. The IMF doesn’t... the Russian government plans to pay off billions off rubles in pensions and back-wages to public employees, because it could mean a return to high inflation.

Kill, assassinate, slaughter, massacre, murder

8. Now that the financial crisis in Russia is looming large, the masses keep on recalling the bloody event of October 1993 when dozens of innocent civilians were ... in Moscow streets.

Persuade, convince

9. Many wonder whether Bill Clinton did his best to ... Boris Yeltsin that no more money will flow into Russia until Moscow demonstrates that it will stick to market economics.

To embezzle, to pilfer, to shoplift

10. Peter is in the habit of …ing from other children’s desks.


c) Fill in the correct alternative:

Economic, economical

1. As food imports which account for a major part of Russian consumption were down in 90’s sharply due to the ruble devaluation, Russians had to be ... not only with foods.

Verdict, sentence

2. For a criminal who held up the train in Tokyo and took all the money from passengers 25 years is not a heavy ... , the Japanese believe.
Prosecute, persecute, pursue

3. Mr Green’s insistence that he won’t resign isn’t surprising for a man who has spent his life ... and holding on to power.

Approve, approve of

4. In 90’s the communist-dominated legislature (or Duma), which was to ... Chernomyrdin as Prime Minister was holding his nomination hostage quite for some time.

Legal, lawful, legitimate

5. Everyone understands that such an action like banning dollars in Russia would be soly ... because it would mean the violation of many rights and a return to the Iron Curtain.

Persuade, convince

6. Martin Luther King’s family members have realized their dream: they at last ... Attorney General Janet Reno to reopen the investigation into the civil rights leader’s death.

Witness for/of/to

7. The alleged witnesses ... the reported deal struck by the White house and Britain with Libyan President Muammar Kaddafi not to try two Libyan suspects in the 1998 Lockerbie bombing under Scottish law in the Hague, say victims’ families are disgruntled.

To embezzle, to pilfer, to shoplift

8. Someone has been …ing the firm’s money over the last few months.

Kill, assassinate, slaughter, massacre, murder

9. The wife of the ... official, General Rochlin, was at first compelled to take the blame by a threatening group.

Guilt, blame, fault

10. Members of Princess of Wales Memorial fund are now shifting the ... onto each other as the British scoff the fund’s decision to lend Diana’s signature to less-than-regal products like low-food margarine and lottery scratch cards.



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