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Annex 51 Pumping stations for fuel smuggling in Zuwarah area

1. Sources informed the Panel about three pumping stations, located on the coast between Zuwarah and Abu Kammash, that supply fuel to smuggling ships. The vessels usually remain between 1 and 2 nautical miles offshore.

Marsa Tiboda 32º58’36”N 12º01’27”E
Sidi Ali 33º02’19”N 11º55’02”E
Abu Kammash 33º04’36”N 11º45’53”E
Abu Kammash
Sidi Ali
Marsa Tiboda

Source: Confidential

2. Abu Kammash is owned by Morad Idrissi, Liasa Younis Alazabi and Mohamed Jarrafa, who also “rent” the facilities to other individuals. Sidi Ali’s owners are unknown, and its facilities are “rented” to several Zuwarah smugglers. Marsa Tiboda’s pumpimg station is owned and operated by Fahmi Musa Bin Khalifa (a.k.a. Fahmi Slim), and his brothers.


Annex 52 Patrol boats used by smugglers in Zuwarah and Abu Kammash area

Picture 24 A motor yacht probably modified to become a patrol boat

Source: Confidential

Picture 25 A second motor yacht probably modified to become a patrol boat. On the bow and the stern, heavy machine guns

Source: Confidential

Picture 26 Probably a former pilot boat modified into a patrol boat. On the bow, an anti-aircraft 23mm machine gun

Source: Confidential

Picture 27 The former pilot boat

Source: Confidential


Annex 53 Capricorn

1. The details of the vessel are:

Source: Equasis

2. On 19 July 2017, the Chargé d’affairs a.i. of the Permanent Mission of Libya to the UN forwarded an email correspondence dated 7 July 2017 in which the focal point appointed pursuant to resolution 2146 (2014), Dr. Abdallah Ateiga, informed about a vessel loading smuggled gasoil offshore Zuwarah (Libya).

3. On 25 October 2017, the Panel received a letter, with attachment (see below), from the Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations indicating that the vessel Capricorn has been deregistered from the Tanzania Zanzibar International Register of Shipping on 10 September 2017. Its current flag remains unknown.

Source: Zanzibar Maritime Authority




4. The Capricorn was registered on 1 March 2014 by “A&E Shipping Inc.”, a Panamanian company based in Panama City.

Source: Zanzibar Maritime Authority



5. On 11 August 2017 the Capricorn was allowed to unload its cargo in the tanks of the “Syrian Company for Oil Transportation” by the Syrian authorities.

6. On 21 December 2018, the tanker changed ownership. It was sold by “A&E Shipping Inc” to “United Power Marine International Inc”, both companies registered in Panama City, Panama Republic.

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