ТОП 10:

Annex 45 List of petrol stations opened after 2011

1. The Panel holds a list of the petrol stations, licensed by the four distributor companies, created after 2011. It is not officially translated. The four distrubituors are: Oil Libya, Al Rahila, Sharara Oil Services, and Highway Service Company.


Annex 46 New standards to be met by petrol stations in Libya

1. The following is a document defining the criteria for a petrol station to be opened in Libya, dated 1 November 2017.

Source: Confidential

Annex 47 The Zawiyah Smuggling Network

1. A network of armed groups, present in Zawiyah, Sabratha, Warshefana, Zintan, Surman, al-Ojeilate and Zuwarah, benefits from fuel smuggling. They also benefited from protection provided by local and national political sponsors.

2. Between 2011 and 2014, local groups have disputed control over Zawiyah refinery. On 5 July 2014, a few days before launching of Operation Libya Dawn, the Petroleum Facilities Commander, the late Colonel Ali al-Ahrash, officially put al-Nasr Brigade, under the command of Mohammad Kachlaf, in charge of providing security to Zawiyah refinery. The control over the refinery by al Nasr was agreed with Shaaban Hadiya (a.k.a Abu Obeyda al Zawi) commander of the Libya Revolutionaries Operation Room (LROR).

3. Ahmad al-Dabbashi’s armed group in Sabratha also benefited from smuggling of petroleum products by taxing truck tankers (see S/2017/466, para. 240). Other groups also profited from the smuggling. The most important are: Jamal al-Ghaeb Brigade based al-Matrad in western Zawiyah; Ali Kardamine’s group in southern Zawiya; the Central Security Apparatus influential in Sabratha and Surman; al-Sobertawate Brigade in Warshefana and the Zintani al-Qorj brigade. Over the last couple of months, trucks were usually taxed between 4500 and 6000 LYD at checkpoints. Numerous attacks against fuel trucks increased insecurity in the region and deprived local populations from access to fuel.


Annex 48 Documents provided to the Panel by Mohamed Kachlaf

1. The following is an official translation of the documents provided to the Panel by Mohamed Kachlaf in April 2018.


Translated from Arabic


State of Libya

Government of National Accord

26 February 2018

Re: Request for a meeting

To: Panel of Experts of the Security Council committee established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya

From: Muhammad al-Amin al-Arabi Kashlaf

Commander of the Zawiyah support unit of the Petroleum Facilities Guard


We would like thank you for your unwavering commitment to the rights of citizens and for maintaining the credibility and transparency of your ongoing research and fact-finding efforts. We wish to cooperate with you and would to meet with you in order correct the inaccuracies in your report on the security situation in Libya in 2016 and 2017. We therefore hope that you will set a date for our meeting. We attach herewith some documents that attest to the veracity of the information that we have submitted. Thank you for your cooperation and peace be upon you.

(Signed) Muhammad al-Amin al-Arabi Kashlaf


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