ТОП 10:

Picture 9 Panthera F9 MRAP by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles en route to Derna on 16 May 2018.

Source: LNA Media Office, 16 May 2018[72]

Picture 10 Several Toyota pick up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns. LNA convoy en route to Derna on 16 May 2018

Source: LNA Media Office, 16 May 2018[73]


Picture 11 Streit Spartan ASV used by the LNA, participating in the attacks in Derna, June 2018

Source: Media office of the LNA, 26 June 2018.[74]

Picture 12 Armoured infantry vehicles (Nimr Jais MRAP on the left and Caiman MRAP on the right, both with closed turrets), of the Bou Hdima Martyrs Brigade of the LNA in Benghazi, preparing for the siege of Derna in August 2017

Source: Social media[75]


Annex 30 Czech rotary-wing aircraft Mi-24v attempted retransfer to Libya

14. The Panel had reported previously (S/2017/466, Annex 38) on the attempted re-transfer of Mi-24v rotary wing aircraft, sold by the Czech state-owned company LOM Praha s.p. to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Panel contacted the Czech authorities, who confirmed that seven Mi-24v were sold to the UAE and the export license granted in September 2015. As of May 2017, the overhauled airframes, gearboxes as well as the auxiliary power units (in April 2017) had been delivered to the UAE. After the Panel informed the Czech authorities, the delivery of the TV3-117V engines was suspended until further clarification by the UAE. The Panel had regularly following up with the Czech authorities and requested a statement from the buyer AAL Group Ltd.

15. The UAE later informed the Panel that the Mi-24v were received and that Czech representatives attended an inspection of the rotary-wing aircraft on 6 December at the Sweihan Airbase in Abu Dhabi.



Annex 31 Moldovan civilian cargo planes

Confirmation of the Moldovan Security Information Service that investigations are ongoing on illegal air transports, dated 02.10.2017

Source: Media[76]


Picture 13 IL-76 sighted in Benina, 4-6 May 2017 IL 18D sighted in Benina, May 2017

Source: Confidential


Annex 32 Detonating cord

16. The case of the vessel El-Mukhtar (see paragraph ‎0 and ‎0 ) has confirmed the Panel’s previous reporting on regular weapons transfers from Misrata to the Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council (BRSC). The Panel has received footage of LNA specialized units defusing IEDs in Benghazi featuring large boxes containing detonating cords manufactured by an explosive manufacturer based in Turkey. and surrounding areas. Part of that footage shows the seizure in early 2017 of large boxes wrapped with multiple layers of plastic foil on board a vessel sailing from Misrata. The boxes seized contained explosives including detonating cords and still featured stickers of the manufacturing company. The sticker mentions following company information:


Umit Mah 2528 Sok.No3 Cankaya Ankara

Posta Kodu 06810 Turkiye


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