ТОП 10:

Source: Zanzibar Maritime Authority



7. On 4 January 2018, the tanker was registered by the Palau International Ship Registry, under the new name of Nadine, with a restriction to navigate within the Persian Gulf area.

Source: Palau International Ship Registry

8. On 10 February 2018, the tanker arrived to Alang, India, to be dismantled. On 3 April 2018, the tanker was seized by the Indian authorities.

Source: Confidential

Annex 54 Lynn S

1. The details of the vessel are:

Source: Equasis

2. The Lynn S is operated by “Morgan Navigation Co SA”[81], a subsidiary company of “Alfamarine Shipping Co Ltd”[82], both companies registered in Lebanon. The vessel is owned by “Leen Trade Co”, a Liberian registered company.

3. On 27 July 2017, the Chargé d’affairs a.i. of the Permanent Mission of Libya to the UN forwarded an email correspondence dated 26 July 2017 in which the focal point appointed pursuant to resolution 2146 (2014), Dr. Abdallah Ateiga, informed about an illicit ship to ship transfer of the smuggled Libyan gasoil from the “Capricorn” to another tanker, the “Lynn S”. On 2 August 2017, the Lynn S was added to the sanctions list.

4. According to both the owners and the master of the vessel, the ship-to-ship transfer was never performed, as the Capricorn refused to provide any official documents of its cargo.

Source: Morgan Navigation Co. S.A.

Source: Morgan Navigation Co. S.A.


5. The Lynn S was removed from the Committee’s sanctions list on 29 April 2018.


Annex 55 Vessels impounded by the Libyan Coastguard


1. The Stark (IMO 7105419) was intercepted on 28 April 2017 by the Libyan Coastguard, 1.5 nautical miles off Abu Kammash. The vessel was in the proximity of the Ruta at that moment

2. The vessel was loaded with 500.000 litters of diesel oil when it was boarded by the Coastguard. There were six Turkish citizens on board.

3. Anadolu Uluslararasi Ticaret[83] owns the Stark.

Source: Equasis

Source: IHS Sea-web

4. The vessel turned off its AIS on 23 April 2017, 35 nautical miles off Zarzis, Tunisia. In the following days it turned east and headed to the coast of Zuwarah.

23 April 2017 34º02’49”N 11º28’11”E

Source: IHS Sea-web


5. The Ruta (IMO 8711899) was intercepted on 28 April 2017 by the Libyan Coastguard, 1.5 nautical miles off Abu Kammash, in the western coast of Libya.

6. The vessel was loaded with 3.000 tonnes of diesel oil. The crew was made up of fourteen Ukrainian citizens.

7. The vessel was in the proximity of the Stark at that moment.

8. Manchester Shipping SA[84], a company registered in Ukraine, owns the Ruta.

Source: Equasis

Source: IHS Sea-web

9. The vessel turned off its AIS on 23 April 2017, 11 nautical miles off Malta.

24 April 2017 35º48’01”N 14º48’25”E

Source: IHS Sea-web

10. According to the investigations conducted by the Prosecutor of Catania, Italy, the Ruta has been involved in ship to ship operations with vessels involved in illicit smuggling of fuel from Libya, particularly the Basbosa Star (IMO 8846838) and the Sea Master X (IMO 7332488), both connected to Fahmi Slim’s smuggling network (see S/2016/209 para. 206), and has reportedly unloaded the smuggled fuel in Italian ports on 13 occasions.[85]


11. The Rex (IMO 7105421) was intercepted on 29 August 2017 by the Libyan Coastguard and taken to Tripoli.

12. The vessel was loaded with 1.000 tonnes of diesel oil. The crew was made up of 10 individuals of various nationalities.

13. Ilu Trade and Shipping INC[86], a company registered in Turkey, is the owner of the Rex, formerly called “Amargi”.

Source: Equasis

Source: IHS Sea-web

14. The vessel turned off its AIS between 27 and 29 August 2017, 92 nautical miles off Zuwarah.

27 August 2017 34º22’36”N 12º37’31”E
29 August 2017 34º47’34”N 13º16’24”E

Source: IHS Sea-web



15. The Lamar (IMO 6620034) was intercepted on 15 March 2018 by the Libyan Coastguard when in front of the coast of Abu Kammash.

16. The tanker was loaded with 950.000 litres of fuel when intercepted. It was further directed to Tripoli. The crew was made up of 8 Greek citizens.

17. Muraco Management Corp, a company registered in Nigeria, is the owner of Lamar.

Source: Equasis


18. The vessel turned off its AIS between on 7 March 2018, outside Tunisian territorial waters, while heading east to Zuwarah – Abu Kammash area.

7 March 2018

Source: IHS Sea-web

Annex 56 Goeast

1. The Libyan Coastguard opened fire on the Goeast (IMO 7526924) on 6 October 2017. Its AIS was disconnected at the time.

2. Arida Trade LLP, Care of Uvas-Trans Ltd, is the registered owner of the Goeast.

Source: Equasis


Source: Equasis

Source: IHS Sea-web

3. Following the incident, the tanker headed north to Malta, off Valetta port, outside its territorial waters, where it remained adrift between 11 and 19 October 2017. According to Maltese authorities, no request was made by the Goeast to enter any port.

4. On 19 October 2017, the vessel set sail to the Sea of Crete and disconnected its AIS on 20 October. On 22 October it briefly reconnected its AIS before crossing the Dardanelles strait.

5. On 24 October 2017 it arrived at Ahirkapi anchorage area (near Istanbul), where it was granted anchorage permission, according to the Turkish authorities. They further stated that a gas purification process for maintenance purposes was conducted. On 1 November 2017, the tanker was granted entry to Tuzla port where it remained until 8 November 2017.

6. On 10 November 2017 it crossed the Bosporus and between 19 November and 14 December 2017 remained a few miles east of the Traffic Separation Scheme of Kerch strait, Crimea. Its AIS was disconnected on several occasions.

10 October 2017  
11-19 October 2017  
24 October 2017  
19 November to 14 December 2017  
8 November 2017  

Source: IHS Sea-web


7. Since the incident, the tanker has not operated in the central Mediterranean area.

Source: IHS Sea-web

Annex 57 Noor

1. The Noor (IMO 8312459) set sail off Malta on 23 October 2017, heading towards Gabes port, Tunisia. On 26 October 2017, 41 nautical miles off Gabes port, it turned east to Zuwarah coast, where it remained anchored in 2 different locations between 28 October 2017 and 1 November 2017. The vessel disconnected its AIS on 16 November 2017, while on its way back to a point off Malta, where it arrived on 19 November 2017.

2. It is relevant to mention that the Noor set sail from and arrived to the same location off Malta, outside its territorial waters.

23 October 2017  
28 October 2017 to 1 November 2917
16 November 2017  
26 October 2017  
19 November 2017  

Source: IHS Sea-web

3. According to Equasis, Ali Breiki SMA, care of United Maritime Services LTD, is the registered owner of the Noor.

Source: Equasis

4. According to the information provided by Mr Iftikhar Rafique, from United Maritime Services LTD, the vessel was sold for scrap in November 2016, however no proof of scrap or any other documents were made available. The new owners are unknown.

5. The vessel was broken up in January 2018 in Aliaga, Turkey.

Source: IHS Sea-web

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