ТОП 10:

Picture 14 Close-up of the Kapeks company sticker on one of the boxes

Source: Confidential, 2017

Picture 15 Detonating cord produced by Kapeks Ltd. (One of the boxes featuring the caution symbol for explosives and an unpacked roll of detonating cord above the box)

Source: Confidential, 2017

17. The same detonating cord is featured on the website of the company.[77] In reply to the Panel’s inquiries, the Turkish authorities declared that the company had no records of exports to Libya between the dates 1 March 2011 and 4 October 2017.



Annex 33 Khalifa Hafter’s visit to Tunis

18. Based on the analysis of the video footage and pictures released by the LNA’s media office, the equipment transferred out of Libya includes at least:

· 30 self-loading rifles

· 2 marksman rifles

· 2 Rocket- propelled grenade launchers (RPG)

· Over 30 handguns (9mm)

· One roof-mounted counter-IED system

19. As video footage of his visit documents, he flew on a private airplane and his security detail landed at Tunis Carthage Airport on board of an IL-76TD cargo airplane.

Picture 16 Haftar’s special protection forces in front of IL-76TD cargo airplane

Source: Media Office – General Command of the LNA[78]

Picture 17 Protection unit with RPG

Source: Ibid.

20. Haftar flew from eastern Libya to Tunis on board a private F900 jet with the tail number P4-RMA. The Falcon jet plane is owned by a UAE-based company called Sonnig International Group Ltd, and operated by Golden Eagle Trading FZE based in Dubai but registered in the Caribbean Netherlands. The CEO of Sonnig confirmed to the Panel that he is also the CEO of Golden Eagle Trading. The companies have set up an operational branch at the Benghazi airport and charter two Falcon jets amongst others to Khalifa Haftar.


Annex 34 Tunisia

21. The Panel received information on only two seized caches:

Date Location Materiel
12.07.2017 Sfax Unspecified arms cache
07.02.2017 Sakah (Remada) 6 rocket-propelled grenade launchers; 1 AKM self-loading rifle

Source: Confidential

22. The Panel documented the arms seized and stocked with the Tunisian National Army. The material offers little clue to any specific source of arms other then those identified in previous reports (see S/2017/466 para 171 and 172).

Picture 18 Several hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers (RPG) were seized in 2017 including RPG 27 and RPG 26 tube, both manufactured in 2007

Source: Panel of Experts

Picture 19 AKM-type self-loading rifle, Tula Arsenal, Russia

Source: Panel of Experts

Picture 20 AKM-type self-loading rifle, Zastava factory, Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Source: Panel of Experts


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