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Annex 28 L-39 Case and Falcon F900 used by Khalifa Haftar and the LNA

10. The Albatros L-39C (serial number 533623, tail number N393WA) was decommissioned and demilitarized in November 2000. Riccardo Mortara, the CEO of Sonnig S.A., a Geneva-based air company, bought the aircraft in 2009. The aircraft is registered in the United States, where it can operate with an experimental license. To obtain and keep a United States registration it must be owned by a company registered in the United States. This is made possible through trust agreements.

Table: Overview of the L-39C N393WA ownership history:

Dates   Ownership
1 January 1985   Constructed as a L-39C, Owned by Eastern European air forces
15 November 2000   Aircraft decommissioned and sold to private company, Deer Valley, AZ with tail number N393WA.
25 July 2001 to 2004   Sold to private individual, Highland Falls, NY.
March 2005   Sold to private company Corporate Aircraft Partners Inc, Cleveland, OH.
January 2006   Sold to private company, Klamath Falls, OR.
6 March 2006   Sold to private company, Wilmington, DE.
27 July 2006   Sold to Cite Aviation LLC, Wilmington, DE.
27 August 2010   Sold to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na Trustee under trust agreement, Salt Lake City, UT Operated with Sonnig S.A. painting
28 November 2017   Sold to Cite Aviation LLC, Wilmington, DE Registration status unclear Operated by Sonnig International Private Jets, Fujairah.


11. Cite Aviation LLC owned the L-39 from July 2006 until August 2010 when it was operated by Million-Air in the USA. The FAA’s review of the aircraft records shows the last U.S. owner of record as Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee under a trust agreement dated as of August 3, 2010. Wells Fargo sold the aircraft to Cite Aviation LLC per a bill of sale filed with the FAA on November 28, 2017.



Source: Riccardo Mortara




Demilitarization certificate by the manufaturer of the L-39, Aero Vodochody.

Source: Confidential

12. The owner of the plane has shared with the Panel all the flights conducted since the L-39 is stationed in Benghazi including the names of the pilots on the plane. The flights are limited to 20 minutes each. According to the owner, the aim was to maintain his skills and those of his company’s pilots.

Tabel of the L-39C flights in Benghazi.

Source: Riccardo Mortara


Annex 29 Armoured vehicles of LNA armed groups

13. The LNA attack on Derna brought to light the substantial military build-up in the east of Libya, though the units there are not part of the units under control of the GNA.

Picture 8 Armoured infantry vehicle al-Wahsh by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) of Jordan, equipped with a closed snakehead turret used by LNA’s 106 Brigade in Derna in June 2018. The turret provides full protection to the fighter shooting

Source: LNA Media Office, 26 June 2018[71]



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