ТОП 10:

Annex 6 Responsiveness table

Table showing level of responsiveness by Member States or Organizations to requests for information and/or visit from the Panel from 7 April 2017 until 15 July 2018

Member State or Organization Number of letters sent Requested info fully supplied Info partially supplied No answer / information not supplied Request for visit
Belgium     Granted
Chad   Granted
Czech Republic      
Egypt Granted
Ethiopia   No response
France     Granted
Greece     Granted
Italy   Granted
Libya   Granted
Luxembourg     No response
Malta 1 (recent)  
Marshall Islands      
Netherlands Granted
Niger   Granted
Qatar   Granted
Russian Federation      
Spain     Granted
St Vincent and Grenadines      
Sudan   Granted
Switzerland   1 (recent) Granted
Tunisia Granted
Turkey Granted
United Arab Emirates   Granted
United Kingdom   Granted
United States   Granted
African Union     No response
EU     Granted
EU NAVFOR     Granted
IMO     Granted
World Customs Organization     Granted



Annex 7 Letter addressed by the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation to the Ambassador of Canada to Libya

Source: Confidential

Annex 8 Role of Ibrahim Jadran in the Oil Crescent

Estimation of the value of daily production losses due to the attack by Ibrahim Jadran forces against oil terminals

Source: The National Oil Corporation

25. The table above also provides an estimate of daily losses due to the shutdown of oil terminals, following the 14 June 2018 led Ibrahim Jadran.

26. The NOC evaluated the cost of actions, from 2013 onward, that led to an interruption of oil production and exports, and also of destruction and deterioration of oil infrastructure to be more than USD 56 billion. The armed group of Ibrahim Jadran is responsible for most actions conducted in the Oil Crescent.

27. Here are some examples of costs incurred due to acts by the armed group led by Ibrahim Jadran:

· Cost for Waha Oil: USD 13,981,791,320; Acts: Shutting down of the Oil Crescent ports by PFGs (Central Region) on the pretext of the alleged metering system in Es-sidra Port affiliated to Waha Oil Company and the declaration of Force Majeure; Dates: 28/7/2013 – 26/08/2014.

· Cost for Waha Oil: USD 125,195,000; Acts: Attack by Ibrahim Jadran against oil terminals on 14 June 2018; Dates: 15/06/2018 – 20/06/2018.

28. Jadran is under an arrest warrant by the Attorney General Office in Libya.


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