ТОП 10:

Secretariat of the Office of the Prime Minister

Date: 8 April 2018

Ref.: ra’ mim alif–1714–18

[Handwritten notation]

Copy to all members of the Board of Directors, general directors and heads of departments [illegible]. Contact all oil and service companies and provide them with a copy of this letter. Please adhere to what is set out in it.

18 April 2018

[Body of letter]


You are all requested, within your respective areas of competence, to disregard all communications and letters from Mustafa Abdullah San‘allah, because he is not authorized to address any communications to you, and to consider such communications and letters as though they had never been written. You are being requested to do this in order to prevent the above-mentioned individual from engaging in tampering that could have catastrophic consequences for State resources. You should disregard all illegal parallel institutions and deal directly with the legitimate National Oil Corporation in Benghazi and its Board of Directors, which was appointed by the Libyan Interim Government. Doing so will safeguard the legal rights of the Corporation and public property, and serve the public interest, which we are striving to realize and safeguard.

It is very important that you should comply with the above.

Accept, Sirs, the assurances of my highest consideration.

(Signed) Abdullah Abdulrahman al-Thani

Prime Minister


Source: Confidential (translated by United Nations)

Annex 40 Letter from the Eastern National Oil Corporation to international oil companies.

1. The following is a letter from the Eastern National Oil Corporation addressed to international oil companies.

Source: Confidential

Annex 41 Orders by the head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, East and Central region.

1. The following is an order, dated 26 June 2018, by Naji al Maghrebi, head of Petroleum Facilities Guard, East and Central region, to companies in charge of oil terminals to prevent tankers from loading crude oil until further instruction by the General Command of the LNA.

Source: Confidential


2. The following is an official translation of the document indicated in para. 1.

From the Petroleum Facilities Guard in the central and eastern region to:


Chairman of the Management Committee of Sirte Oil Co.

Chairman of the Management Committee of the Libyan Marketing (promotion) for Fertilizer Company

Chairman of the Management Committee of Ras Lanuf Company

Supervisor of Zueitina port

Supervisor of Hariga/Tobruk port

Supervisor of Harouge port


Instructions were issued by the General Command and conveyed by the security Coordinator – PFG


Upon the orders of the General Commander of the Arab Libyan Armed Forces (the LNA), it is prohibited to receive vessels intending to export from the above-mentioned ports as well as work in ports and fields is prohibited until further notice.




Naji Ahmad Moussa el-Maghribi

Commander of the Petroleum Facilities Guard

Central and Eastern region/branch


Transmitter: Time of transmission

Consignee: Time of reception

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