Exercise 4. Translate into English 

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Exercise 4. Translate into English

1. Если ты успешно сдашь экзамены, ты получишь стипендию.

2. Вам придется заплатить за проживание до конца апреля.

3. Как твои успехи в школе?

4. Ему нужно зарабатывать много денег, чтобы оплатить учебу.

5. Вашу работу будут обсуждать на следующей неделе.

Exercise 5. True / False / No information

1. All students have to pay fees.

2. The parents’ income effects the amount of grants.

3. A tutor is a teacher who is responsible for the students progress.

4. The Master’s degree is the highest degree.

5. Doctor of Philosophy is given for some original work on Philosophy.

6. Students try to enter the university as far from their homes as possible.


Exercise 6. Match the parts of the sentences

1. New “undergraduates” a. four broad categories

2. If the parents do not earn b. the students will take their finals

much money, c. are given the Bachelor’s degree

3. After three or four years d. their children will receive a full grant

4. Those who pass exams e. original research work

successfully f. are called “freshers”

5. The first postgraduate degree g. take place once a week

6. They fall into h. is normally that of Master

7. Such tutorials

8. It is given for some



Тема: Мой ВУЗ


Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University

Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University is one of the biggest and oldest Universities in the Volga area. It was founded in 1932 and it is named after I.N.Ulyanov.

The University trains teachers of various kinds, including pre-school teachers, primary school teachers as well as teachers of secondary school. There is a wide choice of teaching specialities: The Russian language and Literature, History, Pre-school Pedagogics and Psychology, Physical Education, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Biology, Elementary Education and Foreign languages. The University also trains future lawyers and governesses. Nowadays there are 10 schools at the University.

The University has well-equipped research laboratories. The students make wide use of TV, video systems and Internet.

The campus has fine buildings on the picturesque banks of the Volga.

Out of town students live in dormitories.



area - территория

campus – территория университета

governess - воспитательница

to be founded – быть основанным

to name after – назвать в честь

to include - включать

laboratory - лаборатория

lawyer – адвокат, юрист

speciality - специальность

picturesque - живописный

well-equipped – хорошо оборудованный

a wide choice – большой выбор

Exercise 1. Answer the questions.

1. Where do you study?

2. What school do you study at?

3. What is your future speciality?

4. Do you like to study here?

5. What does the University train?

6. What are the teaching specialities at the University?

7. How many schools are there at the University?

8. Where do out-of-town students live?

Exercise 2. Make up the following situations:

1. You are visiting an English college and the students want to hear about the University you study at.

2. Speak about a good school teacher.

3. You are an anxious parent who want her child to enter the University. What will you say about getting a good education.


Exercise 3. Are the following statements true or false?

1. Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University is one of the biggest and oldest Universities in the Volga area.

2. It was founded in 1925 and it is named after I.N.Ulyanov.

3. The University trains teachers of various kinds.

4. The University also trains future lawyers and governesses.

5. Nowadays there are 8 schools at the University.

Exercise 4. Complete the sentences.

1. There is a wide choice of teaching specialities …..

2. The University has well-equipped ….

3. The students make wide use of ….

4. The campus has ….

5. Out of town students live in ….

Exercise 5. Retell the text.

Text B

A Gifted Teacher and Educationalist

Ilya Nikolayevioh Ulyanov

Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, Lenin's father, devoted almost thirty years of his life to public education. A teacher by, calling, he brought the torch of knowledge to the ignorant and oppressed peasant masses. By his work he eat a fine example to other advanced people of his time.

Т.Н. Ulyanov was a man of simple origin. He was born on July 14, 1831 in Astrakhan. He became an orphan at en early age and only thanks to his elder brother and his own unusual gifts and hard fork he finished school with a silver medal.

In 1850, despite great obstacles, I.Ulyanov entered the physics and mathematics faculty of Kazan University.

In 1854 he graduated from the University and, receiving the degree of Candidate of Mathematical Sciences, was soon appointed senior mathematics and physics master at the Penza Institute for Nobility. In Penza Ilya Ulyanov met Maria Alexandrovna Blank at the house of his colleague I.D. Veretennikov and this meeting turned out to be one of the happiest and most important events of his life. They were married in 1863 and moved to Nizhni Novgogod. While in Nizhni Novgorod, Ilya Ulyanov continued to extend his knowledge and perfect his pedagogical skill. He studied periodicals dealing with problems of school life and public education, watched out for anything new in teaching methods. As a teacher and later as director of people's schools, Ilya Ulyanov propagated the brilliant ideas about the art of teaching expressed by Dobrolyubov, Chernyshevsky and Ushinsky.

In 1869 Ilya Nikolayevich accepted the post of inspector of public schools in the Simbirsk Province as he wanted to come closer to the ordinary people and their needs, to teach them how to live better by putting education within their reach. He began his new' work with great energy putting his whole heart and soul into it.

Ilya Nikolayevich- wanted the teachers to be highly educated, cultured specialists and paid much attention to their training. All the teachers whom he had trained were called Ulyanovltes, and they turned out to be the best teachers in the province.

Ilya Nikolayevich was a genuine friend of both teachers and pupils. One of his contemporaries said that he had the wonderful gift of making children love him. Speaking of the qualities which a teacher should possess, he always mentioned love for children, an understanding attitude to them, patience and self-control. He thought that school discipline depended primarily on the quality of the lessons and the personality of the teacher. He believed that a good teacher couldn't have bad pupils.

In 1874 Ulyanov was appointed director of the Simbirsk Province people's schools. Under his guidance new schools were built and entirely new curricula and teaching methods were introduced into all the schools under his control. Working to promote the all-round development of the children, I.N. Ulyanov devoted much attention to physical education and strove to introduce it into all schools.

He did a great deal to establish the first schools for the national minorities in the Simbirsk Province. He declared that education for non-Russian children was just as important as it was for Russian children.

Ilya Nikolayevich was also largely responsible for opening the schools for girls which he regarded as the first step on the road to an all-round education for women and he fought against backward views on this issue. Through the efforts of Ilya Ulyanov the level of education at the people's schools of the Simbirsk Province become the highest in the whole of the Kazan Educational District.

He died on January 12, 1886.

Soviet people, who are educating the younger generation in the spirit of communism, carefully study all that was the best in the teaching methods of the past and gratefully remember the outstanding teacher and educationalist Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, Lenin's lather, who gave all his strength and knowledge to the cause of public education.



faculty - факультет

public education - государственное образование

to be responsible – быть ответственным

teaching method – метод обучения

curriculum - расписание

to finish school – закончить школу

to graduate from the University – окончит университет

degree - степень

pedagogical skill – педагогические навыки

public school – бесплатная средняя школа

Exercise 1. Answer the question:

1. When did I. Ulyanov enter the physics and mathematics faculty of Kazan University?

2. Who propagated the brilliant ideas about the art of teaching expressed by Dobrolyubov, Chernyshevsky and Ushinsky?

3. What did Ulyanov do when he was appointed director of the Simbirsk Province people's schools?

4. What qualities should a teacher possess according to Ulyanov?

5. How were the teachers, whom Ulyanov had trained, called?


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