Exercise 12. In pairs, discuss your studies at the Customs Academy. Use the prompts.

Card 1. Speak with your partner about the Customs Academy.

First-year students; Rostov Branch; to be founded in June 30, 1995; higher educational institution; to train specialists in Customs Business; opportunities for mastering vocational training programmes; Customs Business Department (Faculty); Economics Department; Law Department.

Card 2. Speak with your partner about the research work at the Customs Academy.

To master Customs profile; development of practical skills; fundamental applied mathematics; information technologies; professional use of personal computers; problems of the Customs policy of Russia; Customs Business; Economics and Law; scientific research; problems of Customs; perfection of Customs education.

Card 3. Speak with your partner about students’ scientific work.

Students’ conferences; cooperation; scientific centres; Branches (Moscow, Vladivostok, St.-Petersburg); to be proud of; the right way in life; to become skilled specialists; to contribute to the development of Russia.

Card 4. Speak with your partner about the subjects students study at the Customs Academy.

A lot of knowledge, many subjects; Law; Computers; Customs Control of Transported Goods; Activity of Law Enforcement Agencies; Physical Training; Foreign Languages (English, German); the most wide-spread language; border points; communicate with different people.

Card 5. Speak with your partner about sports and social life at the Academy.

Physical Culture (Training) Department; to take care of; mind, body and soul; sports competitions; to enjoy oneself; different festivals; moments of joy; happiness; pleasure to other people; active; enthusiastic; clubs; dancing; singing; musical parties.

Focus on Grammar


Exercise 13.Make the plural forms.

A star, a mountain, a tree, a shilling, a king, the waiter, the queen, a man, the man, a woman, the woman, an eye, a shelf, a box, the city, a boy, a goose, the watch, a mouse, a dress, a toy, the sheep, a tooth, a child, the ox, a deer, the life, a tomato.

Exercise 14. Open the brackets using Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. The man who (speak) to a passenger (be) our Customs inspector who (work) at the Customs of the airport.

2. What you usually (do)? – I (be) a student. I (study) at the Customs Academy.

3. Where you (hurry)? – I (hurry) to the railway station. My sister (come) from Moscow.

4. You (hear) the speaker well? – Yes, I (hear) him clearly. I (listen) very attentively, but I (not understand) the main points of his speech.

5. As a rule, it (take) him twenty minutes to get to the Customs Academy.

6. Listen, somebody (knock) at the door.

7. What she usually (do) at the weekend? – She usually (go) to see her friends.

8. Don’t come into the room. My brother (work) there now.

9. Where you (go)? – I (go) to the library to prepare for my seminar.

10. He seldom (stay) at home on Sunday.

Exercise 15.Translate into English.

1. Я обычно хожу пешком в таможенную академию. Я добираюсь за 10 минут.

2. Какой иностранный язык вы изучаете?

3. Она увлекается танцами и рисованием.

4. Где вы проводите выходные?

5. В свободное время я люблю слушать рок-музыку.

6. Каким видом спорта занимается твой брат?

7. Он всегда читает газету по утрам.

8. Я бы хотела изучать немецкий язык.

9. Мой рабочий день начинается рано.

10. Студенты факультета таможенного дела изучают различные предметы.

Exercise 16.Complete these sentences using did, was, or were.

1. __________ you have a good time?

2. What time __________ you leave?

3. _________ he staying in/at a hotel?

4. What ___________ they doing?

5. What __________ you do then?

6. Why __________ he working late last night?

7. She __________ n’t understand.

8. I __________ n’t having a test at 5 o’clock yesterday.

9. What __________ the students writing?


Exercise 17.Insert the article if necessary.



London occupies vast areas on (1) ___north and south banks of (2) ___Thames. London is not only a large city, but it is also (3) ___large seaport. Large ships go up and down the Thames. There are miles and miles of docks along (4) ___banks of the Thames. (5) ___large ocean going vessels bring different goods from many countries thousands of miles away.

(6) ___City of London is (7) ___area with a long history. It is also called (8) ___commercial and financial heart of London. (9) ___West End of London is (10) ___fashionable quarter. One can see (11) ___finest theatres, (12) ___cinemas, concert halls, (13) ___largest museums and shops.

(14) ___East End of London is (15) ___district of markets and docks. It is especially famous as (16) ___centre of the clothing industry. Westminster is (17) ___part of London that has long been connected with royalty and government. Buckingham Palace is (18) ___official residence of (19) ___Queen. Downing Street, 10 is (20) ___official residence of (21) ___Prime Minister.

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