What is an Immigration Card?

Foreigners are obliged to fill in the immigration card which will be given to them when they enter Russia. The immigration card is not complicated. It is important to fill in the name of the inviting company (written in Russian on the visa) and the address of the inviting company.

The Customs official takes one part of this card at the passport control, and the other part should be kept till the moment of departure and should be handed over to immigration officials on the border when leaving the country. It’s important to have the immigration card for visa registration!

The student should bring the part of immigration card to the Institute (in case he/she got the invitation letter from the Institute) to register the visa.

Talking Points

Exercise 17.Present your views on the following:

1. Customs agencies are often major sources of revenue for the government.

2. Going through passport and Customs formalities is a tiresome procedure.

3. Foreigners are obliged to fill in the immigration card which will be given to them when they enter Russia.

4. Travellers should get certificates for all high-value items purchased in Russia.

Exercise 18. Act out the conversation between an Immigration officer and a passenger.


At Passport Control

“Do you have a return ticket?”


Immigration officer: Good evening. Where have you come from?  
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: May I have your passport and Customs form, please?  
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: What’s the purpose of your visit? Business or pleasure?  
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: How long are you going to stay in the Russian Federation?
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: What is your occupation?  
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: Do you have a return ticket?  
Passenger: ...
Immigration officer: That’s fine. Thanks. Enjoy your trip.  


Focus on Grammar

Exercise 19.Put the questions to the words in italics.

1. In the departure lounge Jane joined the other passengers.

2. She arrived at the airport two hours ago to catch her plane to London.

3. After a few minutes Jane heard the airport announcement.

4. Jane was given a window seat in the non-smoking section.

5. At the check-in counter a ticket agent looked at her ticket.

Exercise 20.Insert the necessary form of the verb:

1. There (be) a suit-case on the scales.

2. There (be) many X-ray baggage scanners at the Customs control.

3. There (be) any gold in your luggage?

4. There (be) four suitcases and a bag on the trolley.

5. There (be) a declaration on the table.

6. There (be) passengers at the Customs desk?

7. There (be) a lot of passengers at the Customs.

8. There (be) many check-in counters at the airport.

9. There (be) much light in the class-room.

10. There (be) any whisky in his traveller’s bag?

Exercise 21. Translate into English.

1. Сейчас Смирнов просматривает декларацию пассажира. Он просматривает декларации пассажиров каждый день.

2. Где Джон? - Он проходит таможенный досмотр.

3. Сейчас пассажиры оформляются на рейс 510 в Лондон.

4. Мой рабочий день начинается в 7 часов утра и заканчивается только в 8 часов вечера.

5. Обычно он встает в 7 часов утра и приезжает в офис в 8.30.

6. У меня нет вещей для заявления в декларации.

Exercise 22.Fill in the gaps with a suitable preposition if necessary.

1. The train is due to arrive ____Moscow ____5 o’clock.

2. Let’s take a taxi or we can be late ____the concert.

3. - How do I get ____the airport?

- You can get there ____bus.

4. - When is your family coming ____home?

- ___ seven days.

5. - How do you travel ____your office?

- ___the summer I generally go ____car, ____the winter I often take ____a bus.

6. My friend and his wife are fond ____ English. They often speak English ____their children.

7. - What are you speaking ____?

- We are speaking ____music.

8. -What time do you usually come ____ your office?

- ____10 minutes ____9.

- And when do you come ____home?

- ___7 o’clock ____the evening.

9. ____weekends we often go____Samarskoye, a nice place near Rostov.

10. Borisov often has talks ____foreign businessmen.

Exercise 23.Fill in some or any.

1. Would you like ____coffee?

2. ____of these passengers speak French.

3. Is there ____gold in your luggage?

4. I’ve got ____video-cassettes in my travel-bag.

5. Have you got ____caviar?

6. I have ____forms of declarations, please, take ____.

7. You can take your suitcases ____day you like.

8. I’ve got ____ souvenirs in my luggage.

Exercise 24.Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. We just (to pass) through the Customs control.

2. Two hours ago they (to show) their passport, visa and Customs declaration at this counter.

3. You (buy) the tickets yet?

4. He (work) at the Customs for 10 years.

5. It’s the most boring film I ever (see).

6. Mr. Spencer (to speak) to the Customs officer now.

7. He already (to check) the entry visa.

8. Tomorrow I (to fill in) an exit Customs declaration form.

9. Last year they (to fly) to London on business.

10. My friend (go) on a business trip. He will be back soon.


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