The US Law Enforcement Activities in the Struggle against Drugs

Basically, there are two strategies by which the US law enforcement bodies discourage illicit drug use:

Ø the first strategy seeks to disrupt and discourage use by enforcing domestic laws against drug use and internal trafficking;

Ø the second strategy seeks to prevent supplies of illicit drugs from entering the country, either by preventing their cultivation (выращивание) abroad or by intercepting shipments to the United States.

The latter strategy is largely the work of federal agents, although state and local agencies may occasionally participate. The efforts (действия) to control illicit drug use within the United States are conducted by federal, state, and local agents.

Occasionally these different levels of government join forces and work together; however, they act independently, jealously (ревностно) guarding their ‘turf’ (i.e. their resources and sources of information) from one another.

Exercise 18.Answer the following questions:

1. How do the US law enforcement bodies discourage illicit drug use?

2. What forces control illicit drug use in the United States?


Talking Points

Exercise 19.Compare strategies of the law enforcement bodies in Russia and the USA to discourage illicit drug use. Give your own opinion.

Exercise 20.Comment on the following:

Anti-narcotics proposals include:

- making healthy lifestyle advertising;

- introducing regular drug testing for nightclub staff;

- providing special treatment and rehabilitation centres by money funds;

- following anti-addiction courses for teenage addicts until the age of 18;


Exercise 21.Express your opinion on the problem of drug smuggling in Russia. Use the expressions:

I think...

To my mind...

I’m (not) sure...

I don’t care much for...

I am not very fond of....


Focus on Grammar


Exercise 22. Open the brackets paying attention to the Passives.

1. After crossing the Russian border the most intensive flows of heroin, opium and cannabis (direct) to the central and North-Western parts of Russia.

2. Drugs (bring) to Russia through several main directions.

3. The efforts to control illicit drug use within the United States (conduct) by federal, state, and local agents.

4. Illegal immigrants from Central Asia, China and South Asia (involve) in the trafficking of heroin from Afghanistan to Russian cities.

5. The shipments of illicit drugs (intercept) to enter the United States.

6. Teenage addicts legally (require) to follow anti-addiction courses until the age of 18 (up from 16).

Exercise 23. Translate into English.

1. Господин Смит говорит, что ему не понадобилось много времени, чтобы пройти таможенный досмотр.

2. Сотрудник таможни спрашивает господина из Великобритании, есть ли у него что-либо для заявления в декларации.

3. Турист из Франции спрашивает у таможенника, можно ли ему забрать багаж.

4. Таможенник спрашивает у пассажира, сколько у него при себе наличных.

5. Господин из Великобритании интересуется, где находится справочное бюро.

6. Пассажир интересуется, есть ли сегодня другие рейсы в Лондон.

7. Служащий аэропорта сообщил, что самолет из Рима прибудет вовремя.

8. Борисов спрашивает г-на Смита, бывал ли он раньше в России.

9. Джон интересуется, куда семья Петровых собирается поехать в отпуск.

10. Таможенник спрашивает туриста, заполнил ли он декларацию.

Exercise 24.Tell your friends what the Customs officer asked Mr. Blake about.


The Customs officer asked Mr. Blake: “Can I see your declaration?” The Customs officer asked Mr. Blake if (whether) he could see his declaration.




1. Can you carry drugs, weapon of any kind, or ammunition?

2. Do you speak Russian?

3. Is this all your luggage here?

4. Have you got any things liable to duty?

5. Can I see your travellers’ checks?

6. Is this your first visit to our country?

7. Will you stay in this country for a long time?

8. Do you know our Customs regulations?

9. Have you been to Russia before?

10. What is your country of residence?

Exercise 25. Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Before she (go) through the Immigration control she (present) her luggage for inspection.

2. Where you (put) my passport? I’ll need it at the security check.

3. The director (return) yet?

4. He told me he (be) very busy tomorrow.

5. They (examine) passengers’ luggage already for three hours.

6. I knew that the problem of drug smuggling (become) one of the most serious lately.

7. We were said that there (be) a lot of illicit drug routes to Russia.

8. Law enforcement agencies all over the world (develop) the ways how to prevent supplies of illicit drugs from entering the country.

9. Illegal immigrants from Central and South Asia, and China (involve) in the trafficking of heroin from Afghanistan to Russian cities.

10. The Customs officer said that the goods already (inspect) at the Customs.


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