New Rules at the International airport

The new passenger pre-boarding screening rules went into force at the Russian airports on October 1, 2004. Security and screening were introduced in the wake of the Tu-134 and Tu-154 deadly bomb attacks.

The new procedure differs from the old one in what is called for an item-by-item inspection of passen­gers’ belongings. Not only passen­gers’ luggage but also their footwear, suits, shirts, and even underpants are subject to screening.

Passengers will be checked for possession of prohibited items or substances by airport security staff, just like before. Now security staff has long been using security profiling[7], including psychological tests.

They include person­al questions, such as:

- What is the purpose of your visit to the country?

- What places are you going to visit there?

- Why are you carrying a particular baggage item?

These tests are not as yet obligatory, but they may become such in the foresee­able future.

Introduction of psychological testing was recommended by a state commission that investigated the causes of the Tu-134 and Tu-154 accidents. Security profiling and psychological tests have been used in Israel and the US for three years now – after September 11, 2002 tragedy.

Exercise 19. Comprehension questions.

1. Why did the new passenger pre-boarding screening rules go into force at the Russian airports?

2. What items can be subject to screening?

3. What does security profiling include?

Exercise 20. Complete the sentences using the text above.

1. Security and screening at the Russian airports were introduced in the wake of _________.

2. Not only passen­gers’ luggage but also _________ are subject to screening.

3. Passengers will be checked for ___________.

4. Now security staff has long been using ___________.

5. Introduction of psychological testing was recommended by ________.

Exercise 21. Translate the text below into Russian.

People Screening

It is a priority that customers, passengers and employees should feel safe and secure at all times.

With the increase of drugs smuggling, illegal immigrants, radioactive sources, tobacco and alcohol law enforcement agencies including Customs provide the ultimate security checkpoint solution for the ports and borders customers.

With the high risks associated with global cargo transportation, it is vital that smuggling of contraband and severe threats should have the latest security solution to counter possible detrimental effects.

Exercise 22. Review the article below in English in 10-12 sentences. Use the following:

a thorough pre-flight examination; Hi-tech technology; stationary and portable detection device(s); a baggage X-ray scanner; to remove passengers’ belts, shoes and coats; Aviation Security Service; to go through security check; to refuse a ‘pat-down’ check at the security gate; to screen people for traces of explosives or narcotics; to speed up passengers’ check (control); to identify traces of illegal substances in a quick ten second analysis; a search introscope; a gas analyser.

В аэропорту Домодедово в зонах пассажирского контроля осуществляется детальный предполетный досмотр каждого пассажира.

Технология досмотра включает следующие обязательные процедуры:

ü контроль пассажира при помощи стационарного и переносного металлодетектора;

ü использование сканера SafeScout 100 (при необходимости производится тактильный досмотр);

ü досмотр обуви и ручной клади с помощью рентгенотелевизионного интроскопа;

ü ручной досмотр мелких предметов и личных вещей, переносимых в карманах одежды.

В целях обеспечения эффективного досмотра Службой авиационной безопасности (САБ) используются современные технические средства:

газоанализаторы[8], рентгенографические сканеры, системы миллиметрового сканирования и т.д. На вооружении сотрудников САБ также находятся переносные детекторы взрывчатых и наркотических веществ (VaporTracer, Quantum Sniffer QS-BTS).

В аэропорту Домодедово впервые в России в общую систему безопасности внедрен сканер нового поколения SafeScout 100. Его применение позволяет пассажирам не снимать обувь и ремни при прохождении досмотра, а также исключить процедуру тактильного досмотра. Технология обеспечивает обнаружение скрытых на теле человека предметов из металла, дерева, керамики, пластмассы и других материалов.

Использование сканера ускоряет процесс прохождения пассажирами процедуры досмотра: каждое сканирование занимает примерно две секунды. Весь процесс проверки, включая анализ полученных данных, составляет около десяти секунд.

Exercise 23. Scan Text 5 and pick up the vocabulary items to speak on the use of mobile inspection systems at the Customs.

Text 5

New HCV-Mobile

The new HCV-Mobile system is used for the detection of weapons, narcotics and contraband in inbound and outbound freight.

The HCV-Mobile facilitates a thorough inspection of stationary vehicles or loads while moving the mobile system. The HCV-Mobile distinguishes itself by unique flexibility. Being a vehicle-mounted device, it is ready to operate anywhere in less than 30 minutes and can inspect up to 30 trucks per hour. Its image resolution capability indicates smuggled goods, weapons and drugs in detail.

The HCV-Mobile is the most efficient high-energy mobile system available (4MeV – up to 270 mm steel penetration) for the inspection of fully loaded trucks, vehicles and containers at ports, Customs and border checkpoints.

Due to its high throughput capability, the HCV-Mobile grants secured shipment without disrupting the flow of goods. It contributes to the ongoing efforts in the global war on terrorism.


1.HCV-Mobile (Heimann Cargo Vision Mobile) – инспекционно-досмотровый комплекс (ИДК), произведённый компанией Smiths Heimann.

2. Smiths Heimann Gmbh (Germany) – компания, основанная в 1946 г, осуществляет свою деятельность на международной основе. Более 50 лет производит рентгеновские инспекционные системы, внедряя новые стандарты.

3. …up to 270 mm steel penetration – проникающая способность по стали до 270 мм.

Exercise 24.Match left and right.

1) высокая проникающая способность a) inbound and outbound freight
2) полная (тщательная) проверка b) a vehicle-mounted device
3) безопасная (проверенная) партия груза border checkpoints
4) приграничный пункт пропуска c) unique flexibility
5) устройство, смонтированное на шасси автомобиля ongoing efforts
6) прибывающий и убывающий груз d) high throughput capability
7) постоянные (непрерывные) усилия/действия e) secured shipment
8) большая гибкость f) a thorough inspection

Exercise 25. Comprehension questions.

1. What is the HCV-Mobile capacity?

2. What types of vehicles are inspected with the help of the HCV-Mobile?

3. What are technical characteristics ofthe HCV-Mobile?

Exercise 26.Match these definitions with words or phrases in the text.

1) specialized check/control carried out with the help of high frequency electromagnetic rays of short wave length;

2) the act of detecting; discovery, as of crime, or something forbidden;

3) cargo carried by water, air, or land, especially by means of common carriers;

4) to make easy or less difficult; to simplify;

5) a place where traffic is stopped for Customs inspection and clearance;

6) the act of improving; increase in value or excellence; betterment; enhancement;

7) movement, transportation of merchandise, wares, or manufactured products;

8) the sustained, clandestine use of violence, or threat of violence against civilians in order to achieve a political, or religious purpose.

Exercise 27.Rewrite the sentences below translating the Russian parts into English.

1. The HCV-Mobile ускоряет a thorough inspection of стационарные транспортные средства or грузы while moving the mobile system.

2. The system will be used for the обнаружение оружия, наркотиков and contraband in прибывающий и убывающий груз.

3. The HCV-Mobile is the мобильная система высокоэнергетического рентгеновского просвечивания available for the inspection of большегрузные транспортные средства and контейнеры at ports, Customs and border пункты пропуска.

4. The HCV-Mobile grants secured shipment, обеспечивая непрерывность движения грузопотока.

5. The system is ready to operate anywhere in less than 30 minutes and can inspect до 30 транспортных средств в час.

6. The HCV-Mobile distinguishes itself by большая гибкость в использовании.

Exercise 28. Render the article below in English (in 4-5 sentences).

Use the following words and phrases: dangerous cargo; Customs post; to reduce time expenses; unauthorized people; mobile cargo inspection system; X-ray screening; fully loaded (bulky) trucks; explosives.

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