Canine Enforcement at Rostov Customs

Canine enforcement is one of the highest priorities for Customs officers.

Dogs can be trained to detect not only narcotics but firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Drug detector dogs are like X-ray machines, fiber-optic camera devices – they are a tool that extends the ability of the Customs control officer in the workplace.

The first handlers with canine detectors appeared at Rostov Customs in 1997. Drug detection work at Rostov Customs is considered to be one of the best in the system of the Federal Customs Service. There are two types of detector dogs at Rostov Customs:

- multi-scented, trained to detect drugs (17 canine units): cannabis, marijuana, heroin, amphetamine and some others;

- 3 canine units are trained to detect firearms, ammunition and explosives but not drugs.

The handlers are trained to interpret the dog’s behaviour or “indications” when they are confronted with the presence of drugs.

There are various dog breeds at Rostov Customs: Rottweilers, Spaniels, Labradors and Alsatians. The veteran of the Customs Service Rottweiler Greta worked since 1997 and found out 130 kg of narcotics.

Exercise 12. Answer the following questions:

1. When did Rostov Customs first experiment with dogs to sniff out drugs?

2. What are the main breeds selected for drug detection work?

3. How many operational drug dog teams does Rostov Customs have?

4. What kinds of drugs are the dogs trained to detect?

Exercise 13.Find the Russian equivalents to the following English words and word-combinations:

one of the highest priorities; canine detectors; in the workplace; canine units; fiber-optic camera devices; explosives; dog breeds; canine enforcement; a tool; firearms; to detect drugs; multi-scented dogs.

Exercise 14.Match left and right. Translate into Russian.

1) to interpret a) with the presence of drugs
2) to extend b) at Rostov Customs
3) to be confronted c) the ability of the Customs control officer in the workplace
4) to detect d) the dog’s behaviour
5) to appear e) firearms, ammunition and explosives


Exercise 15. Make up sentences with the following word-combinations:specially trained dogs; sniffer dogs; detector dogs; canine units, dog teams; dog breeds; handlers; multi-scented dogs.

Exercise 16. Read Text 4 to speak on Rostov Airport Customs.


Text 4

Rostov Airport Customs

Today Rostov Airport Customs is a multifunctional service with modern technologies which enable to make the process of registration effective.

The Airport Customs deals with clearance and control of goods transported across the Customs border by air. It is to register planes, passengers, members of the crew, cargo, luggage, international and diplomatic mail, etc.

The use of the dual-channel system improves the flow of passenger traffic. The simplified Customs control is another move towards improving the flow of passengers.

Rostov Airport is the third airport in Russia to enter into the anti-drug alliance with Customs after Moscow and St. Petersburg. More flights and a greater number of passengers require increased vigilance by all parties and greater awareness of the potential for drug smuggling.

Security and control procedures are regularly reviewed to minimize unauthorized access to airport premises equipment and cargo shipment.

Exercise 17.Find the English equivalents to the following word- combinations (from Text 4):

система двойного коридора; регистрация членов экипажа; многофункциональная служба; упрощенная процедура таможенного контроля; союз с таможней в борьбе против наркотиков; растущая бдительность; осознание потенциальных угроз со стороны контрабандистов; несанкционированный доступ к помещениям аэропорта.

Exercise 18. Translate the following into Russian.

The challenge of fulfiling the responsibility in the face of increasing workloads, expansive border areas, complex international relationships, and changing smuggling threats dictates that Customs be in the vanguard of law enforcement techniques and strategies.

Exercise 19.Study the following scheme. Get ready to speak on the structure of the Southern Customs Administration:




Talking Points

Exercise 20.Present your views on the following:

1. The Southern Customs Administration has introduced up-to-date Customs technology: simplified Customs procedures, electronic and preliminary declaration, and new cargo searching devices.

2. Canine enforcement is one of the highest priorities for Rostov Customs.

3. Rostov Airport Customs is a multifunctional service with modern technologies which enable to make the process of registration effective.

Exercise 21.Scan Texts 1-4 again and present the achievements of the Southern Customs Administration in 10-12 sentences.

Exercise 22.Test yourself.

Summarize the information from texts 1-4 to choose the correct answer.

1. The responsibilities of Rostov Customs include________.

a) building up local knowledge of the business

b) close cooperation with other teams

c) collecting duties and preventing smuggling

2. The Southern Federal region has a lot of advantages in __________.

a) establishing Customs checkpoints

b) identifying and eliminating illegal wildlife channels

c) geographical location because of favourable trade routes

3. Rostov Customs needs _________.

a) development of the country

b) High-Tech equipment

c) some military operations

4. The Customs-house on the Temernik River was established to __________.

a) control the trade with Turkey and keep in fear the Don Cossacks

b) meet the world standards in the international cooperation

c) facilitate trade and business with economic partners

5. One of the top priorities for Rostov Customs is ________.

a) the fight against smuggling

b) preparatory work

c) smuggling of currency

6. The Southern Customs Administration was founded on ________.

a) May 15, 2001

b) March 25, 1998

c) April 20, 1992

7. The main tasks of the Russian Customs bodies are to ________ the economic interests of Russia.

a) protect

b) build up

c) preserve

8. The Southern Customs Administration has introduced up-to-date Customs technology to __________.

a) facilitate the flow of passengers and freight

b) determine the value of imported goods

c) produce a plan for modernization

7. Customs legislation in Russia is _______ on “The Customs Code of the Russian Federation”.

a) based

b) founded

c) constructed

8. Like any other regional Customs, Rostov Customs is currently carrying out fiscal functions and ________ of foreign trade.

a) regulation

b) operation

c) modernization

9. Russia has the world’s largest _______ to police.

a) barrier

b) border

c) budget

10. The day-to-day operation of Customs offices and border checkpoints is supervised by ________.

a) Law Training Centre

b) Transit Passenger Service

c) Regional Customs Administrations

11. The first handlers with __________ appeared at Rostov Customs in 1997.

a) metal detectors

b) cannabis detectors

c) canine detectors

12. The use of the dual-channel system improves __________.

a) the flow of passenger traffic

b) the internal and external influences

c) the staff of the Customs

13. Customs and other law enforcement agencies use a wide variety of dog breeds for __________.

a) drug detection work

b) classification of goods

c) cooperation with different countries

14. Heimann Cargo Vision Mobiles are designed to ___________.

a) unload cargo

b) examine large vehicles

c) support government policy

15. Rostov Airport Customs is a multifunctional service with modern technologies which enable to ___________.

a) trade only in frontier towns

b) defend Russian producers

c) make the process of registration effective.


Focus on Grammar

Exercise 23.Translate the following sentences into English.

1. История становления Ростова-на-Дону тесно связана с образованием таможни на реке Темерник.

2. Традиционные обязанности таможни включают сбор таможенных пошлин и предотвращение контрабанды.

3. Южное таможенное управление было основано 20 апреля 1982 года.

4. В структуру ЮТУ входят 13 таможен, 85 таможенных постов и 72 пункта пропуска.

5. Регион деятельности Южной оперативной таможни – Южный федеральный и Северо-Кавказский округа.

6. В состав Ростовской таможни входят 12 таможенных постов.

Exercise 24. Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions if necessary.

Find false statements and correct them.

1. Customs revenues provide the income ____ the Federal Assembly.

2. The duty ____ a Customs officer is only to punish people ____ various Customs violations.

3. Customs officers collect ____ passengers’ visas and prevent ____ Customs taxes.

4. Customs responsibilities include check ____ passengers’ declarations and inspection ____ their baggage.

5. Customs officers confiscate all the articles entering and departing ____ the state.

Exercise 25.Open the brackets using the Passive forms.

1. Passengers only (allow) to carry liquids, gels and aerosols in containers no bigger than 100ml.

2. Some items (import) into the UK without incurring Customs duty.

3. Weapons and ammunition, narcotics and explosives (prohibit) for bringing in and taking out.

4. There are some items which are to (declare) and subject to special permission.

5. Cargo can (unload) after Customs clearance.

6. Valuables can (take) out of the country if they are exhibition goods or if they (accompany) by a special permit issued by the Ministry of Culture.

7. The entry declaration (not renew) in case of loss.

8. If an article was not declared or produced for Customs inspection, it (confiscate).

Exercise 26. Translate into English:


1. Пассажиры должны прибыть в аэропорт Шереметьево за 1,5 часа до вылета самолета.

2. Он оставил свою въездную декларацию в отеле и вспомнил об этом только по пути в аэропорт.

3. Я уже прошла таможенный досмотр и сейчас хочу перекусить в баре и купить несколько почтовых открыток.

4. Сейчас мистер Грей оформляется на рейс 732 в Осло в зале регистрации. У него мало времени до отправления самолета.

5. Она опоздала на рейс (на регистрацию), и ей пришлось поменять билет.

6. Обычно иностранные туристы предъявляют паспорт и две декларации: въездную и выездную.

7. Они вышли из дома довольно рано и поймали такси.

8. Наш отель предлагает многие услуги. На первом этаже находятся бар, парикмахерская, справочные службы и ресторан.

9. В прошлом месяце мистер и миссис Редклифф решили поехать в Москву в отпуск.

10. В нашем аэропорту имеются различные удобства для транзитных пассажиров.

Exercise 27. Turn the verbs in the following sentences into Passive, but do not change the tenses! The original subject disappears because it is not important.

Example: Somebody fetched a chair for Mrs. Dixon. – A chair was fetched for Mrs. Dixon.

1. They speak French at this shop.

2. Somebody stole my car.

3. They have sent the books to the wrong address.

4. Somebody has left this umbrella in the café.

5. They haven’t caught the smugglers yet.

6. Some men robbed the Glasgow – London mail train in 1961.

7. They stopped the train between two stations.

8. They disconnected the engine and the first two coaches.

9. They drove them to a lonely bridge.

10. People discussed the mail robbery all over the world.

11. The police caught some of the criminals and found part of the money.

12. Somebody will look after their children.

13. You have not paid for the excesses of your luggage.

Exercise 28. Choose the correct answer.

1. I was ______ to make a presentation at the Conference.

a) suggested

b) increased

c) permitted

d) invited

2. The job was ______ to Frank but he turned it down.

a) offered

b) permitted

c) left

d) written

3. I was ______ that I wouldn’t need to bring my own slide projector.

a) told

b) increased

c) permitted

d) written

4. The report was ______ by a leading expert in the field.

a) suggested

b) increased

c) left

d) written

5. Taxes are being ______ by 20%.

a) suggested

b) increased

c) offered

d) invited

6. Microsoft was _______.

a) invented in Lyon, France

b) founded by Bill Gates

c) bought by Rupert Murdoch

d) written by Elton John

7. Television was _______.

a) invented in Lyon, France

b) written by Charles Dickens

c) won by England

d) invented by John Logie Baird

8. Penicillin was _______.

a) discovered by Alexander Fleming

b) written by George Gordon Byron

c) bought by Rupert Murdoch

d) founded by Lord Reith

Exercise 29. Make a choice to fill in the gaps.

1. Everybody ______ by the terrible news yesterday.

a) shocked

b) was shocked

2. Mr. Green ______at the University since 1989.

a) has been teaching

b) has been taught

3. Not much ______ about the accident since that time.

a) has said

b) has been said

4. A new book ______ by that company next year.

a) will publish

b) will be published

5. The secretary ______ to her new boss yesterday.

a) introduced

b) was introduced

6. Our plan ______by the members of the committee.

a) is being considered

b) is considered

7. A prize ______ to whoever wins this competition.

a) will be giving

b) will be given

8. When the manager arrived, the problem ______.

a) had already been solved

b) had already solved.

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