The Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in Europe. The airport currently employs 68,000 personnel. It has several terminals.

For example, Terminal 5 has its own modern rail station with six rail platforms which improved the transport infrastructure between the centre of London and Heathrow Airport.

Passengers use online check-in or self-service kiosks when they reach the airport.

The baggage handling system at T5 is the largest baggage handling system in Europe for a single terminal.

A combination of technology, intelligences and passenger profiling helps build a more robust defence against the unpredictable and changing nature of the terrorist threat to aviation.

Exercise 13.Describe each international airport (texts A – F) using the table. Make emphasis on the security systems.

Exercise 14. Render the text below in English. Use the following:

to be situated, to handle, an aircraft, domestic flights, charter and freight flights, an air company, an airline, NATO air transport, to use for refuel, during the flight, passenger and cargo terminals, to carry on airbus, Medical Service, Currency Exchange Office, an electronic panel, Air Companies’ Representations, arrival and departure lounges (halls), Militia point, Border Control and Customs Control points.

Look up the names of cities and countries from this text in the dictionary.


Аэропорт Ростова-на-Дону

Международный аэропорт Ростова-на-Дону расположен в восточной части города. Он позволяет принимать и выпускать воздушные суда первой категории.

Кроме внутренних рейсов выполняются постоянные рейсы в 16 городов ближнего и дальнего зарубежья, такие как Анталия, Баку, Варна, Вена, Гюмри, Дюссельдорф, Ереван, Солоники, Стамбул, Ташкент, Тель-Авив, Форли, Франкфурт-на-Майне, Хургада, Шарджа.

Чартерные и грузовые рейсы осуществляются практически во все страны мира, как авиакомпаниями России, так и зарубежными компаниями, включая Дон Авиа, австрийские и немецкие авиалинии, авиалинии Узбекистана, Таджикистана, Белоруссии и др. В аэропорту имеются пассажирский и грузовой терминалы. Пассажирский терминал включает в себя международный сектор и сектор обслуживания внутрироссийских линий. В аэропорту имеются залы убытия и прибытия. Все пассажиры подвозятся к воздушным судам на специальных автобусах. В здании аэропорта расположены медпункт, пункт обмена валюты, представительства авиакомпаний, табло информации о прибывающих и убывающих рейсах, зал досмотра, милицейский, пограничный и таможенный посты, бар.

Exercise 15.Cover the Russian translation of the excerpts on travelling by air with a sheet of paper and translate the English sentences into Russian. Then cover the second column and translate the Russian sentences into English. Open the other column, line by line.

1. Большинство авиалиний предлагают совершить полет двумя классами: первым классом и более дешевым эконом - классом. 2. Следите за световыми сигналами на передней панели самолета: -Пристегните ремни безопасности. -Не курите во время полета. Строго выполняйте данные правила.   3. На борту самолета пассажирам предлагается заполнить карточку прибытия (въездную декларацию).   4. Также пассажиру необходимо пройти проверку на наличие/отсутствие ВИЧ инфекции в течение 10-14 дней со дня прибытия в страну.   5. Как правило, личные вещи ввозятся в страну беспошлинно.   6. В некоторых случаях таможенник может попросить вас открыть сумки для проверки.   1. Most airlines have at least two classes of travel, first class and economy class, which is cheaper.     2. Watch the electric sign flashes when you are on board:   - When the “Fasten Seat Belts” sign goes on, do it promptly. - Also obey the “No Smoking” signal.   3. While still on board the plane the passenger is given an arrival card (an entry declaration form) to fill in.     4. The traveller is also requested to go through an AIDS check within ten or fourteen days of his/her arrival in the country.     5. As a rule personal belongings may be brought in duty-free.   6. In some cases the Customs inspector may ask you to open your bags for inspection.  

Exercise 16.Give the English equivalents for:

карточка прибытия; личные вещи; пристегните ремни безопасности; большинство авиалиний; ввозиться беспошлинно; открыть сумки для проверки; на борту самолета; пройти проверку на наличие/отсутствие ВИЧ инфекции.


Talking Points

Exercise 17. Present your own views on the following:

1. Modern airports are always safe.

2. There are many security systems in modern airports.

3. There are many new rules at the international airports.

4. Passenger numbers are expected to grow in the near future.

5. Modern airports have good road infrastructure that allows reaching the airport by public transport, taxi or car fast and in time.

6. Why were the new passengers pre-boarding screening rules introduced at the Russian airports?

Exercise 18. Read and dramatize the dialogue between the stewardess and the passenger:

Stewardess: This way, gentlemen. These seats are yours. If you want anything, gentlemen, there’s a stewardess call button over there. The individual loudspeaker is at your right.

Passenger: OK. Is smoking allowed here?

Stewardess: The sign over there will answer your question, sir.

Passenger: Oh, yes. Thank you. It’ll be a good reminder.

Stewardess: The smoking-room is at the rear of the plane.

Passenger: When do we take off?

Stewardess: In ten minutes’ time. If you feel tired, you may adjust the seat in a reclining position.

Passenger: Yes, thank you.

Stewardess: If you feel hungry, you’ll be provided with a hot meal on the way.

Passenger: Oh, that’s fine! And when can we have it?

Stewardess: As soon as we reach altitude. I hope you will enjoy the flight.

Passenger: Thank you.

Exercise 19.Speak on the following situations:

1. A friend of yours is going abroad and asks you about Customs rules at the Customs. Tell him about restricted and prohibited goods.

2. You are at the information desk. Ask the clerk for information about the nearest flight to Paris; available hotels and places to change your money into the U.S. currency.

3. You are an airport agent. A tourist asks you how to get to the Don Plaza Hotel. Give him the information about public transport running to the centre of the city. Speak about the advantages and disadvantages of taking different means of transport.

Exercise 20.Act out the dialogues.


Dialogue 1


Дэниела: Привет!

John: Hi!

Дэниела: Ты знаешь, через какой коридор идти?

John: No. Let’s ask a Customs officer.

Дэниела: Извините, не могли бы Вы сказать мне, через какой коридор нам идти?

Officer: If you’ve got anything to declare you go through the red channel. If you haven't got anything to declare you go through the green channel.

Дэниела: Как мне узнать, имею ли я что-либо для внесения в декларацию?

Officer: Are you staying in Britain for more than six months?

Дэниела: Нет.

Officer: Well, the amount of goods you can bring in without paying duty depends on where you bought them. You can have two hundred cigarettes, one litre of spirits, two litres of wine and presents worth twenty-eight pounds if you bought them in a country not in the EEC...

Джон: Хорошо. У меня есть 1,5 литра бренди и 3 литра вина, которое я купил в Италии. У меня нет никаких подарков. Это значит, что я не имею ничего, подлежащего обложению таможенной пошлиной.

Officer: That’s right. You can go through the green channel.

Дэниела: У меня только две сотни сигарет и 1 литр виски, которые я купила в самолете, но у меня есть видеокамера, которую я купила в Италии за 200 фунтов. Это подарок другу моего отца.

Officer: Then you must go through the red channel.

Дэниела: Спасибо. ( Джону) Может, встретимся в магазине в аэропорту?

John: Sure.

Dialogue 2


Служащий таможни: У Вас есть какой-либо алкоголь, вино или табак, кроме того, что не облагается таможенной пошлиной?

Daniela: No, I’ve got this bottle of whisky and these cigarettes.

Служащий таможни: Хорошо. У Вас есть какие-либо подарки, которые Вы собираетесь оставить в Британии?

Daniela: Yes, I’ve got this camera – it cost two hundred pounds. I bought it in Italy.

Служащий таможни: У Вас есть чек на камеру?

Daniela: Yes, here it is.

Служащий таможни: Спасибо. Если Вы подождете минуту, я скажу Вам, какую пошлину Вы должны заплатить за нее.

Daniela: Thank you.

Focus on Grammar

Exercise 21. Study the table below then use each word once to complete the regulations.


can possible
can’t / cannot impossible
must necessary or
have to obligatory
don’t have to not necessary
mustn’t prohibited or forbidden


1. Passengers ____make sure their luggage is clearly labeled. 2. Passengers ____take a small bag on the plane with them. 3. Passengers ____carry dangerous articles such as compressed gases, weapons, explosives, or fireworks. 4. Passengers ____check in 60 minutes before departure on international flights. 5. Passengers ____check in 60 minutes before departure on domestic flights, 30 minutes is sufficient. 6. The airline ____accept responsibility for delays due to bad weather.


Exercise 22. Note the difference between mustn’t (prohibition) and don’t have to(lack of necessity).

Decide which to use in these sentences.

1. They transfer our baggage to the next plane. We ________carry it.

2. Passengers ________use radio telephones because they interfere with the planes, electronic equipment.

3. Passengers _________smoke when the plane is taking off or landing.

4. You __________take out travel insurance, but it’s a good idea.

5. This meeting is very important. We _________be late.

6. We’ve got plenty of time. You __________hurry.

7. You ________return the car to the place you hired it. You can return it to another Hertz garage.

8. If you haven’t got an international licence, you __________drive.

9. You ______________pay to drive on motorways in England.

10. We can buy a ticket at the station. We _________book in advance.

Exercise 23.Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. They (buy) their tickets for flight to Paris last week.

2. The Customs officer (look) through the passenger’s declaration at the moment.

3. He (be) a Customs officer. He (work) at the Customs for eight years.

4. The Petrovs / the Petrov family (come) into the airport an hour ago.

5. Where is Ann? She (put) her suitcase on the scales now.

6. They (discuss) this matter tomorrow.

7. We just (go) through the Customs control and now we (present) our visas to the Immigration officials.

8. He (wait) for the flight call since 10 o’clock.

9. My friend (apply) to the Customs Business faculty of the Customs Academy last year.

10. She (register) already her luggage at the Check-in.

Exercise 24.Use the model to ask different people at the airport.

-Where is Mr. Brown? -He hasjustentered the gift-shop.



1. Mrs. Blake ____the souvenir shop.

2. The Greens ____the restaurant.

3. Miss Smith ____the café.

4. The British tourists ____the Lost Property Office.

5. The senior Customs official ____this room.

6. The French businessmen ____the Air France office.

7. Mr. White’s wife ____the hairdressing salon.

8. The Customs officers ____the conference-hall.

9. Filatov ____the bar.

Exercise 25.Translate into Russian.

1. Покажите, пожалуйста, Ваш паспорт.

2. Какова цель Вашего приезда?

3. Как долго Вы предполагаете здесь находиться?

4. Сколько долларов Вы имеете при себе?

5. Есть ли у Вас иностранная валюта?

6. Имеется ли у Вас что-нибудь, подлежащее декларированию?

7. Есть ли у Вас вещи, подлежащие обложению таможенной пошлиной?

8. Это мой багаж и моя ручная кладь.

9. У меня с собой только личные вещи.

10. Я захватил с собой всего лишь несколько подарков.

11. Пожалуйста, откройте свой чемодан для досмотра.

Exercise 26. Open the brackets and use the proper tense form.

I (have) a busy day yesterday. I (meet) a friend at the airport, because he (say) he (have) a lot of luggage, and he (want) some help. But his plane (be) two hours late. I (have to) wander around the airport terminal doing nothing. I (find) many services at the airport. I (go) to the nearest coffee-bar for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. The arrival lounge (be) full of passengers. Some of them (read) newspapers; others (watch) films on the TV in the centre of the hall. I (get) tired and annoyed. At long last my friend (arrive).

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