Present Continuous Tense (I’m listening)


am/is/are + present participle (verb + ing)


1. Present continuous is used to talk about something that is happening at the time of speaking. The action is not finished.

o He is speaking to John.

o What is she doing?

2. Present continuous is used to talk about temporary situations.

o I ‘m living in London at the moment.

o Why is she moving house?

3. Present continuous is used to talk about changing situations.

o You’re getting taller and taller every day.

o The weather‘s getting warmer.

4. Present continuous is used to talk about repeated actions around the time of speaking.

o I’m seeing Jane a lot these days.

5. Present continuous is used to talk about future arrangements.

o I’m meeting my father at the airport at 5 o’clock tomorrow.

o We’re having lunch together at the weekend.

6. Present continuous is used with words such as ALWAYS to talk about things that happen repeatedly (sometimes to say that something is irritating or annoying).

o She‘s always complaining about how difficult her life is.

7. When we are talking about how someone looks or feels, present continuous or present simple can be used.

o How are you feeling? / How do you feel?

o Jenny is looking really good today? / Jenny looks really good today.

Additional points

1. Some verbs are not normally used with present continuous because these verbs are not normally action verbs, for example:believe, belong, depend, hate, know, like, love, mean, need, prefer, realize, suppose, want, understand.

o They know each other very well – correct

o They are knowing each other very well – incorrect


Начало формы

Put the verbs into the present continuous:

1. Listen to the birds. They (sing)…..

2. Look at that one. It (fly) ….high in the sky.

3. The other one (play) …with a worm.

4. I feel happy because I (have) …a good time here in these woods.

5. My book (to lie) on the table.

6. They (to work).

7. The doctor and her patient (to talk).

8. We (to cook) dinner. My mother (to make) a salad.

9. A young man (to drive) a car. He (to listen) music.

10. My grandfather (to read) a book.

11. The pen (to lie) on the floor.

12. You (to have) a break?

13. She still (to sing).

b) Write the questions and the short answers

1. your dad / work / today /? Yes, ___________

2. you / have a good time / on holiday / ?Yes, __________

3. your mum / cook dinner / now / ?Yes, ______________

4. your friends / play football / ?Yes, _________

c) Complete the gaps.

14. What ____________ you ____________ (wait) for? I´m ____________ (wait) for John.

15. ____________ it ____________ (snow)? No, it ____________ (rain).

16. What ____________ you ____________ (do) today? We ____________ (go) to the park.

17. ____________ you ____________ (listen) to me? No, I ____________ (listen) to the radio.

18. ____________ you ____________ (watch) TV? No, we ____________ (study).

19. What ____________ you ____________ (do)? I ____________ (do) my homework.

20. ____________ they ____________ (sleep)? Yes, they are.


1.Many people enjoying going out to eat at their favorite restaurants, particularly if the atmosphere is just right, and the prices are within their budget. Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition. Write a sample sentence for each word to learn how it is used in context. You can use the Internet to find such sentences.


  • cafeteria
  • coffee shop
  • deli
  • fast food restaurant
  • pizzeria (pizza parlor)
  • atmosphere
  • booth
  • cheap / reasonable / expensive
  • chef
  • customer
  • delicious
  • decor
  • host (hostess)
  • meal
  • menu
  • receipt
  • reservation
  • server
  • service
  • special of the day
  • table
  • tip (gratuity)
  • Are you ready to order? >>> No, not yet.
  • Would you care for anything else? >>> No, that's all.
  • What do you recommend? >>> I recommend the spaghetti.
  • Could I get the bill, please? >>> Sure, I'll be right back.


Post-listening exercises

a) Now, complete the sentences below with the best answer:

Начало формы

1. Most high schools in the United States have a _____________ where you can buy a variety of items for lunch.

A. deli B. coffee shop C. cafeteria

2. I think you'll like that Mexican restaurant because the ________ is so authentic because the owners have decorated the place with many traditional items from their country.

A. service B. decor C. booth

3. After taking a look at the menu, we realized that the restaurant was _________, so we decided to go a place we could afford.

A. cheap B. reasonable C. expensive


Конец формы


b) What kinds of restaurants do you usually visit when you go out to eat? Choose a particular restaurant you know and describe its atmosphere and decor, the service, prices, the quality of the food, and the location. Also, search the Internet for restaurant reviews in your area and choose a place to visit.



Work in pairs. Make your own situation.

Diologue at the restaurant.

Waiter: Good afternoon, sir. Can I take your order?

Customer: Yes, I would like soy cutlets.

W: Would you like rice or potatoes with your soy cutlets?

C: Do you have French fries?

W: Certainly sir. Would you like anything else?

C: What do you recommend?

W: We have a very tasty Greek salad. It includes tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, black olives and feta cheese.

C: Sounds very tasty, I will take it.

W: Anything to drink, sir?

C: Ah, yes, bring me please a diet Coke.

W: Would you like anything for dessert?

C: Any suggestions?

W: You can choose a pie, an apple pie is my favorite.

C: Ok, I will take it then.





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