Read the text and do the following tasks.

About myself

Hello, friends. My name is Andrey, my surname is Ivanov. I was born on the 17th of October 1988 in Khabarovsk. Now I'm a first-year student of Far Eastern State Transportation University. At school I understood that I wanted my profes­sion to be connected with mathematics and computing, that's why I've chosen the faculty of Natural Sciences. Speaking of my favourite pastime, I should say that I like to study, to find new information in different spheres of life and tech­nology. I spend much time online, in front of the computer, surfing the Net in search of interesting information. I correspond with 20 to 30 friends through the Internet "chat rooms". It's really an exciting experience for me. The Internet gives so many opportunities to connect with someone with the same interests in any part of the globe.

As for my other favourite activities, they are reading and playing sport. When I have some spare time I prefer to read science fiction, fantasy, historical novels or detective stories. I think that science fiction and fantasy broaden our horizon and develop our mind in a way. It's a really different way of thinking. Sometimes I find it interesting to predict the development of the plot in some books. Read­ing really helps me to relax.

Sport is an essential part of my life. I can play basketball and football rather well, I'm fond of swimming; and I prefer not to be just a spectator, but I enjoy to participate in sporting events. I'm very happy that our University has excellent sports facilities: its own stadium, a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming-pool.

I have a lot of dreams and plans. One of my dreams is to improve my Eng­lish and to learn one more language - either Japanese or Korean. Learning languages is important for me because I want to know what's going on around me in the world. With recent developments in technology the world is changing rapidly in many fields such as business, arts, medicine and it's important for me to keep up with these changes.

Another dream is travelling all over the world. I'd be glad to see as many countries and cities as possible. So far I've been to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We went there with my parents three years ago. St Petersburg impressed me greatly by its magnificent architecture. I've never been abroad.

Now, as I've become a student, my life has changed. I have much less free time now than I had at school. I can't hang out with my friends as long as I used to do or do something just for pleasure. I have to learn not to waste my time. Student's life is hard sometimes, but it's also very interesting. I think, you agree with me, don't you?

Active vocabulary

1. surname (last name, family name) - фамилия

2. fullname - полное имя

3. first-yearstudent - первокурсник

4. entertheUniversity - поступать в университет

5. be enrolled in the University - бытьпринятымвуниверситет

6. get accepted, be admitted at -бытьзачисленным

7. surf the Net = brows the Internet -" лазать" посети

8. beonline - быть включенным в (компьютерную) сеть

9. pastime = hobby - приятное времяпровождение

10. spare time = free time, leisure time - свободноевремя

10. sciencefiction - научная фантастика

11. broadenone'shorizon - расширять кругозор

12. developone'smind - развивать мышление

13. plot-сюжет, фабула

14. sportsfacilities - спортивные сооружения

15. gymnasium = gym - спортивный зал

16. keep up with smth. - шагатьвногу

17. hangoutwithsmb. - проводить время с кем-либо

18. wastetime -терять время, тратить время впустую

19. personalitytraits - черты характера


ambitious -честолюбивый

athletic -спортивный

charming - очаровательный

creative - творческий

critical - разборчивый

cheerful - веселый, жизнерадостный

easy - going - добродушно-веселый, беззаботный

energetic - энергичный

friendly - дружелюбный

generous - щедрый

grouchy - ворчливый

hard - working - трудолюбивый

honest- честный

helpful - отзывчивый, услужливый

(im)patient- (не)терпеливый

independent - независимый


kind -добрый


loyal - верный, преданный

moody - легко поддающийся переменам в настроении

modest - скромный

organized - организованный

patient - терпеливый

polite - вежливый

reliable - надежный

romantic - романтичный

reserved - сдержанный

sensitive - впечатлительный, чуткий

sensible - разумный

sociable - общительный

sympathetic - благожелательный, сочувствующий

shy - застенчивый

stingy - скупой

stubborn - упрямый

studious - трудолюбивый

talkative - разговорчивый

(un)tidy - (не)аккуратный

A. Answer the questions. If you don't know the answer, make a suggestion, saying "I think,perhaps, may be"

1. What is his full name?

2. Whenishisbirthday?

3. Howoldishe?

4. What school did he finish?

5. What'shisnativecity?

6. What faculty does he study at?

7. What is his favourite pastime?

8. What kind of books does he prefer to read?

9. Who is his favourite writer?

10. What sports does he play?

11. What dreams does he have?

12. Has he ever been abroad?

13. In what way has his life changed now?

14. What kind of person is Andrey?

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