St. Lawrence College in Kent.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


St. Lawrence College in Kent.

Religious St. Lawrence College was founded in 1879 in accordance with the evangelical tradition of the Church of England. Now, however, the school receives representatives of different faiths and cultural traditions, including foreign students.

Among the nearly 600 students (it is children between the ages of 7 and 18 children) some foreigners - 60. 200 students not only study but also live at the school.

The only requirement for foreigners - the ability to communicate with the British and live in the country. Of course, much more stringent demands on the parents' wallets. Tuition fees - £ 3720 for high school students at boarding content and 2,485 pounds for the younger children. Cheaper to full-time education without accommodation. Each year, an average of 12 gifted students receive scholarships that provide free training.

Despite the high cost, in terms of the level of knowledge of the school can not boast of achievements. Only 24% of graduates received last year, the highest mark "A" on the results of examinations, but great attention is paid to the education of young people in the spirit of high moral principles. The school strives to instill in pupils' self-confidence and a healthy curiosity and the ability to appreciate the national heritage. " They need to be honest and to speak out strongly in defense of the dispossessed, to defend traditional values ​​such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, and learn to enjoy the pleasures of life.

These principles are inculcated through the teaching style of the learning process and a variety of extracurricular activities. For example, for good behavior as a bonus is awarded to "tie good citizen." In voluntary-compulsory students are engaged in military affairs - in their spare time. They learn to shoot, target areas. Pupils even take an exam in one of the disciplines - such as the principles of the dictates of the fight, meteorology, navigation for the Air Force. "We find in every student something good and strive to develop it," - emphasizes the director of the school.


Англиканская церковь, представители разных конфессий; границы; похвастаться высокими достижениями, чтобы способствовать интерес малого и среднего бизнеса в чем-л; уверенность в себе; любопытство, национальное наследие, защитить обездоленных людей; традиционные ценности; промышленность; вне школы деятельности; почетный гражданин, право на военную подготовку, учиться ориентированию.

Parents do not choose?


In accordance with the new legislation family type homes by Children's Fund in the suburbs, translated this year in the category of "adoptive family." Moreover, children who have reached the age of 10, must confirm in writing their agreement to live in a foster home.
In total, these homes brought up 49 children of school age - for 9-12 people in each family. These are mostly children whose parents are deprived of parental rights or restricted in them.
The need to transfer these children's homes in the category of "foster care" is primarily concerned with the lack of legal basis for family-type homes and legal confusion on a number of issues (in particular, pay foster parents).
In addition, when creating orphanages made some mistakes: the family united children from different parts of the region, the number of children is not limited. Some areas have not been paid for six months the money that rely family-type orphanages for utilities.
Under the law, the foster parent will receive a monthly minimum wage for each child. This amount increases by 50% in the two cases, if the child is disabled or if he has not reached the age of three. Once a year, provides financial assistance in the amount of two times the minimum wage to each parent for each child.
Of course, I want to believe that the new status of "foster family" to somehow make life easier for parents and children.


В соответствии с новым законодательством; детском доме; приемную семью, дать письменное подтверждение, должен быть лишен родительских прав; fosterer; минимальной заработной платы; ребенком-инвалидом; в возрасте до 3, для улучшения л.


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