Education: foreigners will help us?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Education: foreigners will help us?

Fluency in a foreign language over the past few years has become a critical need for many. And above all, it affected the younger generation of Russians. Two-thirds of invitations to an interesting and well-paid job in addition to the skills required of the candidate a good knowledge of a foreign language. In addition, more and more Russian companies prefer as managers of people who have been educated abroad or internship held there.

Currently, the education market working abroad company offering academic secondary and higher education, vocational training, language courses and children's educational programs.

Academic education - the most extensive and promising for the future of your children. Language and cultural environment, and constant communication with peers and teachers other countries provide a good basis for future admission to the best universities overseas. In the first phase of Russian children are usually offered schools that accept children without testing because they have a language support for foreigners.

After receiving a high school diploma in Russian, you can continue studying in foreign universities or be transferred to it from a Russian university. Educational institutions in each country, taking their admission requirements, but a general condition for admission is successful (over 550 points) passing TOEFL score for English-speaking countries or a formal test of knowledge of the language of that country. Choice of university is determined by your desires and budget.

Vocational training is most often represented by short-term (1-3 months) courses for mastering the relatively simple occupations (hairdresser, secretary, etc.). In this case, the listener needs to have enough of these courses to teach language skills.

The most popular language courses from several weeks to several months for people who already have a certain level of knowledge of the language and seeking to improve. Money spent on a monthly course, completely pay for itself because the linguistic environment will help you in the short term to get the results that you will not be able to achieve in Russia for the period is several times larger. Children's holiday programs can combine relaxation with excellent language practice. During the holidays, in addition to studying children have the opportunity to interact with peers, play sports, participate in excursions. Стр 71-73

Владеть иностранным языком: профессиональных навыков; стажер; на стажировку; второй и перспективы образования; культурная среда; предварительное собеседование тест /; перенести в другое образовательное учреждение; выдвигать требования к поступающим заявителям; определять свое выбор, краткосрочные курсы, освоить (профессиональные) навыки, улучшить свои знания, чтобы компенсировать вложенные деньги; объединить чему-л-л; общаться со сверстниками.


A student in the fog.

The beginning of each school year at MSU was accompanied by my thoughts: "Why am I still not a student at Oxford or Cambridge at least?" Especially as more and more of my friends went to study beyond the borders of the fatherland.

Another poslekanikulyarnoe depressive condition caused me to seriously explore the possibility of training, as it seemed to me in Paradise conditions English realism ... After a study trip to England, I decided to continue to study at the MSU family.


First things first. The graduates of Oxford or Cambridge acquire not only knowledge, but also classmates who eventually become presidents, CEOs or kings. With friends like that, of course, much easier to go through life.

Go to Russian students abroad are quite tolerable. Suffice to say, Academician Petr Kapitsa on the list of great kembridzhtsev Nobel Prize. The path to the Nobel Prize starts small. Admission to the English university is carried out on the basis of a matriculation certificate, which is issued at the end of our college English school certificate is not suitable for this purpose. To this must be added a certificate of completion of a minimum of two courses of any institution of higher education in Russia. There are no entrance exams not - you simply send all documents to the Centre for admission to British universities. Its specialists send out your data on educational institutions as a result of what you can get several offers from different places. Another condition: Pre-you must pass a written exam in English in the Moscow office of the British Council. Visit there, perhaps, the most difficult part of the procedure of admission to a foreign university.

If so, you will be asked to come for an oral interview in the English university. For an interview should appear in the most conservative clothes. For girls - less makeup. If you are a young person, do not forget to polish the shoes and before meeting with the teacher to remove the earring. He'll have to tell you about your plans for the future: what career to choose which items you want to study. The interviewer may be interested and your psychological profile: temperament, character, conduct, diligence. Try to convey to the recipient that you are the best and promising student and generally promising personality. Tell us about your charters and pennants, achievements and praise.

So, you have taken. Education begins at the end of September. Pay tuition to the first week. In order to learn, for example, in Oxford, you confirm that you are able to pay 20,000 pounds a year (pay per semester). In the amount of future expenses do not forget to include the cost of living. In general, foreigners have to pay several times more than the British. The money will go unnoticed for food, shelter, clothing, utilities, entertainment, books, etc. Speaking of books. Free textbooks to students in English no one will be issued. Books have to buy - they are 20 - 30 pounds each. The average English student per year costing 5-7 textbooks. "Botany" bought 10. Usually in the 7-9 year study of subjects that you will agree, compared to our universities seems to be just too much trouble. Alleged subjects that you study, you must at the very beginning of the school year. And you can greatly simplify your life if you choose items that do not require exams. As a result, when other students will prepare for the summer session, you will go quietly sunbathing somewhere in the English Channel.

Foreign students not paid stipend. But Russian students can apply for financial support to the local education authority. Thus it is necessary, first, complain about the difficult financial situation, and secondly, to demonstrate that you are a good student no matter how rich parents, pocket money all the same to a minimum.

Therefore, in the English-campus students easily learn Russian on cell phones and thick wallets. English students think of our rich men. The broad Russian soul often entertains fellow students in English pubs and cafes.

The student who studied for three years, are awarded the degree of bachelor. Bachelor - it's higher education. To get the teaching profession or a doctor, you need to learn to 4 years. Fourth year - a practical training and a diploma. Students completing the four courses is assigned a master's degree (if you studied philosophy, doctors). Dedication ceremony of graduates in bachelors, masters, etc. solemn, but for the recognition of graduates, boring. For such an important occasion to buy or rent a long black robe and cap-chetyrehugolku. The term "red diploma" is missing. There are rewards in the form of coupons for books. The main award - a prestigious job - waiting for you at home.

То подружиться со своими однокурсниками; для лечения SMB достаточно хорошо, чтобы быть в списке лауреатов Нобелевской премии, должна быть основана на результатах выпускных экзаменов; (не) в соответствии с чем-л; условия (требования); пройти предварительные экзамены ; прийти к интервью; перспективные личности; CV (Curriculum Vitae), вымпел (за достижения в области спорта); Почетная грамота; похвалы; для подтверждения своей платежеспособности, предоставлять жилье (еда и т.д.); среднего студента ; обратиться в SMB для финансовой помощи; карманные деньги; выпускной церемонии, платье университета.


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