British education system for 700 years - what is the result?

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


British education system for 700 years - what is the result?

The British system of education - is ambiguous result 700th inconsistent evolution.

Schools appeared in the British Isles, the monks began to take toll of students to fill up the budget, and etotreligiozny element still persists in many schools. Schools in the UK are very different. Here and old private school, called for an unfathomable reason, the "public" and the religious, and ultra-modern state (and therefore free) technical colleges. Private schools in England, less than 10%. but many wealthy and powerful people send their children to it there - after all, these are very prestigious schools.

From 5 to 11 years of British children go to primary school, where he taught English, arithmetic, writing, and the beginning of the natural sciences. Scores on the seven-point scale, not just numbers, as in Russia, and letters. Ratings from A to C are considered good.

For high school students, after 11 years, or more, of their parents. There is a wide range of schools. Some people prefer private schools there beautiful shape, more sport and music, iron discipline, the ancient Greek and Latin.

In public schools, orders more freely, shape, you can usually do not wear, but respectful to teachers and discipline are planted are not less stringent than in private institutions.

No matter what school or studied the young Briton in 16 years to all supposed to take the same exams in subjects 7-10. At this compulsory education ends. You can then go to work - or to continue their education. But to go to university, you need to prouchitsya two more years in their school or college and take exams in three subjects, but their choice.

The government is constantly striving to raise the level of school education. Teacher and Britain - the honorable and respected profession. When a teaching vacancy, the deficiencies in the applicants are never Salary ordinary teachers in England and Wales - about 20, OOO pounds per year. Director of the school, as a rule, put forty thousand salary (for comparison: the British Prime Minister gets a little more than 70 000).


Монахи, богатых и влиятельных людей; основам наук; быть оценены в соответствии с чем-л; широкий выбор чего-л, иметь больше свободы, чтобы вызвать кого-л сделать что-л; повысить уровень школьного образования.


Where to study in England.

Highgate is a traditional English academic private school for boys. The school was founded in 1565 on the orders of Queen Elizabeth 1. And its main advantage, according to its director - is excellent sports facilities and close proximity to one of the best metropolitan parks, Hampstead Heath.

This day school designed for boys from three to eighteen years. It is divided into three stages: the preparatory (3-7 years), primary (7-13 years) and older.

Highgate - a religious school, a Christian. The boys once a week go to the service in the school chapel, many are singing in the church choir. Languages, literature, and other humanities - in the curriculum in the first place. In addition to the compulsory French language, in Highgate can optionally learn Latin, Greek, German, Spanish and even Russian. For high school students every week to arrange a meeting with prominent politicians, artists and cultural workers.

At school, his orchestra, drama and art studio, photo lab and a center of computer graphics.

As with any other private school, were encouraged participation in sports. Especially popular among the pupils badminton, basketball, canoeing, fencing, karate, sailing and water polo. The school has its own summer camp in the mountains of Wales, where students go to workshops on the biology and geography.

Lazy School in Cambridge - it is a small school with a family atmosphere where teachers see their primary goal in the development of individual skills and talents of each student. In the past, it was founded as a school for young people from different religious groups. But this school is known not only a religious upbringing. It's well-equipped drama studio, a symphony orchestra and a modern sports facilities. Two-thirds of students live on campus, every other day in the morning to leave the house and stay in school up to half of the ninth evening. For admission to the school foreigners must pass exams in English and mathematics and to provide a review of his latest director of the school. Fee per semester - £ 4,000, including accommodation in a boarding school.


То посещают а (религиозных) службы; а школу часовни; обязательное / факультативных предметов; драматический кружок (общество), поощрять спортивные мероприятия, различные религиозные убеждения; хорошо оборудованный; спортивные сооружения; территории школы; иметь (дать) рекомендации ; сборов; включить доску.

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