The scientist is expected to be invited to the conference on problems of improving the driver's labour.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The scientist is expected to be invited to the conference on problems of improving the driver's labour.

Many lines are known to have been damaged during the war.

The average turnaround of freight vehicles is stated to have increased in the first half of the year.

10. At present 12 standard types of cars of a completely new design are said to be under construction to meet the re­quirements of passenger service.

The electrification work is expected to be completed in June.

This student appears to have paid much attention to grammar.

13. They seem to have forgotten about it.

14. This method proves to be very useful.

15. They are likely to come here.

16. Highly energetic molecules are most likely to react.

17. I happened to be there at that time.

18. He is sure to return soon.

19. They are certain to come to Moscow.

20. The vessel is not likely to arrive at the port of destina­tion before October 1.

Пояснение: Оборот "именительный надеж с инфини­тивом" употребляется, когда сказуемое выражено прила­гательными: likely вероятный, unlikely маловероятный; certain несомненный, certainly несомненно; sure верный, surely наверняка, следующими за глаголом-связкой.

Indefinite Infinitive после этих прилагательных и наре­чий обычно выражает действие, относящееся к будущему.

They are likely to come soon. = It is likely that they will come soon. Вероятно, они придут скоро.



Объясните значение префикса inter- (значение взаимо­действия, взаимонаправленности).

Переведите следующие слова:

interplanetary, intercontinental, international, interchange­able, intercity, internal, intersection, interdepartmental, inter­necine, interaction, interatomic, interconnection.

2)Образуйте прилагательные от существительных:

change, bound, use, peace, harm, home, hope, wire, suc­cess, life, care, doubt, help, power, truth.

a. с помощью суффикса -less

b. с помощью суффикса -ful)

И переведите полученные прилагательные на русский язык.

3) Переведите сложные прилагательные, образованные по модели: существительные + причастие 2.

air-based, earth-based, ground-based, land-based, sea-based, water-based; ground-controlled, pilot-controlled, trajectory- controlled; air-cooled, water-cooled; snow-covered, paper-cov­ered, fabric-covered; hand-driven, wind-driven, turbine-driv­en; man-made, factory-made; rocket-powered, sun-powered.

Найдите в тексте подобные сложные прилагательные.


"Mankind will not remain on earth forever". These words, an axiom of the new science of astronauts, were spoken at the beginning of the century by K.E. Tsiolkovsky.

Tsiolkovsky was a self-taught man. On having reached a point where reading books at home could teach him no more, the sixteen year old boy went to Moscow where he continued his studies in libraries and lecture rooms. For three years he studied physics, astronomy, mechanics and geometry with the problems of flights and interplanetary travel in his mind. After having completed courses, he obtained the post of math­ematics master at school where he taught for nearly 40 years.

The main problem Tsiolkovsky had been working at for many years was creating a theory of interplanetary travel. He laid the foundation of all subsequent rocket theories, proved the rocket to be the very ship upon which the man will be able to leave the earth for boundless spaces and out­lined his design of the first jet-driven flying machine. It was Tsiolkovsky who suggested the idea of a multi-stage rocket and of a man-made satellite which could serve as a laboratory for studying the universe.

Tsiolkovsky succeeded in producing a workable design for a liquid-cooled rocket combustion chamber and the first man- made satellite was taken into skies by a type of a rocket disigned by Tsiolkovsky. More than that, the orbit along which the satellite sped had been also calculated by him.

5) Vocabulary:

Mankind – человечество

to remain – оставаться

forever - навсегда, навечно

axiom - аксиома

astronautics - астронавтика, космонавтика

self-taught - самоучка -—

to reach - достигать, доходить

physics - физика

astronomy - астрономия

mechanics - механика

geometry - геометрия

flight - полет

interplanetary – межпланетный

mind - память, мысль, ум, разум

to complete- заканчивать, завершать

course- курс

to obtain- получать, приобретать, добиваться

master- учитель, магистр

to teach,taught, taught- учить, обучать, преподавать

to create- создавать, творить

to lay,laid, laid- класть, положить

foundation- основание, фундамент

subsequent - последующий

rocket- ракета

to prove- доказывать

boundless- безграничный

to outline- обрисовать в общих чертах

design- проект, чертеж, конструкция;to design

jet- реактивный

to drive,drove,driven- управлять, ехать, править, бы­стро двигаться

to fly,flew,flown– летать

to suggest– предполагать

multi-stage– многоступенчатый

man-made -сделанный человеком

satellite- сателлит, спутник

to serve- служить, обслуживать

universe- вселенная, мир

to succeed- преуспевать, достигать цели

to produce– производить

liquid- жидкость, жидкий

cool- прохладный;to cool -охлаждатьcombustion– сгорание

chamber- камера, бокс, комната

to speed,sped, sped- спешить, ускорять

to calculate- вычислять, расчитатьprophetic- пророческий

6) Слова для активизации:

mankind, axiom, design, jet, universe, liquid, combustion, chamber; forever, self-taught, interplanetary, subseqent, mul­ti-stage, man made, boundless; to remain, to reach, to complete, to create, to lay, to prove, to drive, to suggest, to serve, to suc­ceed, to speed, to calculate, to outline.

7)Вопросы к тексту:

Who was К. Е. Tsiolkovsky?

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