Read and translate the following international words. Look up their transcriptions in the dictionary if necessary. Mind the part of speech.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Read and translate the following international words. Look up their transcriptions in the dictionary if necessary. Mind the part of speech.

Perforate v, synthetic adj, institutional adj, vinyl adj, composition n, adhesive n adj, prevalent adj, substrate n, amateur n adj, ornamentation n, identical adj, acrylic adj, laminate v, optional adj, contrast n, primitive adj, perfection n, ingredient n.

3. Match the words with the definitions below.

a) grout b) nail c) drywall d) lime e) screw

f) enclosure g) lath h) tile i) gypsum j) terrazzo

1. a long flat narrow piece of wood/metal used to support plaster

2. concrete floor finish containing chips of marble

3. a wide plasterboard used to cover walls, ceilings or partitions

4. a piece of baked clay used for covering roofs, walls, floors etc

5. a thin mortar used to fill cracks in masonry

6. a soft white chalklike substance from which plaster is made

7. exterior assembly enclosing the interior space of a building

8. a thin pointed piece of metal for hammering into wood

9. a type of nail that is driven into something by a twisting action

10. a white substance obtained by burning limestone

Match the English word combinations with the Russian equivalents.

1. grout mix а. сухая штукатурка

2. transparent b. подвесной потолок

3. epoxy resin с. огнестойкость

4. finish coat d. цементный раствор


5. translucent е. известковое тесто

6. gypsum board f. многослойная панель

7. meet the needs g. керамическая плитка

8. suspended ceiling h. эпоксидная смола

9. lime putty i. прозрачный


10. ceramic tile j. полупрозрачный

11. fire resistance k. отделочный слой

12. sandwich panel 1. удовлетворять потребности


260 Английский языкдля студентов строительных специальностей



5. Read and translate the following sentences. Pay attention to the meaning of the words and word combinations given below.

I.a) ready adj — готовый

b) ready at hand — находящийся под рукой

c) readiness n — готовность

d) in readiness — наготове

e) readily adv — легко, без труда

1. The evaluation of site readiness is necessary to identify aspects of the site that may affect a project outcome. 2. A well-built birdhouse should be durable, rainproof and readily accessible. 3. The excavator is ready to dig on the construction site. 4. Water and sewer pipes were stacked in readiness for building construction. 5. Palm computing devices are ready at hand. 6. Ready-mix concrete helps to reduce construction-site pollution. 7. Bricklayers desire a mortar not to be sticky, enabling the brick layer to readily transfer the mixed mortar from the surface of his trowel onto the masonry elements being laid.

II. a) frame n — конструкция, сооружение, каркас, рама

b) frame of roof — стропильная система крыши

c) roof framing — несущие конструкции крыши

d) framework n — рамная конструкция, каркас

e) within the framework of — в рамках, в пределах чего-л.

1. This house uses trusses for the roof framing. Trusses are pre­fabricated, triangulated wooden structures used to support the roof. The alternative is to build up the frame of the roof with 2x8s and 2x10s. 2. The indicated circumstances should be considered in design within the framework of the geotechnical system. 3. If you choose to build a timber frame home, your first choice is whether to cut the frame on or off site. If you cut your own frame offsite, don't forget to budget time and money for getting all of the frame timbers to the building site. 4. The block of office buildings was built of concrete on a steel framework.

Read and translate the following groups of sentences paying attention to the words in italics which can function as a noun and a verb, or a verb and an adjective, or a noun and an adjective, with the same form. They can have similar or different meanings. Look up your dictionary if necessary.

1. a. They gave instructions for installing ceramic wall tile. b. He added beauty to his home with new tile flooring, с They gave some advice how to tile a wall.

2. a. After the first coat of base paint dries, apply another one. b. It is very cold, so wear a heavy coat.

с Coat the surface with two layers of paint.

3. a. Make the windows secure before leaving the house.

b. They could secure the connecting plates to the beams, с This company can secure a good civil engineering job.

4. a. They could not taper the width of a beam at either end.
b. The structures have a slight inward taper.

с They are studying the axial behaviour of taper beams.

5. a. The grout joints have been filled.

b. Wipe tiles with a damp cloth to remove excess grout. с Grout all joints other than areas that need to be left as expansion joints.

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