Match the words with the definitions below. 

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Match the words with the definitions below.

b) tensile stress d) compressive failure f) fatigue strength h) impact strength j) brittle failure

a) tensile failure

c) compressive strength

e) tension

g) shear stress

i) yield strength

Английский язык для студентов строительных специальностей



1. the condition of being stretched

2. the ability of a material to resist shock loading

3. the resistance of a material to a force tending to tear it apart

4. the ability of a metal to tolerate gradual progressive force without permanent deformation

5. collapse caused by compression

6. the form of stress in a material that tends to produce cutting rather than stretching or bending

7. the strength of a substance under tension


8. a complete fracture of the specimen in a direction perpendicular to the direction of loading

9. the maximum stress a material can endure for a given number of cycles without failure

10. the ability of a material to resist forces attempting to crush it

Match the following English words and word combinations with the Russian equivalents.

1. fulfil 2. assess 3. dimension 4. deflection 5. displacement 6. implement 7. prevent 8. strength of materials 9. decrease   10. ductile failure 11. failure 12. capability 13. enable 14. withstand 15. bear

a. прогиб, упругая деформация

b. давать возможность

c. выполнять, осуществлять

d. разрушение, неисправность

e. уменьшать, снижать

f. оценивать

g. вязкое разрушение

п. противостоять, выдерживать i. способность, производительность j. поддерживать, служить опорой к. выполнять, исполнять 1. сопротивление материалов т. сдвиг, смещение п. предотвращать, предохранять о. размер, объем

Fill the gaps with the suitable words below.

I.a) compress b) compressible c) compressive

d) compressibility e) compression f) compressor

I. There are many problems in which a beam is supported on a
foundation exerting a distributive reaction on the beam of intensity
proportional to the . 2. In order to select the appropriate size of a

for construction use, it is necessary to know what construction devices are to be powered by the compressed air. 3. building materials are used to reduce the pressures transmitted to foundations and slabs. 4. Wood is strong when we it vertically. 5. Bending occurs when a straight material becomes curved; one side squeezes together in compression, and the other side stretches apart in tension. 6. A material which can resist high forces has the property of high strength.

II. a) expand b) expanse c) expansion
d) expansible e) expansibility d) expansive

1. A resin composition containing less than 5 percent by weight of wholly inorganic clay particles is well dispersed. 2. Construction of the port is on a vast of 600 acres with a unique state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities. 3. The application of concrete is the effective way to solve the defect problems of piles. 4. They studied the effects of various factors on the of concrete for large dams. 5. This material can when the temperature rises or when the moisture content increases. 6. This system is provided to allow for of the water.

Read and translate the following groups of sentences paying attention to the words in italics which can function as a noun and a verb or an adjective, or a noun and an adjective or a participle, with the same form. Look up your dictionary if necessary.

126Английский язык для студентов строительных специальностей

1. a. A limiting strain defines the failure of reinforcement,
b. A strain limit of 1 % should be applied.

с If the stress is small, the material may strain a little.

2. a. The strength properties of this type of steel may increase. b. No increase in the construction charges will be made, с Residential construction is on the increase.

3. a. Storm caused a lot of damage to the house.

b. The flood damage prevention measures should be taken, с Earthquakes can damage unreinforced masonry buildings.

4. a. A load bearingv/all carries the parts of the house upon it. b. The columns bearing the load must be properly located, с A steel beam bearing was installed on concrete masonry.

5. a. The material was subjected to the applied load, b. They subjected the beam to various tests.

с They tested the structures subjected to wind forces.

Study the following patterns showing the ways some adjectives are formed from nouns or verbs. Complete the charts. Some of the missing words are from the texts of the Unit. Read and translate them. Use your dictionary to help you with the pronunciation.

Pattern 19

Noun + -al-> Adjective

The — alsuffix means of or concerning.

Example: addition — дополнение --> additional — дополни­тельный

Noun Adjective








Pattern 20 Noun/Verb + -ous-^ Adjective

The -oussuffix means causing or having.

Example: fame — известность —> famous — известный

Noun/Verb Adjective





Pattern 21 Noun/Verb + -ary-> Adjective

The -arysuffix means of or concerning.

Example: inflation — инфляция -> inflational — инфляци­онный

Noun/Verb Adjective

supplement I



128 ^Английский языкдля студентов строительны»специальностей

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