Supplements in official and business letters

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Supplements in official and business letters


Attention line


An attention line is used when a letter is addressed to company but directed to a specific individual or department processing. The attention line, part of the inside address, is typed at the left margin a double space below the inside address and a double space before the salutation. If typed in capital or lowcase letters, the word "Attention" is followed by a colon; if it is typed in capitals, no colon is used:


Consolidated Chemical Corporation

24605 Bundy Drive West

Suite 1401

Albuquerque, NM 87101


Attention: Mrs. Sara Hawkins


But: Pacific Southwest Radio Corp. 5107 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067   ATTENTION Accounting Department


Subject line


The subject line refers to the topic of the letter and is considered part of the body. It is typed a double space below the salutation and a double space before the body. Depending on the style it may be centered on the page or typed at the left margin. Including an account number or case title the subject line helps the reader focus on the main subject. SUBJECT or Re (Regarding) may be typed before the subject and followed by a colon:


Dear Mrs. LaCroix:

SUBJECT: Account No 14701-K

Dear Mrs. LaCroix:

Re: Account No 14701-K


SUBJECT or Re are not essential in the subject line, however, since the placement of information below the salutation indicates that it is a subject:


Dear Mrs. LaCroix:

Account No 14701-K


Another example:

Dear Sirs:

Re: Letter of Credit No 12/1416

We have received your telegram...


Reference initials

The typist's reference, the initials of the writer and of fee typist, is typed on the same line with the signature or double space below the signature and is used to enable tracing earlier correspondence on a certain subject. First the initials of the writer are typed, then those of the typist:


EAN/AB EAN/ab ean/ab or or or EAN:AB EAN:ab ean:ab


Enclosure notation

When documents or other papers are to be enclosed with or attached to correspondence, an enclosure notation should be a single or double space below the reference initials at the margin.


Single enclosure: Multiple enclosure:
Enc. Encl. Enclosure Encs. Encls. Enclosures


Enclosures may be itemized for the reader's convenience, also, when there is more than one enclosure, the number may be indicated:


Enclosure: Release From Contract
Enclosure: 2 or Enclosures (2)


5. Copy notation


When an extra copy of correspondence is prepared — either a carbon copy or by photocopying — and distributed to another person, this fact should be noted on all copies for the addressee's information, when appropriate. The copy notation is typed at the left margin a double space below the last reference line:


cc: William McDaniels

CC: William McDaniels

Copy to William McDaniels


The complete name and address of the copy recipient may also be indicated on the letter, if appropriate:


cc: William McDaniels Rutherford and Jones 17 Robbins Building New Haven, CT 06518
Copy to Bob Sarkisian Controller’s Dept.


When several copies of one letter are to be made and distributed, all names should be indicated in the notation:


cc: John Fitzhugh William Hartford Elena C. Castagna




The envelope address ensures that the carefully written message will be received by the addressee. The use of optical character readers (OCRs) by the US Postal Service to scan addresses for delivery has encouraged more efficient mail distribution.

Most companies have their return addresses preprinted an all company envelopes to match the design of the letterhead stationary.

If plain envelopes are used, the complete return address should be typed in the upper left corner of the envelope, approximately two lines from the top edge and two or three spaces from the left edge.

Postal notations such as AIRMAIL, SPECIAL DELIVERY, CERTIFIED MAIL, REGISTERED MAIL and RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED are typed in solid capital letters in the upper right corner of the envelope below the postage stamp.


Lesson 2


Body of a letter

The body of the letter which contains the message is typed single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. One paragraph letters may be typed double spaced.

The body of a business letter may include the following elements:


1. Acknowledgement of the receipt of a letter

1. We have received your letter of May 15...

2. We thank you for your letter dated...

3. In reply to your letter of...

4. We are obliged for your letter of...

5. We acknowledge (the) receipt of your letter of...

6. We acknowledge your letter of...

7. We are in receipt of your letter of...

8. This is to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of...

9. I wish to acknowledge with many thanks the receipt of your letter of...

10. Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of...


2. References to dates

1. We refer to your letter of May 15...

2. Your letter of 20 ult...

3. Your telegram dated 25th inst...

4. The vessel will arrive on the 2nd prox.

5. of today's date

6. of yesterday's date

7. of the same date


Requesting the answer


1. We should appreciate a prompt reply.

2. We should appreciate to receive your prompt reply at your convenience.

3. A prompt reply would be appreciated.

4. Will you kindly let us have an early reply.

5. Will you kindly reply to this letter.

6. In anticipation of your early reply, I remain...


Expressing gratitude for a letter


1. I very much appreciate having a reply from you.

2. I appreciate your prompt reply.

3. Thank you for your prompt reply of…

4. It was a great pleasure to receive your reply.


Expressing gratitude for materials


1. Thank you for sending me...

2. It is so kind of you to send me…

3. I am grateful to you for sending me...

4. I am much obliged to you for sending me...


Expressions used on sending materials


1. I am sending you herewith (herein)...

2. I am sending you under separate cover…

3. I enclose herewith (herein)...

4. You will find enclosed...

5. Please find enclosed...

6. Attached to this letter you will find...


Apologies for a late reply


1. I am very sorry to have taken so long in replying to you.

2. Please excuse me for my late reply.

3. Please forgive me for not replying sooner to your kind letter of...

4. I apologize for my delay in replying to your letter.




1. With best wishes (regards).

2. With kind (kindest) regards.

3. With best wishes and regards.

4. I extend my best wishes to you.

5. With compliments.

6. Meanwhile I wish to remain...

7. Thank you once again for...

8. I hope to hear from you soon and remain with kindest personal regards.

9. I trust to hear from you soon.

10. We look forward to hearing from you.

11. We look forward to welcoming you in this country.

12. I look forward to the pleasure of seeing you.



In everyday business it is frequently required to write and send, besides simple commercial letters, such letters as invitations and replies to them, congratulations and condolences. Below you will find examples of such letters.

A formal invitation


  (Name), the Managing Director of ... requests the pleasure of your company at (function) to be held at (place) on (date) 20... at... o'clock. Type of dress... (No signature)

Here are two exhibits of a letter below, an invitation and the informal response to it:

23 Chapel Lane Little Bourton Northampton NN19 1AZ   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter   Hannah to Mr. Steve Warner   at one o’clock on Saturday 25th July St. Mary’s Church, Northampton   R.S.V.P.


Schillerstraße 35041 Marburg Germany 22/08/02   Dear Joe,   Thanks for your letter. I was delighted to hear that you two are getting married, and I’m sure you’ll be very happy together. I will do my best to come to the wedding, it’d be such a shame to miss it.   I think your plans for a small wedding sound just the thing, and I feel honoured to be invited. I wonder if you have decided where you are going for your honeymoon yet? I look forward to seeing you both soon. Beate sends her congratulations.   Best regards,   Erik


Accepting a formal invitation


  (Name) thanks the Managing Director of ... for his kind invitation to (function) to be held at (place) on (date) 20... at ... o'clock and has much pleasure in accepting it. (No signature)


Refusing a formal invitation


  (Name) thanks the Managing Director of ... for his kind invitation to (function) to be held at (place) on (date) 20... and regrets that he has a prior engagement on that day and is therefore unable to accept. (No signature)


Here are two exhibits of the letter:

16 Mudday Way Wills Oxon Your ref: TT/99/HH OX23 9WD Tel.: 01865 76754 4 July 2002 Mr. M Flynn Mark Building Plews Drive London NW4 9PP   Dear Mr. Flynn, I was delighted to receive your letter offering me the post of Senior Designer, which I hereby accept. I confirm that I will be able to start on 31 July but not, unfortunately, before that date. Can you please inform me where and when exactly I should report on that day? I very much look forward to becoming a part of your design team. Yours sincerely, Nicholas Plews


4 Manchester St. London NW6 6RR Your ref: 099/PLK/001 Tel.: 01813345343 9 July 2002 Ms F Jamieson Vice-President The Nona Company 98 Percy St YORK YO9 6PQ   Dear Ms Jamieson, I am very grateful to you for offering me the post of Instructor. I shall have to decline this position, however, with much regret, as I have accepted a permanent post with my current firm. I had believed that there was no possibility of my current position continuing after June, and the offer of a job, which happened only yesterday, came as a complete surprise to me. I apologize for the inconvenience to you. Yours sincerely, J D Salam




  1) Gentlemen: We have learned from the press that you have opened a new branch office in ... We wish you success and good luck. We also want to express the hope that our business relationship will continue to develop in the same pleasant and trusting manner. Sincerely yours
  2) Dear Mr...., I am delighted to hear of your new appointment to the Board. The many years you have worked with the Company have been rewarded, and my partner and I are sending you our very best wishes for the future. Yours sincerely


Here are two exhibits of a letter below, a congratulatory letter and the informal response to it:

Flat 3 44 Louis Gardens London W5 January 2nd 2002   Dear Arthur and Gwen,   Happy New Year! This is just a quick note to wish you all the best for 2002. I hope you had a good Christmas, and that you’re both well. It seems like a long time since we last got together.   My New Year should be busy as I am trying to sell the flat. I want to buy a small house nearer my office and I’d like a change from the flat since I’ve been here nearly six years now. I’d very much like to see you, so why don’t we get together for an evening next time you’re in town? Do give me a ring so we can arrange a date.   With all good wishes from   Lance


19 Wrekin Lane Brighton BN7 8QT 6th January 2003   My dear Katrin,   Thank you so much for your letter and New Year’s wishes. It was great to hear from you after all this time, and to get all your news from the past year. I’ll write a “proper” reply later this month, when I’ve more time. I just wanted to tell you now how glad I am that we are in touch again, and to say that if you do come over in February I would love you to come and stay – I have plenty of room for you and Stephan.   All my love,   Helen


Expressions used in letters of condolence:


  1) Please accept our most sincere sympathy on the death of Mr.... 2) We were deeply saddened to learn yesterday of the death of Mr.... 3) It was a great shock for us to hear of the sudden death of Mr.... 4) The extremely sad news of Mr....'s death is something that we can hardly believe. 5) We want to express our deepest grief on the death of Mr… 6) Please convey our sympathy to his family. 7) I was grieved to hear of the death of (name), and wish to express my heartfelt sympathy to you and to other members of your firm. My colleagues join with me in expressing deep regret at his/her passing.


Here are two exhibits below, the letter of condolence and another letter which is the response to the previous one:

Larch House Hughes Lane Sylvan Hill Sussex 22 June 2002   Dear Mrs. Robinson,   I would like to send you my deepest sympathies on your sad loss. It came as a great shock to hear of Dr Robinson’s terrible illness, and he will be greatly missed by everybody who knew him, particularly those who, like me, had the good fortune to have him as a tutor. He was an inspiring teacher and a friend I am proud to have had. I can only guess at your feelings. If there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to let me know.   With kindest regards, Yours sincerely,   Malcolm Smith


55A Morford Lane Bath BA1 2RA 4 September 2002   Dear Mr. Schenk,   I am most grateful for your kind letter of sympathy. Although I am saddened by Rolf’s death, I am relieved that he did not suffer at all.   The funeral was beautiful. Many of Rolf’s oldest friends came and their support meant a lot to me. I quite understand that you could not come over for it, but hope you will call in and see me when you are next in the country.   Yours sincerely,   Maud Allen





Task 1. Translate the following into Ukrainian:

1) In reply to your letter dated March 10, I wish to inform you that our Council is willing to discuss your proposal.

2) Thank you for the letter of December 19 and for the materials you enclosed with it.

3) On behalf of our Institute I wish to acknowledge with sincere thanks the receipt of your letter of May 12.

4) We are in possession of your letter of June 1 and of the telegram of the same date and beg to advise you that s.s. Manchester left London for Saint-Petersburg on the 31st ult.


Kyiv, May 5 Messrs. Smith and Brown Ltd. 12 High Street, London, E.C.2, England   Dear Sirs:   We have received your letter of May 4 sent by airmail and thank you for the information you sent to us. Yours sincerely


Task 2. Insert the necessary prepositions and translate the following into Ukrainian:

1.We have received your letter... the 16th ... October.

2.Our letter dated ... the 5th May was sent... air-mail.

3.We acknowledge receipt ... your letter ... the 15th ... which we thank you.

4.The m.v. Neva will arrive … Odessa ... the 23d ... December.

5.The s.s. Erevan arrived ... Poti yesterday.

6.Please inform us ... your decision immediately.

7.We will write ... you ... this question ... a few days.

8.We are obliged ... your letter ... yesterday's date ... which you sent us your catalogue ... goods.

9.We will write ... you again ... receipt... your Catalogue.

10.Our letter ... the 15th May was sent ... reply ... your telegram... the same date.


Task 3. Give the English equivalents for:


підтвердження отримання листа; у відповідь на Ваш лист від …; підтверджуємо отримання Вашого листа від …; з нетерпінням чекаємо Вашої відповіді; дякуємо за швидку відповідь на наш лист від …; дякуємо Вам за надіслані матеріали; до листа додається; надсилаємо окремим пакетом; з найкращими побажаннями.

Task 4. Translate the following into English:


1. Ми отримали Ваш лист від 20 лютого 2011 року.

2. Підтверджуємо отримання Вашого листа від 15 травня, за котрий ми Вам дякуємо.

3. Підтверджуємо з подякою отримання Вашого листа від 20 січня, надісланого Вами у відповідь на наш лист від 15 січня.

4. У відповідь на Ваш лист від 26 вересня, надісланого авіапоштою, ми раді повідомити Вам, що теплохід «Нева» вийшов у море з Санкт-Петербургу 27 вересня і прибуде до Лондона 5 жовтня.

5. З цим листом надсилаємо Вам доповідь професора Є.Є. Маслова для публікації у збірнику доповідей симпозіуму.

6. З подякою підтверджуємо отримання Вашого листа від 15 листопада 2011 року з додатком до нього копії проекту.

7. Дякуємо Вам за лист від 10 червня з додатком до нього копії Ваших статей.

8. У відповідь на Ваш лист від 10 липня надсилаю Вам наші останні данні та таблиці, котрі, сподіваюсь, допоможуть Вам у Вашій роботі.

9. Ми напишемо Вам негайно після отримання відповіді від заводу, що виробляє ці машини.

Task 5. Translate the following from English into Ukrainian and then answer the letters below:


18 February 2010 Prince Centre 75-95 New Hall Street OXFORD   Dear Customer, PRINCE ON YOUR DOORSTEP! We are delighted to report that customer demand for our range of equipment and materials has increased at such a staggering pace, that we are shortly to be opening a second branch just outside town. Just to convince you how serious we are, we are offering a 5% discount on all cash sales over 25$ during the first day. We will deliver all bulky items (marked with a red star on the price tag) to your front door absolutely free of charge. So do not miss the chance of cashing in on our once-in-a-lifetime throw-away offers! We are looking forward to greeting you on June 1st and we are absolutely certain you will be glad you came! Yours sincerely, Signature


Dear Sirs:   We would like to inform you that Mr. Brown is arriving in Kyiv on February 14 to begin talks with you. Please make the necessary hotel reservations for him and let us know the name of the hotel. Thank you for your cooperation. Yours sincerely  


Task 6.Translate from Ukrainian into English and then respond to the offer in the letter below confirming the delegate’s presence in the near future:

Пану NN Генеральному директору Шановний пане NN, Висловлюю Вам свою повагу і дякую за пояснення стосовно інформації, наданої у листі від 30.01.2011. Інформуємо Вас, що ми підтримуємо проведення запропонованого Вами брифінгу стосовно детальних роз'яснень положень наданого Вами проекту договору. У зв'язку з цим пропонуємо провести зустріч в Києві (Україна), в нашому офісі у другій половині березня або на початку квітня цього року за участю представників Вашої організації, та представників нашої фірми і зацікавлених користувачів нашої продукції як в Україні, так і за її межами. На запропонованій зустрічі буде забезпечене надання інформації щодо специфіки нашої продукції та обговорення нагальних потреб користувачів. Основною метою брифінгу ми вбачаємо отримання домовленості щодо подальшої співпраці та розширення ринку збуту нашої продукції і укладання відповідного договору. Просимо надати Вашу пропозицію щодо термінів проведення зустрічі за електронними адресами: …. . . З повагою,   Директор


Task 7.Look at the letters below. What kind of letters are they? Translate the letters into Ukrainian and write answers to them:

35 Prince Edward Road Oxford OX7 3AA Tel.: 01865 322435   The Manager Brown Fox Inn Dawlish Devon 23rd April 2010   Dear Sir or Madam, I noticed your hotel listed in the Inns of Devon guide for last year and wish to reserve a double (or twin) room from August 2nd to 11th (nine nights). I would like a quiet room at the back of the Hotel, if one is available. If you have a room free for this period please let me know the price, what this covers, and whether you require a deposit. Yours faithfully,   Charles Fairhurst


Dear Mr. Delahanty,   As you know from your records, our two firms have done business for a number of years under the terms of a loose written agreement, signed at the time of origin by our legal counsel and by the former owner of your fleet. Since this document is no longer binding, we feel this is a proper time for us to conclude the agreement and go our separate ways. We have been planning to purchase several vans of our own, of a type that would be specially air-conditioned, moisture proofed, and cushioned to prevent damage to the art that we transport and store. I'm sure you can appreciate the fact that, with the skyrocketing cost of works of art and authentic antiques, conventional vans and trucks just are not designed or equipped to minimize damage and wear and tear. This letter will serve, therefore, as our legal termination of the agreement.   Sincerely yours,


Dear Sirs:   We would like to inform you that Mr. Brown is arriving in Kyiv on February 14 to begin talks with you. Please make the necessary hotel reservations for him and let us know the name of the hotel. Thank you for your cooperation. Yours sincerely

Task 8. Translate the following from Ukrainian into English:


1) За пропозицією пана А. Брауна надсилаємо Вам каталог автомобілів, що експортуються фірмою «Авто-ВАЗ». 2) Ми готові обговорити з Вами питання можливості експорту цих автомобілів до Англії. 3) Наш голова пан М.Н. Іванов готовий поїхати до Англії, щоб детально обговорити з Вами це питання. 4) Чекаємо з нетерпінням зустрічі з паном Брауном в Києві. 5) Ми можемо поставити Вашій компанії обладнання згідно доданого переліку в обмін на машини, котрі виготовляє ваша компанія. 6) Ми посилаємося на переговори, що відбулися минулого тижня, з головою Вашої компанії паном А. Брауном. 7) Ми з зацікавленістю очікуємо Вашої відповіді на наш лист від 10 травня. 8) Я буду дуже радий зустрітися з паном А. Харрисом та паном К. Гріном. На жаль, однак, 20 травня мене не буде в Лондоні. Я повернусь до Лондона 21 травня вранці та буду радий зустрітися з ними того самого дня о 2 годині дня, якщо, звісно, це зручно для Вас. 9) Дякуємо Вам За Ваш лист від 17 травня. Пан Грін та Харрис будуть раді зустрітися з Вами 21 травня о 2 годині дня, та ми щиро сподіваємося встановити ділові стосунки з «Машімпорт Лтд».


Task 9.Write the text of a letter in Ukrainian using the information given below and then translate it into English:

Дата: 20.11.11

Адреса: Англія, Манчестер, Поплар Роуд, буд.16, Блек енд Грін Лтд.


1. повідомте про отримання листа від 24.10.09 та викажіть свою подяку за нього;

2. повідомте, що на прохання компанії ви надсилаєте окремим пакетом каталог устаткування, що виготовляється вашим підприємством, а також додаєте до нього прейскурант;

3. викажіть сподівання на отримання швидкої відповіді.

4. Підпис: М.Н. Іванов, голова «АВС-імпорт».

Task 10. Make up a text:

a) of a business letter;

b) of a letter of invitation;

c) of congratulation;

d) of condolence.


Active Vocabolary

account акредитив
to acknowledge the receipt of a letter підтверджувати одержання листа
addressee адресат (той, кому адресується)
addresser адресант (той, хто адресує)
airmail авіапошта
ample space місце, простір (для підпису)
to appreciate бути вдячним
at your convenience як / коли вам буде зручно
attention line звертання (до організації)
to be in receipt of your letter отримати ваш лист
to be obliged for … вдячний за …
body of the letter текст листа, основна частина листа
business correspondence ділове(а) листування / кореспонденція
cable address телеграфна адреса
c.c. = carbon copy копія під копірку
certified mail рекомендована кореспонденція
closing of a letter заключна частина листа
colon двокрапка
complimentary closing заключна формула ввічливості
condolence співчуття
copy notation копія листа
Cordially (yours) Щиро (Ваш /Ваша)
Dear Mr. / Mrs. … Шановний(а) Пане / Пані …
double space подвійний інтервал
early reply швидка відповідь
edge поле, край (сторінки)
to eliminate виключати
enclosure = Enc. / Encl. sg. додаток
enclosures = Encs. / Encls. pl. додатки
envelope конверт
Faithfully (yours) З пошаною
full block style викладення листа по блоках
handwriting почерк
in capital letters з великої літери
in lowcase letters з маленької літери
in reply to … у відповідь на …
inappropriate недоречний
initials pl. ініціали
inside address адреса одержувача
insignia pl. розпізнавальні знаки
letter dated … лист від … (дата)
letterhead заголовок, «шапка» у документах
line рядок
to look forward to … з нетерпінням чекати на …
margin край, поле (сторінки)
marital status сімейний стан
of the same date від тієї ж дати
of today’s date від сьогоднішньої дати
of yesterday’s date від вчорашньої дати
on the 2nd prox. 2 числа наступного місяця
opening salutation звертання
ORCs = optical character readers оптичне розпізнавання символів
plain paper звичайний папір
position посада
postal code поштовий індекс
postal stamp поштовий штамп
prompt reply негайна відповідь
prox. = proximo наступного місяця
Re = Regarding стосовно
recipient одержувач
to refer to smb’s letter посилатися на чийсь лист
reference initials ініціали адресанта
registered mail рекомендована кореспонденція
Respectfully (yours) З повагою
return receipt requested лист до запитання
return address зворотна адреса
salutation привітання
signature підпис
Sincerely Щиро (Ваш/Ваша …)
single space одинарний інтервал
special delivery експрес-доставка
subject line тема
supplement додаток, доповнення
surname прізвище
title заголовок, назва; титул, звання, посада
Truly (yours) Щиро (Ваш/Ваша)
under separate cover у окремому конверті
with best wishes / regards з найкращими побажаннями
Zip / ZIP code поштовий індекс

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