ТОП 10:

II. Fill in the missing letters

T_wn, m_n, o_d, s_n, b_rd, n_me, w_tch, r_ch, d_ughte_, w_od, sho_t, n_ckl_c_, gr_ss, pe_rls, h_ntin_, l_gs, r_ng.

III. Unscramble these words:

nat___________ gssar_____________

stop__________ plrae______________

psidtu_________ hgintun____________

skitc__________ pplea_____________

bsdri__________ cstela_____________

lsge___________ rgni______________

IV. Write the second form of these irregular verbs and translate them into Ukrainian.

Infinitive The second form Translation
to go    
to have    
to see    
to ride    
to take    
to come    
to fly    
to be    
to loose    
to find    
to give    

V. Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1.A rich man lived in a big city.
  2.He had four children.
  3.The name of the youngest son was Jack.
  4.Francis and Philippa were great lovers of nature.
  5.One day, Philippa and Francis went hunting, riding horses.
  6.Jack took his father’s horse, too.
  7.Jack saved the beautiful bird.
  8.The king gave Jack an apple from the tree of life.
  9.When Jack rode down path he met Philippa and Francis.
  10.Jack helped his brother and sister. They all rode home.

VI. Match two halves of the sentences.

1. Jack liked a) to look for the tree of life.

2. When Philippa and Francis b) they asked her about the tree of

had a rest, life.

3. The rich man called his child- c) in the golden castle.


4. Francis and Philippa left the d) and gave her some food.


5. When the young man met an e) they saw an anthill.

old woman,

6. The king lived f) to go for walks and match the

7. Jack thanked the old woman animals.

g) because he was very ill.

1.__; 2.__; 3.__; 4.__; 5.__; 6.__; 7.__.

VII. Correct these sentences. The wrong words are marked.

The sentence The right word
1. Philippa gave the old woman some food.  
2. Philippa and Francis took a long path.  
3. The king lived in a black castle on the mountain.  
4. Philippa and Francis saw a beautiful butterfly by a big river.  
5.Jack wanted to burn the anthill.  
6.A rich man lived in 1492.  
7.He had two sons and two daughters.  

VIII. Who says these sentences in the story?

- Let’s burn the anthill. __________

- The only thing that can save you is an apple from the tree of life. __________

- Please, take me with you. ___________

- What’s the matter with your father? ___________

- Get out of your way. ____________

- I can take the donkey and I can carry your things. ___________

- Don’t take the short path, take the long path. _____________

Text 12

Read and translate the text.

The Coffee Story

Kaldi was tired, but he couldn’t sleep. His goats were active and very noisy. «Why can’t they sleep?», - Kaldi thought. He couldn’t understand the problem so he watched the animals carefully. They were eating some green plants with little red fruit on them. The shepherd wanted to taste the fruit. He ate the soft part of each fruit and the hard things in the centre. After a minute he began to feel energetic. He was not tired any more and didn’t want to sleep.

Those hard things were coffee beans, and Kaldi discovered them in Ethiopia more than 1,000 years ago. At least, that’s the traditional story. Perhaps, it is true, perhaps not. Nobody knows. But we know that coffee grew first in Ethiopia, and we know that somebody discovered it there more than 1,000 years ago.

After that, Arab travellers took coffee plants to Egypt and other Arab countries. Arab farmers began to grow coffee plants. People learnt to make a drink from the beans, and they called it qahwa. For 400 years, only the Arabs know about qahwa.

The people in Turkey learnt about it. Soon after that, western Europeans began to drink it, and in 1652 the first coffee shop in London opened.

Now farmers grow coffee in many parts of the world. Some famous coffee-growing countries are Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and, of course, Ethiopia. Coffee is one of the world’s favourite drinks, thanks to Kaldi and his goats.

Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian.

· a goat_______________________________________________

· tired________________________________________________

· shepherd_____________________________________________

· energetic______________________________________________

· problem______________________________________________

· plants_________________________________________________

· fruit__________________________________________________

· sleep_________________________________________________

· farmers_______________________________________________

· coffee beans___________________________________________

· drinks________________________________________________

· a traveller_____________________________________________

II. Write the form of Past Simple of these verbs and translate them into Ukrainian.

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