ТОП 10:

II. Translate into Ukrainian.

· summertime__________________________________________

· run_________________________________________________

· sky_________________________________________________

· hot_________________________________________________

· play_________________________________________________

· field_________________________________________________

· sing_________________________________________________

· hungry_______________________________________________

· warm________________________________________________

· wet_________________________________________________

· rain________________________________________________

III. Fill in the missing letters.

s_n, s_mm_rt_me, st_p, r_n, h_t, pl_y, cr_ck_t, f_eld, s_ng, j_mp, fr_ends, o_ts_de, l_nch, h_ppy, sp_g, ra_n.

IV. Unscramble these sentences and translate them into Ukrainian.

A b c d e f g h I j k l M n o p q r s t u v w x y z
§ һ ψ Ξ њ ұ }

≡Ξ ≡ψ ψњ┐┐גּ◦Ξ≡┐גּ




Ξһגּ ☺◦≡☺☻גּΞ ≡ψ һњ◘§◦♥



Ξһגּ ψ☻♥ ≡ψ ●∂њגּ


V. Find words in the vertical and the horizontal lines and make up the sentence with them.

Words: ___________, ___________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ______________.

Sentence: _________________________________________________

t h e d l J a P l e
u y f a l e c B m u
q w r i z a n T g k
h o m e k t n Z x i
w o d n i c p Y m s
r o d r a d r E s g
w h h i l e u C k h
d l e u i i n V m y
m i r o w e d F g a
c h g e j o p K r e

VI. Read the sentences and draw a picture.

It is summertime. The sun is hot. It’s a beautiful day. There is a field. There is green grass and colourful flowers in the field. There is a dog and a cat in the grass. They are playing with a ball. There are two yellow butterflies in the blue sky.


Text 15

Read and translate the text.

The Talkative Tortoise

A long time in India, there was the young king and wise man who was the king’s friend. This king was a good man but talked too much. In fact, sometimes the king could not stop talking.

The wise man thought, «I must help the king to be less talkative. But how?»

Not far away, there was a lake. A tortoise ad two birds lived near the lake, and they were all good friends. One day, the bird said to the tortoise, «We are going to a beautiful mountain tomorrow. Would you like to come with us?»

The tortoise answered, «How can I go with you? I can’t fly.» «We can take you», - the birds said. «Hold a stick in your mouth, and we’ll carry the stick between us.» «Thank you. You’re very kind», - said the excited tortoise.

«Bite on the stick, and don’t talk. If you open your mouth, you’ll fall», - the birds said.

The next day, the king and the wise man saw two birds in the sky. «Look!», - said the king. “Those birds are carrying something! What is it?”

The tortoise heard this and wanted to say «I am a tortoise! I’m flying!» he opened his mouth to say it and fell to the ground. «It’s a dead tortoise!», - said the king. «Why did it fall from the sky?»

The wise man answered, «This talkative tortoise couldn’t hold onto the stick because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Great king, this shows us how bad it is to talk too much.» The king said, «I understand you, my friend», - and after that he became a wiser and less talkative king.

Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian.

· 1. a tortoise____________________________________________

· 2. a lake_______________________________________________

· 3. a mountain___________________________________________

· 4. to bite on____________________________________________

· 5. excited______________________________________________

· 6. the sky______________________________________________

· 7. to fall_______________________________________________

· 8. a mouth_____________________________________________

· 9. a king_______________________________________________

· 10. the stick____________________________________________

· 11. the birds____________________________________________

· 12. a friend____________________________________________

II. Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. A long time in Africa , there was the young king
  2. The king had a very wise friend.
  3. The king liked to talk very much.
  4. Not far away, there was a river.
  5. The birds were going to the beach the next day.
  6. The birds lived near the lake.
  7. The tortoise could fly.

III. Match these adjectives with people and animals.

Talkative, wise, kind, excited, young, surprised, good, silly.

The tortoise The birds The king The king’s friend

IV. Choose the correct answer.

1. The story is …

a) instructive;

b) true;

c) about a zoo.

2. The king’s problem was that he was …

a) not good;

b) too talkative;

c) very wise.

3. The birds asked the tortoise to …

a) carry a stick;

b) carry them;

c) go to the mountain with them.

4.The tortoise … because he spoke.

a) flew;

b) died;

c) bit the stick.

5.The king saw the tortoise

a) spoke;

b) fell down;

c) shut its mouth.

6.After seeing the tortoise falling, the king …

a) didn’t like animals;

b) talked to the birds;

c) didn’t talk as much.

Your answers: 1.__; 2.__; 3.__; 4.__; 5.__; 6.__

Text 16

Read and translate the text.

A Slave

Murillo was a great painter in Spain. He painted beautiful pictures and he had many students. Once he came to his studio and found a very beautiful picture there. He asked his students who had painted that picture but nobody answered. Then he asked his slave Sebastian if he had seen somebody in the studio the night before. The slave did not answer. When the night came and everybody went away, Sebastian began to paint. He did not think of the time. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him. When he turned round he saw Murillo and his students watch him quietly.

«Sebastian», - cried Murillo, - «you are a very good painter. How did you learn to paint?» «I took my lessons from you, master», - the slave answered. «From me? I have never given you lessons», - said Murillo. «But you gave lessons to your students, and I heard them», - answered the slave. Murillo was a very honest man. He understood that the slave was a very gifted painter, so he gave him freedom and began to work with his «slave», who was not a slave any longer.

Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian:

1) slave-______________________

2) great-______________________

3) painter-_____________________

4) pictures-____________________

5) student-_____________________

6) answer-_____________________

7) somebody-___________________

8) before- ______________________

9) go away-____________________

10) begin-______________________

11) suddenly-___________________

12) noise-______________________

13) turned round-_________________

14) learn-_______________________

15) lesson-______________________

16) heard-_______________________

17) honest man-__________________

18) understand-__________________

19) gift-________________________

II. Unscramble these words:

1) inose=__________

2) nweasr=_________

3) gebin=__________

4) rehd=___________

5) fgit=____________

6) regat=___________

7) lasve=___________

8) fobere=__________

9) dustio=__________

10) nipater=_________

III. Decide if these statements are true (T) or false (F):

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