ТОП 10:

VI. Match the sentences with the year.

Erik discovered Greenland. 950

Leif was born. 975

Leif sailed to America. 982

Erik returned to Greenland. 986

Erik was born. 1002

VII. Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. Erik moved to Iceland when he was an adult.
  2. His hair was dark.
  3. He decided to leave Iceland to escape from his enemies.
  4. Erik’s boats were big and full of different animals.
  5. Leif, Erik’s son, liked to travel.
  6. Erik sailed West and discovered a new country.
  7. Erik the Red was born in Norway in 950.
  8. He returned to Greenland with more people in 986.

VIII. Fill in this table with verb infinitives, Past Simple and translate them into Ukrainian.

Infinitives Past Simple Translations

IX. Make up questions to these sentences.

1. Erik’s son lived with his father in Greenland. (Where?)


2. That was Canada. (Was?)


3. There were a lot of fruit, including grapes. (Were?)


4. Leif visited North America first. (Who?)



Text 10

Read and translate the text.

The Potter and the Painter


Many years ago there lived two friends, a potter and a painter. They had little money for their job. Everything was OK between them till the painter, a very good worker, got a lot of money for a beautiful portrait he painted. The potter, a bad and lazy worker, didn’t like that. At first he asked the painter to give him some money. But the painter wanted the money for his big family. In the end the potter thought of a very bad thing. «Well», - he said to himself, «I must teach my friends, the painter, a good lesson.»

That night the potter slept very badly or didn’t sleep at all. He thought what a good lesson he could teach the painter. Early in the morning he went to the king. He said, «My king, I know that you want a white elephant. I am going to tell you how you can get one.» The king was happy to hear the potter’s words. And the potter went on telling his story. «My friend, the painter, knows how to turn any color into white. Tell him to come here and make your grey elephant white.»

The king called his men and they ran to him. He told them to go and bring the painter. When the painter came to the palace, the king said to him, «I heard that you know how to change the colour of anything into white. I want you to make my grey elephant white. And remember, if you want to live you must do it, and do it well.»

When the painter heard the king’s words he understood everything.

«And may I ask you, my king, who told you this story?», - said the painter.

«I am not going to answer your questions, and you must not ask me anything», - cried the king.

The painter thought, «My last day came because I can’t change the color of the elephant». The painter wanted to tell the king this, but suddenly he saw the potter’s laughing face behind the people’s backs.

«So that is your little game, my dear friend», - he thought. «But before my head falls off my neck I must teach you a lesson».

«All right, my king”, - the painter turned to the king. «I can change your elephant’s colour. But when I change the colour of anything I put it into water for a long time. And I have no pot for your elephant. It must be a very large pot».

«Potter», - the king turned to the bad man, - «you heard the painter’s words, didn’t you? Go and make a pot for him, a very large pot that can hold my elephant.»

«What have I done?», - the potter thought. «That’s the end of me!» So he went to his workshop and began to make a large pot for the elephant. But who can make a pot like that? Of course, not our potter!

The pot fell to pieces the first time when the people carried it. It fell to pieces the second time when the workers put it, red hot, into cold water. And it fell to pieces the third time when the elephant put its foot on it. The painter watched it and laughed to himself. For months and months the potter worked in his workshop. During all those months he woke up early in the morning and worked till late at night. At night he didn’t sleep well but thought about the pot and often cried.

«What a mistake I made!», - he repeated to himself. But one fine day the elephant ran away to the woods. What a happy day for the potter! The painter taught the potter a good lesson, didn’t he? And the potter never did bad things like that again to the end of his days.

Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian:

· 1.potter_____________________________________________

· 2.painter____________________________________________

· 3.a portrait__________________________________________

· 4.to sleep badly_______________________________________

· 5.an elephant_________________________________________

· 6.a head_____________________________________________

· 7.a neck_____________________________________________

· 8.a workshop________________________________________

· 9.a pot______________________________________________

· 10.to fall off_________________________________________

· 11.to fall to pieces____________________________________

· 12.to laugh__________________________________________

· 13.to run away_______________________________________

· 14.to put a foot on the pot______________________________

· 15.friends___________________________________________

· 16.money___________________________________________

· 17.to teach smb. a lesson_______________________________

· 18.to understood everything_____________________________

· 19.to make a large pot_________________________________

· 20.at night__________________________________________

· 21.to wake up early in the morning_______________________

· 22.to paint a picture___________________________________

· 23.to talk to the king___________________________________

· 24.to make a pot______________________________________

· 25.to put the elephant into the pot________________________

II. Match the opposites:

little bad

good hard-working

lazy big

kind angry

small large

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