ТОП 10:

VI. Let’s play: unscramble the sentences and decide if these statements are true (T) or false (F).

a B c d e f g h i j k l M n o p q r s t u v w x y z
§ һ ψ Ξ њ ұ }


∂גּұ≡ ψΞ◦♪њψψ ☺♪┐גּΞ◙ ♪┐גּ◦≡☺♪ ≈◦◙┐ ≈◦♪◘☺גּ



≡◘ 1850 һגּ ☺♪┐גּΞ◙ ◘גּℓ ♥◙◦☻


ψ♪◘ ≈◦♪◘☺≡ψ☺◙ ≡ψψ≡Ξњ♪Ξגּ♦ ≡◘ ☺♪∂≡≈◙◦◘≡♪



Ξһגּ♥ ◘גּגּ♦גּ♦ ψΞ◦◙◘§ Ξ◦◙њψגּ◦ψ __________________________________________________________

VII. Answer the questions about yourself:

1. Do you like wearing jeans? _____________________________________________________

2. Have you got a jeans jacket? _____________________________________________________

3. What is your favourite colour of jeans clothes? _____________________________________________________

4. Do you wear jeans clothes when you are at school? _____________________________________________________

5. Are jeans popular in your family? _____________________________________________________

6. When do you usually wear jeans? _____________________________________________________

7. Do you find wearing jeans clothes practical? _____________________________________________________

VIII. Make up questions to these answers:

1.______________________________________________________? –

Yes, California is in the South of the USA.

2.______________________________________________________? –

His name was Levi Strauss.

3.______________________________________________________? –

People liked these trousers because they were strong.

4.______________________________________________________? –

Yes, they are really good for work.

5.______________________________________________________? –

They became farmers.

6.______________________________________________________? –

Levi Strauss had a lot of strong material.

7.______________________________________________________? –

He hoped people could build tents with it.

8.______________________________________________________? –

So, he decided to make special trousers of this material.

9.______________________________________________________? –

But they had no colour and became very dirty.

10._____________________________________________________? –

Now people all over the world wear blue jeans.


Text 4

Read and translate the text.

A Laconic Answer


The Lacons lived in the part of Southern Greece which was called Laconia. The people who lived there were very brave. They loved their Motherland and defended it from all the enemies. Their life was very simple. They tried to follow the laws of their country and never spoke long. «The shorter the better» was their rule. «Never use more words than you need», was another rule. And nowadays as you probably know a very short answer is often called a laconic answer, because the Lacons usually gave short answers.

In Northern Greece there was a land called Macedonia. King Philip ruled there. He was not very clever and he was not very brave, but he wanted to become king of all Greece. So, he collected a great army and soon he became master of all Greece. Only Laconia was not conquered. Then king Philip wrote a letter and sent it to the brave Lacons. The letter said: «If I win the battle with your army, I will become your king and ruin your great city».

A few days later an answer was brought back to him. King Philip found only one word in it. The word was very short, and that was «If».

Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian:

· 1. lived_______________________________________________

· 2. part________________________________________________

· 3. called______________________________________________

· 4. brave______________________________________________

· 5. loved______________________________________________

· 6. simple______________________________________________

· 7. to follow____________________________________________

· 8. use________________________________________________

· 9. words______________________________________________

· 11. probably___________________________________________

· 12.short_______________________________________________

· 13.answer_____________________________________________

· 14.a laconic answer______________________________________

· 15.gave_______________________________________________

· 16.rulled______________________________________________

· 17.Greece_____________________________________________

· 18.to become a king_____________________________________

· 19.Macedonia__________________________________________

· 20.the enemies_________________________________________

II. Write past forms of the verbs:

Present Past Present Past
to live   to know  
to call   to follow  
to love   to bring  
to use   to write  
to give   to win  
to be   to send  
to defend   to collect  
to try   to ruin  

III. Match the phrases in English with the appropriate phrases in Ukrainian:

Southern Greece хоробрий

Motherland коротка відповідь

Brave ПівденнаГреція

to defend from enemies простий

simple Батьківщина

a law захищати від ворогів

a short answer закон

IV. Fill in the gaps with the missing letters:

L_c_nia, l_v_, l_ng, l_c_nic, v_ry, sh_rt, br_v_, p_rt, so_th_rn, d_f_nd, m_re, wo_ds, r_le, n_w_day_.

V. Unscramble these words:

rpta________________ snouhter____________ dfeedn_____________ reom_______________

eden_______________ mreo_______________

rleu________________ sdorw______________

wla________________ tsrho_______________

VI. Choose a correct variant:

1. The Lacons lived in …

__ a) Northern Greece;

__ b) Western Europe;

__ c) Southern Greece.

2. The people of that country were …

__ a) brave;

__ b) weak;

__ c) angry.

3. Their life was …

__ a) hard;

__ b) excited;

__ c) simple.

4. The Lacons never … long.

__ a) read;

__ b) spoke;

__ c) sang.

5. “Never use more … than you need!”

__ a) poems;

__ b) songs;

__ c) words.


VII. Match two halves of the word combinations.

to love life

the shorter from enemies

a laconic the better

to defended it Motherland

simple answer

VIII. Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. King Philip lived in Macedonia.
  2. He was very clever and brave.
  3. His dream was to conquer Laconia.
  4. The Lacons usually gave long answers.
  5. There was only one word in the Lacons’ letter to Philip.
  6. In Northern Greece there was a land called Macedonia.
  7. King Philip ruled in Macedonia.
  8. The Lacons didn’t love their Motherland and didn’t defend it.
  9. The Lacons usually gave short answers.
  10. The word was very short, and that was “When.”

IX. Answer the questions.

1. Can you call yourself a laconic person or not? _____________________________________________________

2. Do you know laconic people in your surrounding? _____________________________________________________

3. What’s your attitude to King Philip? _____________________________________________________

4. Do you like the law “the shorter the better” or not? _____________________________________________________

5. Is it easy or hard to talk to laconic people? _____________________________________________________

6. What is the moral of this story? _____________________________________________________


Text 5

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