ТОП 10:

IV. Write the second form of the irregular verbs and translate them into Ukrainian.

I II Translation

V. Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. There was a rich woodcutter.
  2. He worked in the forest.
  3. He had a silver axe.
  4. One day the woodcutter dropped his axe into the grass.
  5. The woodcutter was very sad when he lost his axe.
  6. There was an young woodcutter.
  7. Mercury jumped out of the water.
  8. Mercury was so surprised with the man’s honest heart.
  9. I dropped my axe in the water and starting laughing.
  10. Bill had nothing to do but to go home without any axe.

VI. Match two halves of the sentences:

Bill saw those two axes asked Mercury.

So he went to the river in his hands.

“Is this your axe?” very angry and sad.

Mercury had a golden axe and wanted to have them too.

Bill came back home and dropped his wooden axe into the


VII. Match the opposites:

poor rich

bad angry

dishonest sad

happy honest

kind good

VIII.Unscramble these sentences:

1. bad / you / a / man / are.


2. a /was / Bill / woodcutter / too.


3. dived / Mercury / river / out / the / of.


4. axe / it / a / was / golden.


5. much / you / very / thank.


6. Mercury / into / water / the / jumped / and / an / dirty / old / brought /axe / wooden.


7. are / lazy / and / you / bad.


8. all / help / you / I’ll / right.


9. I / my / axe / dropped / into / water / the / and / crying / started.


10.how / shall / work / I / living / for / a?


IX. How do you understand a proverb «Honesty is the best policy»? Write down a composition (5-6 sentences).



Text 8

Read and translate the text.

Lazy Jim


There was a boy whose name was Jim. He lived with his mother in a little house. They were very poor. His mother worked much, but Jim didn’t like to work. Jim was lazy. He sat under a tree in hot weather and stayed in bed when it was cold.

One Monday morning his mother said, «Help him in the field. He will pay you».

«All right. I’ll go there tomorrow», - answered Jim.

On Tuesday Jim went to Mr. Green. He worked all the day, and in the evening Mr. Green gave him a penny. But on his way home Jim dropped the penny and could not find it.

«Oh, Jim! Why didn’t you put the penny in your pocket?» He went to help Mr. Green on Wednesday, too. In the evening Mr. Green gave him a jar of milk. Jim put it in his large pocket. But when he came home, there was no milk in the jar.

«Oh, Jim! Why didn’t you carry the jar of milk on your head?»

On Friday Mr. Green gave him a large cat. Jim took the cat and wanted to carry it in his hands. But on his way home the cat ran away from Jim.

«Oh, Jim!», - said his mother. «Why didn’t you take a string and pull the cat home?»

«I’ll do it tomorrow, Mother,» said Jim. On Saturday Jim worked much, and Mr. Green gave him a large piece of meat. Jim took a string out of his pocket and pulled the meat after him. A hungry dog ate the meat.

«Oh, Jim! Why didn’t you carry it in your hands?», - asked his mother.

Because it was large and heavy, Mother.”

«Then why didn’t you carry it on your back?»

On Monday next week Jim worked very well. So Mr. Green gave him a donkey. Jim put the donkey on his back and walked home.

There was a beautiful girl in the village. She didn’t laugh and couldn’t speak. Her father asked all the doctors to help the girl, but they could not. The doctors said, «The girl must laugh. Then she will speak.»

The girl and her father lived in a large and beautiful house.

When Jim was in front of their house, the girl looked out of the window and saw the boy with the donkey on his back. It was funny. And the girl laughed. She looked at Jim and continued laughing for some time. And a bit later she could speak. Her father was very happy. He ran after Jim, stopped him and said: «My dear boy, I am a happy man now because my girl can speak. Thank you.»

He gave Jim a lot of money. Jim’s mother was happy too. They weren’t poor any more.


Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian:

· 1. a little house_________________________________________

· 2. poor man___________________________________________

· 3. a lazy boy___________________________________________

· 4. to work in the field____________________________________

· 5. a penny____________________________________________

· 6. a pocket____________________________________________

· 7.to stay in bed_________________________________________

· 8. in the evening_______________________________________

· 9. a jar of milk_________________________________________

· 10.a large pocket_______________________________________

· 11.a beautiful girl_______________________________________

· 12.a donkey___________________________________________

· 13.back______________________________________________

· 14.laugh______________________________________________

· 15.speak______________________________________________

· 16.continue____________________________________________

· 17.butter______________________________________________

· 18.a piece of meat______________________________________

· 19.a hungry dog________________________________________

· 20.to carry a donkey on the back___________________________

II. Fill in the missing letters:

N_me, p_or, m_ther, w_rk, b_d, h_lp, m_rning, h_u_e, pl_y, l_rg_, c_t, h_nds, b_au_iful, vil_age, fun_y, h_p_y.

III. Unscramble these words:

opor__________________ lifed_____________________

ylap___________________ kiml_____________________

ihra___________________ sihtr_____________________

rja____________________ nepny____________________

imj____________________ tbuert____________________

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