ТОП 10:

III. Fill in the missing letters.

fr_end, w_rk, m_ney, f_m_ly, b_d, p_tter, p_inter, p_rtr_it, el_p_ant, h_ad, n_ck, fr_ends, w_rksh_p.

IV. Write the second form of the irregular verbs and translate them into Ukrainian.

I II Translation

V. Match phrases in English with appropriate phrases in Ukrainian.

to run to the king змінити колір

to change the colour бачити обличчя гончара, який сміється

to understand everything бігти до короля

to answer the question зрозуміти все

to see the potter’s laughing відповісти напи тання


VI. Unscramble these words.

rpineta__________________ rptotari____________________

ylaz____________________ ingk______________________

afec____________________ porett_____________________

pertain__________________ ptaiort_____________________

hade____________________ nghti______________________

VII. Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. Many years ago there lived two painters.
  2. Late at night the potter came to the king.
  3. The potter was very angry with the painter.
  4. The king’s dream was to have a white elephant.
  5.The painter was very happy to help the king.
  6. When the painter heard the king’s he understood everything.
  7. The pot fell to pieces the first time when the people carried it.
  8.It fell to pieces the second time when the workers put it, red hot, into cold water.
  9. When the painter heard the king’s words he understood everything.
  10.The king called his men and they ran to him.
  11.That night the potter didn’t sleep very badly, he slept very well.
  12.Tell him to come here and make your grey elephant black.

VIII. Choose the correct variant of the word.

1.Many years ago there … two friends.

a) worked;

b) walked;

c) lived.

2.Early in the morning the potter went to …

a) the king;

b) the painter;

c) the market.

3.My friend knows how to … any colour into white.

a) paint;

b) change;

c) have.

4.The king called men and they … to him.

a) rode;

b) walked;

c) ran.

5.The painter…, “My last day came.”

a) thought;

b) said;

c) cried out.

IX. Think of the moral of this fable and express it in a few sentences. You may write in Ukrainian.



Text 11

Read and translate the text.

The Tree of life

In 1250 there lived a rich man in a town called Rivergate. He had two sons and a daughter. Philippa, the daughter, was the eldest. The name of the first son was Francis, and the youngest son was called Jack. He liked to go for walks and watch the animals in the woods and listen to the birds.

One day, Philippa and Francis went hunting. Jack followed them. When Philippa and Francis had a rest, they saw an anthill.

Philippa: «Let’s burn the anthill».

Jack: «No, don’t do that!»

Francis: «Get out of our way».

Jack: «No, stop it! Throw the sticks away!»

Philippa: «Jack is an idiot. He loves stupid ants.»

Some time later, Philippa and Francis went hunting again. They rode into the woods on their beautiful horses. Jack wanted to go with them, but he didn’t have a horse. So he took one of his father’s donkeys.

When Philippa and Francis came to a big river, they saw a beautiful bird. It was a kingfisher*. They wanted to shoot it. At that moment, Jack came on his donkey. He shouted, and the bird flew away.

One day, the rich man called his children. He was very ill.

Jack: «What can we do?»

Doctor: «Well, there is one thing».

Rich man: «What is it?»

Doctor: «The only thing that can save you is an apple from the tree of life».

Philippa: «Where can we find the tree of life?»

Doctor: «Nobody knows».

Rich man: «Philippa and Francis, please go out into the world and look for the tree of life».

The next day, Philippa and Francis left the palace to look for the tree of life.

Jack: «Please take me with you».

Philippa: «No, you are stupid, and you don’t have a horse».

Jack: «Please, please, take me with you. I can take the donkey and I can carry your things».

Philippa: «Oh, all right. But don’t ask stupid questions all the time».

After many days, the three young people met an old woman. They asked her about the tree of life. The old woman said, “The tree of life is in the king’s garden. He lives in the golden castle on the mountain.”

Philippa and Francis quickly rode away.

Jack thanked the old woman and gave her some food. The old woman said, “Don’t take the short path to the castle, take the long path. And don’t forget the word, rainbow.

Philippa and Francis took the short path. It was difficult to climb. Their horses fell and the brother and sister hurt their legs.

Jack took the long path. The path was easy and his donkey went quickly.

After three hours, Jack arrived at the castle. He met the king and his beautiful daughter.

Jack: « Can I please have an apple from the tree of life for my father?»

King: «What is the matter with your father?»

Jack: «He is very ill».

King: « Do three things for me and you can have one apple».

Jack: «Three things? What are thy?»

King: «A few weeks ago, the princess lost her ring in the pond. Now she is very sad. She liked the ring so much. Find it for her. This is the first thing you must do».

Jack went to the pond. It was very big and deep. Where was the ring? He didn’t know what to do. Suddenly he heard a bird. It was the kingfisher! The kingfisher dived into the water and found the ring. Jack ran into the hall and gave the ring to the princess.

King: «Well done! Now the second thing». The princess broke her necklace in the garden yesterday. All three hundred pearls fell into the grass. She was very sad. Find them all for her.

Jack didn’t know what to do. It was very difficult to find the pearls in the grass. Then suddenly there were lots of ants! They carried every single pearl to Jack. He ran into the hall and gave all three hundred pearls to the princess.

King: «Now the third and last thing. What is my daughter’s name?»

Jack: « Is it Mirabelle?»

King: «No, it isn’t».

Jack: «Is it Sunshine?»

King: «No, it isn’t».

Jack didn’t know what to do. Then he remembered the old woman.

Jack: «Is it Rainbow?»

King: «Yes, it is».

The king gave Jack an apple from the tree of life. “Your father will be better soon,” he said.

When Jack rode down path he met Philippa and Francis. “Help us!” they cried. “We can’t stand up.”

Jack helped his brother and sister get onto their horses. Then they all rode home.

Rich man: «Thank you, Philippa and Francis».

Francis: «Father, Jack found the apple for you».

Rich man: «Jack?»

Philippa: «Yes, he’s not stupid after all».

Rich man: «Thank you, Jack».


Tasks to the text:

I. Translate into Ukrainian:

· 1. a daughter__________________________________________

· 2. a son_______________________________________________

· 3. a wood_____________________________________________

· 4. to listen to birds______________________________________

· 5.to ride a horse________________________________________

· 6. a beautiful bird_______________________________________

· 7. a donkey____________________________________________

· 8. to shout_____________________________________________

· 9. a big river___________________________________________

· 10.to shoot_____________________________________________

· 11.an apple____________________________________________

· 12.a rich man___________________________________________

· 13.to look for___________________________________________

· 14.to be ill_____________________________________________

· 15. to leave the palace____________________________________

· 16.to carry things_______________________________________

· 17.to ask questions_____________________________________

· 18.a path_____________________________________________

· 19.a golden castle______________________________________

· 20.an old woman_______________________________________

· 21.a garden___________________________________________

· 22.to climb a path______________________________________

· 23.to fall down________________________________________

· 24.to hurt the legs______________________________________

· 25.a king_____________________________________________

· 26.a princess__________________________________________

· 27.a ring_____________________________________________

· 28.a pond_____________________________________________

· 29.to dive_____________________________________________

· 30.to run into the hall____________________________________

· 31.a deep pond_________________________________________

· 32.to hear_____________________________________________

· 33.sad________________________________________________

· 34.a necklace___________________________________________

· 35.grass_______________________________________________

· 36.a pearl________________________________________ _____

· 37.an anthill___________________________________________

· 38.to burn_____________________________________________

· 39.a stick______________________________________________

· 40.to go hunting________________________________________

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