ТОП 10:

Тask A. Translate the sentences into Russian

The unpolarized photons are blocked by polarization filters. While testing the equipment you should put down the results. Having been discovered many years ago, this method was put to practical use only last year. When included, the elements of the risk assessment project help to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The fuzzy matching of biometrics cannot be performed in the encrypted domain. The security of this method is dependent on the security of the key being hidden and retrieval algorithms. The described biometrics-based keys allow both performing user authentication by biometric component and handling secure communications by a generic cryptographic system.

Task B. Find the Participle and the Complex Participial Constructions. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Sometimes a user doesn't want engineered authentication systems to be used. Data can be recovered from cipher only by using exactly the same key used to encipher it. When implemented in accordance with FIPS 140-1 other FIPS approved cryptographic algorithms may be used in addition to this standard. When correctly implemented and properly used, this standard will provide a high level of cryptographic protection to computer data. The protection provided, this algorithm will be reviewed within 5 years to access its adequacy. The cryptographic algorithm specified in this standard transforms a 64-bit binary value in to a unique 64-bit binary value based on a 56-bit variable. Authentication being done, the biometrics sensor would morph the signal using the same transform H and the biometrics matching would be carried out in the transformed space. The scientist working at this problem is well-known.

Task C. Translate into English.

1. Мы не видели, как наш коллега готовился к выступлению.

2. Описанный метод имеет ряд недостатков.

3. Это самый надежный из известных способов защиты информации.

4. Когда я готовился к конференции, мне пришлось просмотреть все мои записи.

5. Когда моему отцу предложили работу за границей, он отказался уезжать из своей страны.

6. После того как контракт был подписан, мы отправились домой.

7. Я хотел бы, чтобы эта статья была написана Вами.

8. После того как межсетевой экран был установлен, атаки извне стали блокироваться.

9. При выборе криптографического протокола обратите свое внимание на наиболее часто используемые.

10. Будучи широко распространенными, многоразовые пароли способствуют нарушению безопасности.


Discuss the problem you’re going to solve in your project.


Write an abstract of your project.



Memorize the terms

1. Read the following terms and their definitions and memorize them:

security compromise – security failure, breech of protection system

assets of an enterprise – amount of property, tangible and intangible like stocks, physical capital, buildings, equipment, documents, developments and all information connected with the work of an enterprise

two-way radio – receiver-transmitter, send-receive set

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant, electronic device used as electronic organizer/secretary

data rate – rate of information exchange

inbound traffic – incoming information

2. Match the following words with their Russian equivalents:

bandwidth специальная телесеть
low power consumption непостоянный, временный доступ
ad hoc network полоса пропускания
nomadic access обработка данных на коммутаторе каналов
circuit switched data service малое энергопотребление

3. Match the following words with their synonyms:

node match (partially)
cordless (system) penetrator, attacker
overlap knot
intruder deceive
spoof battery-operated


Pre-reading task.

Which wireless devices can you name?

Which ones are most commonly used?

What can you say about Wi-Fi protection means?

What are the perspectives of their development?

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