V. Put adjectives and adverbs in the correct degree of comparison.

1. James Bond is considered to be (brave) and (attractive) men in the world.

2. My brother is as (tall) as me.

3. Anna is (old) than she looks.

4. The test is (complicated) than it seems.

5. My brothers are very (pale). They have (strong) legs and can run (quickly).

6. Democracy is (bad) form of government from all the others.

7. All animals are equal, but some animals are (equal) than others.

VI. Fill in the gaps using prepositions where necessary.

1. They arrived ____ the station ____ 8.00.

2. What have we got ____ dinner? – Don’t worry ____ it. Your favorite lamb will be ready ____ 20 minutes.

3. ____ last year we were ____ holiday ____ Egypt.

4. I’m so tired ____ housework!

5. ____ Monday morning we have Maths.

Test C.

I. Put the verbs in the correct form.

1. If I (have) more free time, I (go) jogging every day, but I (be) too busy recently that I (quit) even (do) morning exercises.

2. He (love) (dance) and (hope) (become) a professional dancer one day. He (go) (dance) for 7 years and (win) 3 awards since then. He (like) (found) his dancing school when he (be) 30.

3. Jane (be) so nervous these days – she (try) (find) a job. She (see) the manager of BP tomorrow morning. – I’m sure, if she (want), she (get) the job she (like).

4. My room (decorate) now. It (finish) in two weeks. The walls already (paint).

II. Put the articles and the expressions of quantity where necessary.

1. Where is ___ coffee? – It’s in ___ cupboard on ___ left.

2. There are ___ pubs in ___ north of ___ Britain.

3. We need ___ eggs, ___ flour, ___ milk. We’re going to bake ___ cake.

III. Put the adjectives and adverbs in the correct degree of comparison.

1. (large) animal that ever walked the planet was (tall) that giraffe and (heavy) than five elephants.

2. They were vegetarians and used their (long) necks to eat leaves from the tops of the trees.

3. They were as (calm) as all vegetarians and considered to be (ancient) creatures that lived on the Earth.

IV. Put prepositions where necessary.

1. He suffers ____ headaches.

2. ____ Christmas morning children wait for presents.

3. This bag is similar ____ mine.

4. I’m afraid ____ spiders.

5. He broke the pen ____ accident.


Discuss your plans for the course.

Distinguish the sphere of your scientific and professional interests, present and discuss it with your group-mates.




Memorize the terms

1. Read the following terms and their definitions and memorize them:

estimate risk – assess the risk of breaking the security system

unacceptable risk – risk that can result in too high loss or damage of the information system or/of the enterprise under protection

facility – building, construction, machine, device or work tool

access point – entry point into a computer or a program of the computer, entrance places of a facility (doors, windows etc.)

undesired event – act or incident that can have negative results

respective critical asset – resources, capital, facilities or information that might be used illegally

environmental impact statement – document that contains the results of the analysis of ecological effect

2. Match the following words with their Russian equivalents:

fault tree физическая безопасность
equation обнаружить злоумышленника
consequence диаграмма всех возможных последствий несрабатывания или аварии системы
detect an adversary уравнение, равенство
physical security результат, последствия

3. Match the following words with their synonyms:

facility design blueprint diminish, decrease
vulnerability perform, execute
reduce (risk) heliographic print, blue copy of a facility
assess estimate, evaluate
commit (an act/event) insecurity, weak point


Pre-reading task.

What measures can be used to persuade the managers to use security system?

What should be done to keep the high level of an enterprise security?

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