Writing. Resume. Read the variants of resume and write your own one.

a) Chronological resume. George’s resume has details about his work experience and coursework that will strengthen his application for the position.

George Amalfi

5001 Lampe Avenue

Consdale, IL 6033(504)347-8432

OBJECTIVE: Commercial Loan Officer
WORK EXPERIENCE:   1999-present Commercial Credit Analyst Biggs Bank, Carnsdale, IL Analyze and structure commercial loan packages Develop new business Manage and train junior loan officers Work with domestic clients  
EDUCATION:   June 2000 June 1996 MBA, France   Grandell University, Chicago, IL GPA 3.59 BS Business Administration University of Wisconsin, Madison WI GPA 3.59
COURSEWORK: Financial management of banking institutions Money and banking Quantitative business methods Marketing management International business
HONORS: Crandell University Fellowship
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Fluent in German
INTERESTS: Triathlete training Photography
REFERENCES: Available on request


b) Functional resume.Timothy’s skills have been derived primarily from clerical positions and from volunteer work. As he is looking for a position as a management trainee, he puts his managerial skills first.


309 Fleury Street

St.Paul, MN

38276(022)262353 (day time) (336)47436 (evening)

EDUCATION June 1988   BS, Management, University of Minnesota GPA 3.38
OBJECTIVE Management trainee
SKILLS Managerial:   Technical:     Analytical:     Communication:   Planned fundraising activities for nonprofit corporation Supervised a staff of six clerical workers Organized and facilitated clerical planning group to improve work Organized and conducted aid workshops Handled managerial accounts for small company Estimated data patterns using diverse forecasting methods Have experience with cost benefit analysis Рrogram in MINITAB an BASIC Conducted research project on recidivism rate among mentally ill in St.Paul Implemented project to improve communication between management and clerical staff Created system to improve data collection for reports to management
PERSONAL Willing to relocate
  References on request


c) Combination form resumes. This resume combines skills with chronological information. Arthur puts his academic and professional qualifications at the beginning of the resume and deemphasizes dares. He includes a computer skills section that will be useful for an employer interested in hiring a programmer or analyst.


478 Coy Drive

Hanes, NH 32456


JOB OBJECTIVE Computer programmer/Analyst
QUALIFICATION BS, Management Information Systems 2 years’ full-time programming experience
EXPERIENCE Programmer, Computerland Boston MA Designed an integrate sales order/purchase order system Designed and implemented accounts receivable system and utilities to work with point-of-sale software. Also worked in sales, customer support, and technical service (1997- 1999).
EDUCATION BS, Computer Science, Boston College. Mathematics minor (June 1999)
COMPUTER SKILLS Have worked on IBM PC/XT, IMSAI 8080, Northstar Horizon, HP-2000F, CDC Cyber 170 720-2 Familiar with UNIX, PC-DOS, Primos, CP/M, NOS.
COURSEWORK   Information Systems Administrations Management Information Systems Technical Writing Business Calculus
MEMBERSHIP Data Processing Management




Memorize the terms

1. Read the following terms and their definitions and memorize them:

reusable password – password that is used several times without changing it

one-time password – password that is used only once

security breach – malicious actions directed to getting unauthorized access

security outsourcing – engaging outside resources for solving problems of information protection

internal risk – risk of breaking security inside, e.g. by the staff of the enterprise

external risk - risk of breaking security outside, e.g. by unauthorized users not involved in the work of the enterprise

malware – software created by malicious users

2. Match the following words with their Russian equivalents:

Packet sniffing блокирование слежения
Secure Sockets Layer активный, упреждающий
dedicated private line контроль сообщений, передаваемых по сети связи, с целью выявления конфиденциальной информации
blocking snooping протокол безопасных соединений
proactive частная сеть для специальных целей

3. Match the following words with their synonyms:

repository counteracting
misconception data stealing
data theft ordinary
reactive data storage
thin (client) misunderstanding


Pre-reading task.

What is Intranet?

Why are intranets built?

Which advantages and disadvantages does building of intranets have?

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