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Text 1. The information protection in the global network internet.

The global network INTERNET takes a significant place in a life of the modern society. Nowadays the INTERNET covers many spheres of activities, in particular, such branches as information technologies, commercial operations, information interchange, bank business, education etc. Regardless of its specifics, the information protecting system for global networks is a part of general security complex directed on information safety assurance. The information protection is the complex of means directed on information safety assuring. In practice it should include maintenance of integrity, availability, confidentiality of the information and resources used for data input, saving, processing and transfer. The complex character of this problem emphasizes that for its solution the combination of legislative, organizational and software-hardware measures should be realized.

The main threats to the information safety in the INTERNET.

The unauthorized access (UAA) in the INTERNET can be performed, in particular, using the following actions:

– penetration into network with the purpose of reading the confidential information;

– penetration into network with the purpose of updating or destroying the existing information;

– embedding of the programs - viruses, which will disorganize the network functions or perform all above mentioned actions;

– destroying of the INTERNET-servers functioning or local computers connected to the INTERNET.

All these actions can be realized separately or in any combination.

Let's list some examples of the unauthorized intrusions in the INTERNET: smart attacks of the INTERNET-viruses, the Troyan programs that assemble the secured information from WEB-pages, destroy the servers functioning etc.

The protection from unauthorized access in the INTERNET.

Every information protecting mean is directed to the certain type of safety threats, and realizes the protection against specific types of the unauthorized access. There are program and hardware protecting tools.

The software protecting tools are program complexes intended to reveal and to prevent the possible UAA threats.

The examples of hardware tools are: cryptographic electronic boards and hardware complexes-anti-viruses.

Nowadays the simple approaches to the protection system organization are the most widespread, such as the systems for protection from the unauthorized users’ access. These systems are rather reliable however they do not offer the required flexibility. They are based on the various tools for protection assurance, for example, the tools that permit the data transfer only to those users who possess the certain addresses of network protocol IP, tools that deny the direct users access to the INTERNET resources and local networks. The shortcomings of this approach consist in narrowness of the solved problem: to prevent access of the unauthorized users to the various local networks. The similar protection is used for access prevention of the certain users of the local network (for example, corporate network of the enterprise) to the all INTERNET resources, except for electronic mail. The principle of this protection method is the following: the protection of the local information and decreasing of external channels traffic. However users and providers of the INTERNET services are more concerned in maintaining of general safety of network, in particular, the confidentiality of the information of the sender and receiver, and the absolute reliance is necessary for the providers and users that on the other end of the communication channel is the legal user.

Answer the questions

What are the demerits of using Internet?

What types of information threats in Internet are mentioned in the text?

What are the examples of such threats?

What are the most widespread means for information protection?

What are the main directions of the protection activities for the users and providers of the Internet services?

How can the main threats to the information safety in the INTERNET be classified?

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