ТОП 10:

Task A. Write negative sentences and questions.

1. Most people measure the cost of security high.

2. An evaluation helps consumers to determine the level of security of IT product or system.

3. Computer systems security protects the system against intentional acts.

4. Security officers have the authority to develop an effective policy.

5. Computer security plays an important role in any organization policy.

6. Business functions become increasingly dependent on small computer systems.

7. Responsibility for the business functions lies with senior executives.

8. A successful security program consists of a number of interrelated key elements.

Choose the correct form of the verb (Present Perfect/Past Simple).

1. We worked/have worked over this project since I came/have come to the department.

2.We developed/have developed this program in 2005.

3. At last he presented/has presented his report.

4. When did you finish/have you finished this work?

Task B. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form

1. Since the early efforts to conduct quantitative risk assessment, it (gain) its supporters and opponents.

2. The National Bureau of Standards (publish) this document in 1979.

3. The article (deal) with artificial intelligence.

4. Your company (realize) the value of developing enterprise-wide security?

5. First some developers (launch) and (develop) quantitative approaches.

6. Custom applications (require) writing unique security code?

7. Dishonest employees (not want) their acts to be discovered.

6. An honest employee (not make) mistakes in data entry.

8. They already (present) their recommendations of information security.

9. A disgruntled employee is one, who (work) for an organization and (want) to cause harm to it.

10. Enterprises around the world (undergo) transformations.

Task C. Put the words in brackets in the correct form, Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. Hi! Where (go)? – I (see) my partners in 20 minutes.

2. What you (do)? – I (be) an engineer, but now I (work) as a manager.

3. The train (leave) at 8.48. Hurry up. – OK. I (come).

4. What you (look) for? – I (try) to find my papers.

Translate into English using Present Perfect or Past Simple.

1. Привет! Давно тебя не видел. Где ты был?

2. Я был в командировке в Лондоне. - Когда вернулся? - Два дня назад.

3. Мы изучили ваше заявление.

4. Мы провели полный анализ рисков на этом предприятии.

5. Ученые разработали этот шифр в 1993 году.

6. Вы расшифровали этот текст? – Еще нет.

7. Стеганографию использовали в древности.

8. Этот алгоритм был запатентован в США.

9. С 2000 года он используется свободно.






Memorize the terms

1. Read the following terms and their definitions and memorize them:

encryption – the process of coding a message using a cryptographic algorithm

decryption – the reverse process

plaintext – unencrypted message, text before sending and encryption

eavesdropper – person that doesn’t have the authority to read the message, someone who tries to get the contents illegally

authenticate information – verify the identity of information

optional authentication of the client – additional identification and verification of the client

man-in-the middle-attack – a type of attack when there is an eavesdropper between the sender and the receiver

2. Match the following words with their Russian equivalents:

a string (of binary) encrypted text
incompatible standards realization
secure (an application) mutually exclusive
implementation a sequence
ciphertext protect

3. Match the following words with their synonyms:

communicating host атака методом перебора
standard-conforming protocol протокол стандартного соответствия
brute force (attack) малофункциональная смарткарта
bulk data главный компьютер
small-ability smartcard массив данных


Pre-reading task.

What is cryptography? What do you know about cryptographic protocols and algorithms?

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