ТОП 10:

Look through the text again and complete the table below. Think which country or countries meet the following rule. Check the correct boxes.

  Chile Finland The Philippines Korea The U.S.
1 People shake hands every time they meet          
2 Women kiss at the first meeting          
3 Men hug or pat each other on the back.          
4 Women kiss male friends.          
5 The family name comes first.          

Say how these people greet each other in your country. Discuss it with your partner.

  • two male friends
  • a male and a female friend
  • two strangers
  • two female friends


Listen to the conversation. Then complete the gaps. What does Jane say to Richard?

RichardHello, Jane.


RichardPhew! What’s this?


RichardHmm. Is it your car?


RichardWhose car is it?


RichardMr. Orson? Who’s he?


Write sentences for all the objects for the pictures below.


1 What is it? It’s a cigar.

2 What are they? They are glasses.

Write sentences with the possessive case for all the objects for the picture above.


1 Whose cigar is it? – It’s Mr. Orson’s cigar.

2 Whose glasses are they? – They are Jane’s glasses.

Put the sentences in the right order to make a conversation. Mark the number of the sentence in the table below. Read the conversation with your partner. Then listen to the dialogue and check.

TouristGood evening. A family room, please.  
ReceptionistWhere are you from?  
TouristYes, they are. She’s twelve and he’s seven.  
ReceptionistAre they under fourteen?  
TouristYes, we are.  
TouristGood evening. A family room, please.  
ReceptionistOh, really? How old are your children?  
TouristWe’re from Dover.  
ReceptionistNice accent! Are you British?  
ReceptionistRight. Kids stay free.  


Think and say what this notice means according to the dialogue in activity 26. Choose the best variant A, B or C.

Kids under 14 – stay free

AChildren who are 0 - 14 years old stay in the hotel for free.


BChildren stay in the hotel for free if they live on the floors fromtheground to the thirteenth.

C Children who are 15 and more can not stay in the hotel



I - my I like my job. we - our We like our job. you - your You like your job. he -his He likes his job. she -her She likes herjob. they - their They like their job. it - its Oxford (= it) is famous for its universities.

28 Complete the sentences with my, his, her, its, our, your or their.


1 My name’s Jan. What’s your name? (I/ you)

2 This is _______phone number. (they)

3 Is this ________TV? (he)

4 It’s ___________camera. (she)

5 Where’s ________ cup of coffee? (you)

6 ______________ cup’s on the table. (I)

7 Is this__________ dictionary? (he)

8 Where’s ________ cassette? (they)


Put in my/ our/ your/ his/ her/ their/ its.


1 I like my job.


2 Sally is married. _____ husband works in a bank.

3 I know Mr. Watson but I don’t know _____ wife.

4 Put on _____ coat when you go out. It’s very cold.

5 ______ favourite sport is tennis. I play a lot in the summer.

6 John is a teacher but ____ sister is a nurse.

7 Thank you for _____ letter. It’s good to hear from you again.

8 We are going to invite all ____ friends to the party.

Choose the right personal or possessive pronoun to fill each gap.


Example: I am a student.

a) you; b) she; c) I.


1 ______ are students. a) they; b) he; c) I. 2 ______ is a doctor. a) we; b) he; c) they. 3 ______ are an actor. a) she; b) you; c) we. 4 This is ______ friend. a) he; b) my; c) I. 5 This is ______ pencil. a) you; b) she; c) your. 6 This is ______ book. a) his; b) we; c) you. 7 This is ______ pencil-case. a) I; b) her; c) they. 8 These are ______ rulers. a) she; b) your; c) we. 9 These are ______ paints. a) we; b) he; c) their. 10 These are ______ erasers. a) our; b) your; c) we.



Positive Negative Question
Iam(I’m) he (he’s) she is (she’s) it (it’s)   we (we’re) you are (you’re) they (they’re) I am not (I’m not) he she is not it   we you are not they amI? he? Isshe? It?   we? are you? they?
I’m 32 years old. My sister is 29. It’s 10 o’clock. You’re late again. Jane isn’t at home at the moment. She is at work. Are books expensive in your country? Is it cold in your room?


Short answers

Yes, I am. He Yes, she is. it we Yes, you are. they No, I’m not. he’s No, she’s not. it’s we’re No, you’re not. they’re
Are you tired? Yes, I am. Are you hungry? No, I’m not but I’m thirsty.

Put in am, is or are.


1 The weather is very nice today.


2 I ________ not tired.

3 This case _______ very heavy.

4 These cases ______ very heavy.

5 The dog _________ asleep.

6 Look! There ______ Carol.

7 I ______ hot. Can you open the window, please?

8 This castle _______ one thousand years old.

9 My brother and I ______ good tennis players.

10 Ann _____ at home but her children ______ at school.

11 I _______ a student. My sister _______ an architect.


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