ТОП 10:

Using the adjectives from activity 33 describe your friend, neighbor, your teacher etc.

37 Fill in: jealous, rude, talkative, shy, mean, honest.

1 Sally is a very _____________person. She never tells lies.

2 Bill is a quiet boy. He’s quite ______________.

3 Robert always wants what others have. He’s a very _____________ person.

4 Susan is a _____________ person. She’s rarely quiet.

5 Jack never spends any money. He’s a ______________ .

6 Phil has bad manners. He’s very ________________.

Game: Choose one of your classmates. The rest of the class ask questions to find out who the person is, as in the examples.



S1: Is it a male?

L: Yes, he is.

S2: Is he friendly/stubborn/serious?

L: Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t/

S3: Has he got .... ?

L: Yes, he has.

S4: Is it ... ?

L: Yes, you’re right, it is....


In teams, use the words/ phrases below to make up sentences. Each correct sentence gets one point.

I think that, independent, in my opinion, stubborn, selfish, determined, in my view, I feel that, sensible, mysterious, suspicious, receptionist, job, dangerous, polite, kind, happy.


Dramatize the conversation.


Student A: You are the manager of a job agency. Interview the job candidate. Ask him/her questions about his/her personal details. (find out the information about name, surname, marital status, current address, telephone number, nationality, place of birth and date of birth of the candidate)

Student B: Your goal is to find a job. Now you are at the job interview. Answer the questions of a manager. Ask him/ her questions about your prospective job.

Work in pairs.

Student A:You’re going on a day trip with your school. You know everything about it. Answer your partner questions using the information below.

SCHOOL BUS TRIP TO LONDON Saturday 24th September Morning - Buckingham Palace Lunch - 1. 00 p.m. Afternoon - shopping in Oxford Street   TAKE YOUR RAINCOAT!!

Student B:You want to go on this trip, but you don’t know anything about it, so ask Student A some questions. Use these words to help you.


SCHOOL TRIP { where to? { day? { visit? { take anything? { lunch?



Write a note to your room mate expressing your feelings about your new girlfriend/boyfriend. Tell about her/ his character. Write 25-35 words in the box. You’ll find more details in your workbook.


Write a letter to your friend about your favourite job. Say why you like it and what this person usually does. Don’t forget to write the address and the date. Write 25-35 words. You’ll find more details in your workbook.


Unit 4

Daily routine



1 Find out if you are a morning person. Think about the first hour of your day. Tick what you usually do. Then discuss your answers with your partner. Use the following expressions in your speech:

§ Firstly

§ Secondly

§ After that I ...

§ As for me ....

A get up quickly sing in the bathroom talk to people have a good breakfast get dressed quickly start work quickly B wake up slowly lie in bed and think don’t talk to people don’ have breakfast read a newspaper start work slowly


You’re going to read a magazine article about Tanya Phillips, who is a presenter on breakfast television in Britain. Before reading the article think and say what time her day starts and finishes.

Read the article and find out what time her day starts and finishes.

My working day

My working day starts very early. From Monday to Friday I get up at half past three and have a shower and a cup of coffee. I usually leave the house at ten past four because the car always arrives a few minutes early. I get to the studio at about five o’clock and start work. Good Morning Britain starts at seven o’clock and finishes at nine o’clock. Then I leave the studio at a quarter past ten. After that, I get home at three o’clock. A woman helps me with the housework and the ironing. I read the newspaper and do some work. Then my husband gets home at half past five in the afternoon and I cook dinner. We stay at home in the evening. We don’t go out because I go to bed very early. We usually watch television and then I go to bed at half past eight. I’m usually asleep by nine o’clock. At weekends I don’t get up until ten o’clock. In the evening, we often see some friends or go to the cinema. But I’m always up early again on Monday morning.



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