ТОП 10:

While you watch the cartoon complete the form with the information you hear.

Surname ___________________________________ First name _________________________________ Nationality _________________________________ Address ___________________________________ Occupation _________________________________

While you watch the next video section, identify the speakers and write the names of the people in the pictures.



Watch the video section again. Pay attention to the information the secretary writes (not checks). Tick the necessary boxes.

  Surname   Nationality
  First name   Address
  Married/ single   Telephone number

While you watch the documentary, correct the information on the agency form. After you watch the documentary make up information about Susan and complete the agency form.

Application form for Temporary Employment PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM IN BLOCK CAPITALS
Date   Surname Tomas Maiden/Previous name  
Forenames Susan Marital Status Mrs Nat. Ins. No.
Current Address: 12 Bruse road, Harrow, Middlesex Post Code:      
Telephone No. 071 8518635
Nationality: English
Place of birth:  
Date of birth:   Age:

In pairs interview each other. Give your personal information. Complete the application form as above for your partner.


Look at the advertisements. In pairs answer the questions about each advertisement.


1. What is the job?

2. Where is the company?

3. What is the name of the company?

4. What is the salary for the job?

5. Which job do you like?


10 Seumas McSporran comes from Scotland. Look at the photographs of some of the things he does every day.

Match a sentence with a photograph. Write the letter of the photograph next to the sentence in the table.

1 He makes breakfast for the hotel guests.  
2 He makes breakfast for the hotel guests.  
3 He serves petrol.  
4 He delivers the beer to the pub.  
5 He collects the post from the boat.  
6 He drives the children to school.  
7 He delivers the letters.  
8 He has a glass of wine.  
9 He works as an undertaker.  


12 Read about Seumas. Decide if the sentences 1- 6 are ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B). If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B), choose ‘Doesn’t say’ (C).



Seumas McSporran is a very busy man. He is 60 years old and he has thirteen jobs. He is a postman, a policeman, a fireman, a taxi driver, a boatman, an ambulance man, an accountant, a petrol accountant, a barman, and an undertaker. Also, he and his wife, Margaret, have a shop and a small hotel.

Seumas lives and works on the island of Gigha in the west of Scotland. Only 120 people live on Gigha but in summer 150 tourists come by boat every day.

Every weekday Seumas gets up at 6.00 and makes breakfast for the hotel guests. At 8.00 he drives the island’s children to school. At 9.00 he collects the post from the boat and delivers it to all the houses on the island. He also delivers the beer to the island’s only pub. Then he helps Margaret in the shop.

He says: «Margaret likes being busy, too. We never have holidays and we don’t like watching television. In the evenings Margaret makes supper and I do the accounts. At 10.00 we have a glass of wine and then we go to bed. Perhaps our life isn’t very exciting, but we like it.»

1 Seumas has thirty jobs.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say


2 Seumas and his wife Margaret have a big shop.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say


3 Both Seumas and his wife like being busy.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

4 Seumas’ family live in the east of Scotland.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

5 150 people live on Gigha but in summer 120 tourists come by boat every day.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

6 In the evenings Margaret and Seumas sometimes watch television.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

Look at the photos. Ask your partner about different activities Seumas does in different times of his day.



What does he do at 6 o’clock?

He gets up and makes breakfast.

Listen to four conversations from Seumas’ day. After each one answer these questions.


  • Is it morning, afternoon, or evening?
  • Who are the people? Where are they?
  • What is Seumas’ job?

Complete the conversations.

1 A: Good __________. Can I _______ two ice-creams, please?

B: Chocolate or vanilla?

A: One chocolate, one vanilla please.

B: That’s ___________. Anything __________?

A: No, thank you.


2 A: Only ____ letters for you this ___________, Mrs. Craig.

B: Thank you very much, Mr. McSporran. And _______ ‘s Mrs.

McSporran this ___________?

A: Oh, she’s very well, thank you. She’s _________ in her shop.


3 A: A glass of ________ before bed, my dear?

B: Oh, yes please.

A: __________ you are.

B: Thank you, my dear. I’m very _______ this _________.


4 A: Hello, Mr. McSporran!

B: Good _____________, boys and girls. Hurry up, we’re late.

A: Can I sit here, Mr. McSporran?

C: No, no, I _____________ to sit there.

B: Be quiet_____________ of you, and SIT DOWN!


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