ТОП 10:

Listen again. Complete the information about members of the family.

1 Sally has got an interesting job, she’s a __________.

2 Philippa is _____________ years old.

3 Greg is not British, he’s ________________.

4 Greg has got a job with a _________________ company.

5 Henry is not _________________.



  · You can use have or have got, has or has got:   I I (I’ve got) we we (we’ve got) you have = you have got (you’ve got) they they (they’ve got) he he (he’s got) she has = she has got (she’s got) it it (it’s got)   · I’ve got blue eyes. (or I have blue eyes.) · Tim has got two sisters. (or Tim has two sisters)  
negative he she has not it (hasn’t) I we have not got you (haven’t) they   question   I we have you they got? he has she it   short answers   I Yes, we have No, you haven’t they Yes, he has. No she hasn’t. it   · I’ve got a motorbike but I haven’t got a car.   · Have you got a camera? Yes, I have.    
  · In negatives and questions you can also use do/does + have:   · It’s a nice house but it doesn’t have a garden. (= it hasn’t got a garden) · Does Ann have a car? (= Has Ann got a car?)

Write short form (we’ve got/ he hasn’t got).


1 we have got we’ve got


2 he has got ____________________

3 they have got ____________________

4 she has got _____________________

5 it has got _____________________

6 I have not got _____________________


20 Make up questions.


1 (you/ a camera?) Have you got a camera?

2 (you/ a passport?) _____________________________________

3 (your father/ a car?) ____________________________________

4 (Carol/ many friends?) __________________________________

5 (Mr. and Mrs. Lewis/ any children?) ________________________

6 (how much money/ you?) ________________________________

7 (what kind of car/ John?) ________________________________


21 Put in have got (‘ve got), has got (‘s got), haven’t got or hasn’t got.


1 They like animals. They’ve got three dogs and two cats.

2 Sarah hasn’t got a car. She goes everywhere by bicycle.

3 Everybody likes Tom. He ______________ a lot of friends.

4 Mr. and Mrs. Johnson ____________two children, a boy and a girl.

5 An insect _______________________________six legs.

6 I can’t open the door. I _________________a key.

7 Quick! Hurry! We ________________________ much time.

8 «What’s wrong?» «I _________________ something in my eye.»

9 Ben doesn’t read much. He _________________ many books.

10 It’s a nice town. It _______________ a very nice shopping centre.

11 Alice is going to the dentist. She _________________ toothache.

12 «Where’s my newspaper?» «I don’t know. I ______________it»

13 Julia wants to go on holiday but she ____________ any money.

14 I’m not going to work today. I ___________________ a bad cold.


Listen and repeat these numbers.

Say the telephone numbers.

Example: 30611 -Three oh six double one

9471122 0865 688592 844042 56321 0714059529 358002

Write the number next to the word.

Example: eight - 8

1 twelve ________________ 8 fifty-two _________________

2 sixteen _______________ 9 twenty-seven _____________

3 three _________________ 10 a hundred and twelve_______

4 five __________________ 11 ninety-two _______________

5 ten ___________________ 12 forty-four________________

6 four __________________ 13 one thousand, seven hundred

7 nine __________________ and thirty-one ____________

This is how we make numbers over a thousand (1, 000).   Ø 1, 001 a thousand and one Ø 1, 121 one thousand, one hundred and twenty-one Ø 2,000 two thousand Ø 2, 232 two thousand, two hundred and thirty-two

Look at the table. How many kilometers is it? Write the answers and practice saying them.

LONDON London      
ROME 1, 445 Rome    
CAIRO 3, 159 2, 138 Cairo  
MOSCOW 2, 494 2, 378 2, 880 Moscow
MEXICO CITY 9, 178 10, 623 12, 440 10, 782
SYDNEY 17, 002 16, 333 14, 799 15, 168


1 ... from London to Moscow?

2 Two thousand, four hundred and ninety-four.

3 ....from Cairo to London?

4 … from Rome to Moscow?

5 ... from Sydney to Cairo?

6 ... from London to Rome?

7 ... from Cairo to Rome?

8 ... from London to Sydney?

9 ... from Rome to Mexico city?

10 ... from Moscow to Sydney?

11 … from Sydney to Rome?


Dramatize the conversation.

Student A:You want to know whose birthday it is today. Ask your partner questions. Use these words to help you.

  • Name?
  • Address?
  • Phone number?
  • Job?
  • Age?

Student B:Your partner wants to find out whose birthday it is today. Answer his questions using the information below.


Julia Roberts Hollywood California, The USA Tel. 1 (216) 782354 37 years old


27 Draw your own family tree and write sentences describing relationships in your family using the possessive‘s.


Anna is my mother. She is my grandmother’s daughter.

Write an email message to your pen friend about your family. You will find the form for the message in your workbook.


Unit 3

People around the world

Lead in


1 Match these sentences with the pictures of jobs. Write A-G in the boxes.

1 I’m a doctor.  
2 I’m a housewife.  
3 I’m a teacher of English as a foreign language.  
4 I’m a tour guide at Leeds Castle.  
5 I’m an architect.  
6 I’m a director of a textile company.  
7 I’m a manager of a business centre.  

Watch the video section and match the people with the jobs, A-G, in activity 1. Write A-G in the boxes.

Circle the correct answer.

1 Who is the man in the picture?


A Charles Dickens

B William Shakespeare

C Ernest Hemingway


2 What is he?


A a doctor

B a musician

C a writer


3 What is the building? A The Globe Theatre

B The Tower of London

C Buckingham Place

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