ТОП 10:

Write the names of 5 people you know and where they come from. Tell about them in the groups of three.


My friend Tanya is from Britain.

My cousin Kate is from the United States of America.


Write a letter to your friend about your studies at the University using 25-35 words. You will find more details in your workbook.

Unit 2

Meeting people




Label the members of the family in the picture, using the words in the box.

  girl   boy   man   woman

Watch the video episode without sound. The girl in the photograph in Exercise 1 introduces her family. Complete these sentences.

1 This is my __________

2 This is my __________

3 This is my __________, too.

4 This is my __________

5 This is my __________


Watch the video without sound. Complete the speech bubbles.

Now watch with sound and check your answers to activities 2 and 3.


You are going to read about Kibiri and his family. Look at the photo. Where do you think Kibiri lives?

Check the meaning of the underlined words in your dictionary.

They live with Kibiri’s father.

They all work on the farm.

The women and the girl stay at home with the old and the sick people.

The women make yoghurt and sell it for food.

Kibiri’s wife and their daughters walk ten kilometers.

Read the passage and look at the photo. Who is Kibiri?


Kibiri is a farmer and a vet in Senegal. He’s thirty-five years old. Kibiri and his wife have got seven children, five girls and two boys. They live with Kibiri’s father and his brother’s family.

They all work on the farm. The men and the older boys are often away from home with the animals. The women and girls stay at home with the old and sick people. The women make yoghurt and sell it for food, oil, salt and other things for the home. Kibiri’s wife and their daughters walk ten kilometers twice a day to get water.

It’s hard work but they’re a very happy family.


Work in pairs. Look at the photo above and say who you think the people are.


Look at the pictures and write sentences about the families.



Family A: Family B: .

Look at the passage. Two texts are mixed up. The texts are descriptions of the two families in the pictures. Read the passage and underline the description of family A.

Jenny is thirty-two years old and has got a job in a post office in a small village. Peter is thirty-nine years old and he is an architect in London. He is married to Elizabeth and they’ve got four children: three sons and a daughter. She’s divorced and has got an eight-year-old daughter, Cilla, and a three-year-old son, Jamie. She’s got a small house with a garden in the village. They live in a big house near London. She’s got a lot of friends in the village. Elizabeth looks after the children and has a part-time job in a school near her home. Jenny’s mother, Kate, lives in the same village. Peter’s parents, Fiona and Michael, live in the country and come to stay with the family in the holidays. They have a comfortable life and they are a happy family. She helps Jenny with the children when she’s at work.


Decide if the sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Correct those sentences which are false.

1 Jenny’s husband is Peter. _________________________________

2 Elizabeth is an architect. _________________________________

3 Peter has got two children. __________________________________

4 Jenny has got a part-time job in a school._____________________________

5 Jenny has got a house near London. ________________________________


Write about people’s relationships using the possessive case.


Kate is Jenny’s mother.


1 Elizabeth _____________________________________________________

2 Fiona and Michael ______________________________________________

3 Cilla _________________________________________________________

4 Jamie ________________________________________________________


Read and listen the first part of this conversation.


Janie:Hi, Holly, how are you?

Holly:Fine, thanks, how are you?

JanieI’m OK. Who’s this?

Holly:This is Greg.

Janie:And how old is he?

Holly:He’s twenty-three.

Put the sentences a-e in the second part of the conversation. Listen and check.

Janie:What’s his job?

Holly:(1) ________

Janie:An actor! What’s his surname?

Holly:(2) _________

Janie:Is he from Hollywood?

Holly:(3) _________

Janie:He’s very good-looking. What’s his phone number?

Holly:(4) _________

Janie:Is he your boyfriend?

Holly:(5) ________

a He’s an actor.

b That’s a secret!

c Sheppard.

d No, he isn’t. He’s from New York.

e Yes, he is.

Work in pairs. Act out the conversation.

Look at the family tree. Write sentences describing relationships.


Helen is John’s grandmother.

Look at the family tree in activity 16. Listen to two people talking about their family. Who are the speakers?

Speaker 1: ______________

Speaker 2: ______________


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